The Fulfillment of Future Shock

The Fulfillment of Future Shock

In today’s world, the younger generation sees things as normal, the older generation sees things as the new normal, and the faithful remnant sees it as the fulfillment of future shock. This is a day when time is siphoned off by the evil world and the powers of darkness. Some say, “Where has the time gone” where others proclaim that “time appears to be moving faster.” All of this is adding to the epidemic of stress in the world, where many cry out saying, there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Of course, the side effects of all this stress is unproductive people in the workplace and failed relationships because people feel overwhelmed. Most feel as though their growing responsibilities in life are more than what they can handle. We must learn to redeem the time, to “buy back” the time stolen from us by Satan and his host of evil.

Don’t think for a moment that all this technology has helped us to redeem the time. In fact, I will prove just the opposite. It’s all an illusion orchestrated by the devil to make you think that you have more free time. In reality, we don’t. Whatever free time you thought you had gained is now spent doing things that are not beneficial to your spiritual growth. This free time is not drawing you any closer to the Lord, along with all the peace and joy that comes with a closer walk with Him. On the contrary, more stolen time is now spent on repairing and upgrading our mechanical and electronic devices. More time is spent on the devices that promises us a world of fantastic adventures through their many apps and programs. More time is spent conversing with faceless people from every point in the known world covering every conceivable topic. More time is spent walking in unrighteousness doing things that in former years would shock your sensibilities.

You might protest and tell me how much free time you now have since the technological revolution. Then I will point out to you, that although many more hours were spent washing clothes and hanging them out to dry, I still have fond memories of my mother singing praises to the Lord and drawing ever closer to Him in prayer and meditation while doing her work. Let me add that this is rather difficult to do when we are tied to our modern devices. There are many more examples, remembered by the older generation, such as cooking large family meals where we took time to all sit around the same table and talk to one another face to face. We have memories of sitting around the fireplace or on the large porch together listening to tales larger than life, and memories of how we loved and encouraged one another. Perhaps one of my fondest memories was praying together as a family and spending the time reading from God’s Holy Scriptures. So, you still think Satan and the powers of darkness have not stolen our time by promising us more free time for just embracing his new technologies?

So, how do we redeem the time that’s been stolen from us? The Bible says, “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16). What I love so much about the Bible is it candidly speaks the truth in simple language that anyone with eyes to see can understand. We redeem the time stolen from us by walking circumspectly in wisdom, not as fools. The fool is the one who says in his heart, “there is no God.” He spends the majority of his time trying to prove it by saying we have evolved, that we came from primordial slime after the Big Bang and that we must answer all of our own problems through the study of psychology. He spends much of his time on the advancement of technology and AI research to look beyond what he sees as the limitations of religion. He sees his future as the full integration of the technological and the biological to make the perfect person free from the slavery of religion. Probably not too unlike the Borg of science fiction.

Scripture doesn’t stop there; it says to walk circumspectly in wisdom in order to redeem the time stolen from us. The short interpretation is to make every face to face encounter count for something by helping others to see the truth. We do this in wisdom by allowing God’s beautiful truth to flow through us in both our speech and in our actions. When we do, we soon discover that the real power is in the Spirit of God and not in the devil, the powers of darkness, or his advancing technologies. The real power created the world in seven days. The real power raises the dead and creates new people out of sinners. Do you really think that technology will follow us to heaven? Do you think we will have any need for our laptop or cellphone? Here is the bottom line, if you want an eternal life in heaven where there is no need for technology then why do we crave it so much now?

The answer is clear when we perceive that Satan wants to rob you of your time. So, how do we redeem it? We make every moment count through our walk but also by redeeming those moments alone with Christ our Lord, where time seems to stop. You can’t do this while you’re on the computer or a cellphone. You can’t do this while reading the latest squabble on the News or on Social Media. You can’t do this when you allow your mind to be filled with the latest nonsense coming out the world orchestrated by Satan. We must find those quiet moments to be alone with Christ in meditation upon His anointed Word, through selfless prayer and praise. We find these quiet moments from contemplating the beauty of His creation by gazing intently upon gorgeous scenery of mountains, rivers, and great forest. We find these quiet moments by enjoying His handiwork in beautiful plants and flowers, and His ability to create such amazing wildlife. Capture the moment. Redeem the time. When you do, it will be like heavenly music to your ears. To do so my friends will be only a small foretaste of things to come, heavenly bliss at its best. Redeem the time and you will find the peace and joy that Christ promised to His followers. Amen

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  1. That is why I believe the (antichrist) a.c is a.i (artificial intelligence), technology. I had a vision that made me figure it out. The whole world will sway to the lawless one! Your phones, t.v., technology, and etc.

  2. What a lovely way to explain the glory that is in spending time with Our Creator and Lord. Amen and praise Yeshua in the highest forever and always. ?❤?

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