The Day of Reckoning

The day of Reckoning is coming! Chaos in the Middle East, nations preparing for war, unrelenting natural disasters and plagues of a biblical proportion, and a decisive national election for the next leader of the free world. The Muslims are … looking to their Mahdi to return and crush the infidel, the Christians are looking for the return of Jesus Christ to right all wrongs and usher in His Kingdom, and the Western governments are looking to build a brave new world where all religions are equal, tolerant, and everyone is dependent upon the State to meet their psychological and emotional needs. And if that were not enough some of the old prophets and the Mayan Calendar have the world either ending or entering into a new era later this year – specifically December 21, 2012. No matter how you personally interpret the end time scenario we will all agree that we live in perilous times and it will be absolutely essential to stand firm in our faith.

As East and West clash over cultural dominance and the emergence of their independent world view the Christian community will be forced to accept the eventual outcome of a new world order. If the Eastern culture of Islamic fundamentalism spreads its net over the entire world and through chaos brings forth its prophesied Islamic leader, the Mahdi, then it will be certain death or captivity of those who profess Jesus Christ as the true Son of God and the only path to salvation. On the other hand, if the West wins the day by crushing those who would rebel against the new world order with the mightiest military know to man, then their world view would become the law of the land and dissenters would be legally charged as criminals of the first order, subject to death or confinement for psychological evaluation and rehabilitation. As all religions are accepted as equal and tolerance becomes a universal law then it’s an easy step to outlaw all proselytizing of other religions. Furthermore, if all non-religionist (atheist) can make an equal claim to being a religion of non-believers then all witnessing of all faiths could be permanently banned. No religion can be seen above all others, an imperative of the new world order.

As the new social engineers work tirelessly to develop the new world order of equality then the old religions must be allowed to die a slow death. This is accomplished by filling the void of man’s most basic needs once accomplished by his or her god. Our God has always been there to fill these needs by giving man everything he needs for life and godliness. But for hundreds of years the rebellion against God’s sufficiency has eroded his dependence on God to meet those needs and slowly over the past decade, step by step he has turned to the State to meet his needs. As man’s multitude of problems are analyzed by the professionals of the new world order then he is less likely to seek God’s truth from the Bible to meet his problems and in so doing he readily accepts the worlds remedy to solve his problems through therapeutic counseling or psychotropic drugs. Step by step the world is becoming more dependent on the State rather than depending on God to meet all of their needs – psychological, emotional, and physical. As this happens then the State and its leader becomes the new god for the masses to worship, and open door to the coming Antichrist.

So what can the Christian do? He must return to the foundational truths taught by Jesus Christ and His apostles. Over the years many of these truths have been changed or forgotten by God’s children opening them to the deluding influence sweeping the planet. They no longer believe that God can really make them into a new creation where old things pass away and behold all things become new. They no longer believe in a powerful devil that is sending his flaming arrows of doubt, confusion, anxiety, and depression along with many other wiles to destroy the Christian’s faith. Furthermore, they accept the explanation of the professionals of our day as psychological problems that can only be treated with counseling and psychotropic drugs. To stand firm in our faith we need to learn how to engage the real enemy by putting on the full armor of God and accepting His remedies for all of our problems. To stand firm in the coming days we must depend on God alone for all of life. To stand firm we must learn how to walk in righteousness by overcoming evil with good. To stand firm we must learn the secret of non-conformity and how to endure patiently under persecution. Get the book “Stand Firm” Godly counsel for the last days.

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