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Dark Days Lie Ahead, Repent Now (Video)

No, this is not another conspiracy theory, it will be biblical fact. What does God say about what lies ahead? And more importantly, how will it affect you, as a believer in Christ? Even the world’s prophets and their scientist have painted a pretty gloomy picture on what lies ahead and depending on your political affiliation the opposite side has also painted their own picture of doom. Let’s not stop there, … After watching this video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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Dark Days Lie Ahead, Repent Now

No, this is not another conspiracy theory, it will be biblical fact. What does God say about what lies ahead? And more importantly, how will it affect you, as a believer in Christ? Even the world’s prophets and their scientists have painted a pretty gloomy picture on what lies ahead and depending on your political affiliation the opposite side has also painted their own picture of doom. Let’s not stop there, even those pushing their conspiracy theories have also painted a picture seemingly far worse striking fear into the world’s population. Which is rather interesting, because fear drives most people to seek and find conspiracy theories. Somehow, they believe if they hold the discovered truth in their hands, then they can control the outcome making it not so bad.  But I say again, what does God say?  The good news is that God’s voice to us, His beloved children, has not changed, His Words are the same giving us a true picture of reality as opposed to the deception that’s sweeping the planet leading the entire human race into bondage. To hear these words from God is not just restricted to a few gifted people but is available to all of God’s children through the indwelling Spirit.

So, before we explain what God says about what’s happening in the world, a word of caution is necessary. As long as you hold tightly to the latest conspiracy theory that’s capturing so many in our day, you will not understand God’s wisdom or the truth of what’s really happening in the world. Unfortunately, many have been able to quote their conspiracy theory in amazing detail but will not seek God’s truth alone! We must let go of all their diabolical teachings clothed in deception masquerading as light. If we don’t let it go, then we will be left in the deep dark pit of confusion being led from one conspiracy theory to another. Every day the flames of deception are fanned by the enemy to lead you to eventually put all of your trust in him. What stops the ears of most is they try to assimilate their pitiful understanding of God’s Word with world events. We must approach God empty-handed seeking only His wisdom from above. God gives wisdom to all of His children without finding fault as long as they come with a consistent faith; a faith that does not waver (See James 1:5-8). Dear children, God does nothing in secret (See Amos 3:7). He wants you to know what lies ahead. Otherwise, He would not have spent so much time telling us everything through His Scripture, to interpret the dark days ahead. We don’t need conspiracy theories; we need biblical facts.

So, what is God saying? Nothing new, everything is going according to His plan. Everything is happening just as Christ had foretold because He stands outside of time and has seen the end from the beginning. He said, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” (Revelation 22:13). Everything has been foretold showing us that the planet is dying and that there is nothing we can do about it. We have all seen the increase and severity of the earthquakes around the world along with changing weather patterns producing even more violent hurricanes. We have seen the great forest fires and devastating volcanoes. If we all stay in our homes and stop using the word’s resources or polluting the environment, we could slightly extend its life. Either way, however, everything is coming to an end, first your life, then the life of the planet. Self-righteous man will not be able to build his shining city on a hill, nor will he succeed in building a New World Order. The solution to our problems has not changed in over two thousand years. We can either go on as before, believing that we can discern the truth on our own and fix all of our problems, or we can trust in Jesus Christ. He has already given us the only truth that can extend our life, eternal life beyond this existence. We must stop listening to the many lies in the world and start listening only to God’s beautiful plan of salvation.

If you don’t stop following the devil in all of his conspiracy theories, then you will see the dark days ahead without God’s help to see you through. So, how dark will these coming days be? There is a much greater fear on the horizon than the conspiracy theories, especially those telling us about the vaccine being laced with harmful side effects or supposedly some secret mark of the beast which is an outrageous lie of the devil. On the other hand, the dark days ahead will have you crying out in agony for your food. It will cause many to go stark raving mad seeking suicide because of their mental and physical torment while others will seek death and will be unable to find it (See Revelation 9:6). The counselor’s office and the psychological industry will be so overwhelmed that some hospitals may need to be converted to mental wards. The moral and spiritual light will no longer shine, as darkness invades all the great cities of mankind. Extreme hatred, murder, riots, and mayhem will rule the day as many choose to stay in lockdown or shelter in place. Mass unemployment will not only rob you of your basic income, but it will set you up to become dependent upon the State. Even now Federal and State offices are being overwhelmed by attempting to care for the entire population. It may be necessary to have a new and better way of keeping everyone accounted for so that they can receive their monthly allotment. (See Revelation 18:22-23). This is only the tip of the iceberg on things to come, it’s past time to repent.

