Coming War to Enthrone Antichrist

The Coming War to Enthrone Antichrist

The new Babylon, the most powerful nation in the world, will be governed by the Antichrist who will fulfill all the dreams and aspirations of the Nation of Israel by proclaiming himself as their true deliverer. Proclaiming loudly to the world powers that anyone who comes against the nation of Israel will be dealt with swiftly and with the full extent of his military might. Most of the Jewish people have become inclusive and want peace at almost any cost. At any cost other than the full governing rights and global recognition of all Jerusalem as their capital. At any cost other than access to the Temple Mount, in some small measure, for the construction of the third Jewish Temple. The Antichrist will proclaim peace to the nation of Israel and to all the Jews living throughout the world who has suffered greatly during the time of the Gentiles, which is quickly coming to an end with the recognition of the Nation of Israel in 1948, (See Luke 21:24). He will declare an end to antisemitism from all the nations in the world. He will proclaim peace to a people who have suffered greatly under the oppression as second-class citizens and the occasional slaughter by the Muslims since the conception of their religion. Peace will be a welcome relief from the rocket attacks by the Palestinians in Gaza and the day to day terrorism from the West Bank. The Jewish people will rejoice in the streets of the whole world as a testimony to their new freedoms and promises made, and kept, by the coming Antichrist.

For the faithful remnant, these will be perilous times indeed for they will have no fear of exposing the evil powers of darkness masquerading as light to garner the worship of God’s people throughout the entire world, both Jew and gentile. Yes, even the lukewarm Christian who has experienced some measure of reformation but not transformation in Christ will follow the Antichrist, saying who can stand against the Beast who has delivered us from the clutches of radical Islam and the radical beliefs of the Christian remnant (See Revelation 13:4). Lukewarm Christianity will also dance in the streets with the homosexual, the transgender, the abortionist, and the pervert to celebrate the inclusiveness of all religions and the acceptance of every lifestyle. If that’s not enough, they will even send gifts to one another in celebration of their new freedoms (Revelation 11:10). Everyone will proclaim peace, peace throughout the world and hate those who wait for Jesus Christ, the real Messiah, returning from heaven. Although the faithful remnant will love and pray for the earthly Jerusalem, they will also remember it’s prophetic reference as the city called Sodom and Egypt, where the Lord was crucified, and the city that will kill those faithful witnesses who speak against the coming Antichrist. (See Revelation 11:8). The Christian faithful remnant will look beyond the earthly Jerusalem to the heavenly Jerusalem, to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (See Hebrews 12:18-29). The faithful remnant will be hated by the entire world, even the Jew because they proclaim the exclusiveness of Christianity and the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.

Well, dear children if we are still here and have not yet been lifted up in the rapture, then we must not lose hope. Christ will return for His true Church at the end of the age, just as He had promised. He is not slow in keeping His promise. The Bible says, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (II Peter 3:9). Just think about the great number of true believers to be transformed in Christ from the beginning of His ministry until now. Think of the great joy in heaven that Christ was patient and allowed so many of your brothers and sisters time to repent and follow Him. Friends, Christ loves you; He has set His seal upon you (See Ephesians 1:13-14). Not only is this a mark of ownership, but it is also His seal of protection and promise. So, no matter how bad it gets, He is here with us going through the same suffering and not allowing you to fall under the snare of the devil. So, if we are still here during this time then we have been called for a special job, which we will talk more about in a moment. For now, let me impress upon you that God will give us the strength and great power to fulfill our calling. Although our numbers will be few, we will have something that the rest of the world doesn’t have. We have the Spirit of the living God living in us, to guide, to protect, and to fulfill our destiny with great power.

So, what is this special job that we as the faithful remnant have been called to do? We like every true believer in Christ have been called to preach and teach the truth. We are called to teach the whole gospel truth, not the watered-down version that’s become so popular in today’s world. This truth goes well beyond just walking the aisle and saying a little prayer. It goes well beyond even learning and trying to practice all of His beautiful commands. It goes beyond learning what your Spiritual gifts are and attempting to use them with your own power. It even goes well beyond studying the whole Bible and memorizing many favorite verses. The heart and soul of the Gospel is that Christ wants to make us into a brand-new creation, which is only possible if we truly die to self and surrender our lives completely to the indwelling Spirit, whose job is to grow us from one degree of glory to another – to transform us (See II Corinthians 3:18). Without transformation, we simply cannot claim to be a Christian. Once we begin the transformation process then we will learn all of His beautiful commands that will not be burdensome. We will learn and use our Spiritual gifts not from our power but from the power of God flowing through us. We will study the whole Bible, not for intellectual purposes but for the Spirit of the living God to write them on our hearts and apply them to our lives. As a Christian being transformed, we will understand and believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and the exclusiveness of Christianity. We will also be among the first to recognize the Antichrist by removing his disguise and proclaiming it loudly to an unbelieving world.

In conclusion, we will prepare by continuing the transformation process by trusting in Christ alone. We will shun the counseling office and their mind-altering drugs. We will withdraw from those who claim to have a new truth that’s not in the Bible. We will close our ears to those who bring forth a prophecy that’s not grounded in Biblical truth. We will come out from among them who want to accept the immorality in our world. We will shun those who say that Islam and Christianity serve the same God. Although we love the Jew and will pray for him, if he rejects Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, then we must treat him as an unbeliever. We will continue to love and pray for all people from every race, nationality, and religious upbringing that they will come to a point in their life where they will accept the Gospel truth and seek God’s forgiveness. Finally, dear children pray for great discernment in these last days, stay alert, and keep preaching the truth. “So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them for me” (Ezekiel 33:7). Oh Israel, reject the coming Antichrist and come to Jesus Christ, your true Messiah. May God be praised!

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