What does God desire in the way of repentance? It’s much more than those few trespasses that you struggle with on a daily basis to overcome. True repentance is agreeing with God that we can’t, but He can. We can never become all that we imagine ourselves to be, nor can we become a righteous person on our own through obedience. The Bible says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Come short of the glory of God! Let that sink in! We can never understand the deeper truths about life and our relationship with a Holy God if we have sin in our lives. Every person is mired in sin not only from birth but from a constant barrage of sinful thoughts and actions of the old sin nature. Satan knows this and targets every Christian with a multitude of deceptive lies to take his mind off of God’s objective to make us into a beautiful new creation (See II Corinthians 5:17). As we approach closer to the end, the power of evil has increased exponentially attempting to completely overpower humanity driving many insane in the process. We must repent of trying to bring forth our own righteousness and allow God to do His work in us through the indwelling Spirit. Repentance is only one side of the coin, the other side is, we must have faith believing that God can do His work in us (See Acts 20:21). We must allow it to happen. If we don’t then we will not be able to stand in the dark days ahead. May God have mercy.

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This website and its content is copyright of He Reigns Christian Ministries – © Rev. Daniel W. Blair 2020. All rights reserved.


Every Eye Shall SeeLast week we looked at the overarching theme of deception: that we should be very careful and not be deceived by a “false prophet, false Christs, or a false messiah.” Today I want to look at the next major theme of Matthew 24 which is watchfulness. Again we discern this major theme because our Lord repeated it three times using three separate illustrations to stress its importance and if that were not enough it was followed up with a parable about the ten virgins in the next chapter. In the first illustration it indicates that the world will be happily busy or involved in the pleasantries’ of life eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage when suddenly without any warning people will be swept away in the same way as those who lived during the great flood. Sudden planetary events are more widely accepted as we fast approach the end of days. As tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes increase in numbers and severity around the globe the possibility of a global catastrophe is even more certain yet less predictable. In recent months we have witnessed an increase in asteroids flying ever closer to the planet with almost no warning. An asteroid the size of a small truck buzzed the Earth on Saturday four times closer than the moon. These asteroids are popping up out of nowhere with absolutely no warning until the last moment. The day and hour is unknown. Continue reading Watchfulness

The Presence

ProphecyThe world does not understand nor can it comprehend the deep things of God. As the world comes crashing in on us from the tragic collision of an asteroid to increasing volcanoes and earthquakes humanity rushes to their favorite news channel while ignoring the very presence of God. As fear grips the world due to an endless sea of catastrophes very few seek God’s enduring presence. As signs of Christ’s coming are everywhere with as many interpretations flying through cyberspace one would think that would drive more into God’s presence. Yet, most are propelled into a greater frenzy, comparing notes, setting dates, or discovering another piece of the eschatological puzzle. As immorality comes bursting forth from the closet and God’s holy commands are ignored the great debate begins with increased dialogue, a spirit of tolerance, and a humanistic drive to appease all. Step by step the presence of God is no longer desired or seen as necessary to stand firm in the coming days. Continue reading The Presence


Superstorm 1Have we become more globally connected and the reporting just gotten better or is there an increase in natural disasters afflicting our planet? If the answer is yes, then what should be our response? What stands out is the multitude of major earthquakes felt around the world and in some events only moments apart. Then there are the massive storms (superstorms) the kind headed for the East coast of America requiring a new alert language, “mass devastation,” “unsurvivable,” “catastrophic,” and a 24 hour warning system aimed at getting more people to take heed. I have lost count of the number of active volcanoes around the world that all seem to be preparing for one massive event. If that were not enough there are the immense flooding, droughts, forest fires, and unexplained shaking with loud noises heard around the globe. Yet with all this we still have unbelievers proclaiming all is the same, nothing has changed! Yet, I’m convinced that things have changed and they are only going to get worse. So what should be our response? Continue reading Superstorm