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Breaking Point

Out of nowhere a tornado strikes un-expectantly in the Dallas area, while England is submerged under the worst flooding imaginable, then there is the constant threat of terrorism, unknown plagues, or lawlessness in the streets of America. The stress is beyond measure as more people line up at the counselors office or stock up more food and ammo to prepare for the inevitable. And if we are honest many of us or the people we know may already be reaching their breaking point. As we enter a New Year then wisdom says we must insulate our self with the pure teaching of God’s Word now before we reach our breaking point. Continue reading Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Breaking PointWhat is your breaking point? As we fast approach the end of days many are being faced with that question. How much can I endure before I breakdown emotionally, slip into the abyss of faithlessness, and lose all hope? How much can I suffer before I experience the trauma of a psychological breakdown and a life of psychotropic drugs? How much can I lose before I breakout to a life of lawlessness and depravity of spirit? We should be deeply saddened and grieved in the spirit that many in our day have already reached their breaking point; not only the unbeliever but those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord. How did they get there? What caused the believer to reach a breaking point in his life? The simple answer is they don’t have God’s Word hidden in their heart; it has not become a part of their life. So when the storms of life come crashing in on the believer he has nothing to draw on to help him stand firm. For example, when depression deepens due to responding to life’s problems without drawing exclusively on godly counsel, namely the proper application of His Word, then the breaking point is inevitable. Or if he is overcome by all the bad news in the world without filtering it through the theological lenses of faith and hope then he too is destined to experience the breaking point. Or if he or his family suffers due to the many tragedies striking the planet in the form of natural disasters, plagues, pestilence, and lawlessness without a clear understanding of the value of trials and tribulations then he too will reach his breaking point. Continue reading Breaking Point

Stand Firm: Time Is Running Out

Stand Firm Time is Running OutThis following sermon was preached on December 30, 2012 at the Teravista Fellowship Baptist Church in Round Rock, TX

As we fast approach the end of days it will be extremely difficult to stand firm. Standing firm will be especially difficult for those who have wasted their time on meaningless debates and have not developed a solid theological belief system. Core beliefs have been completely ignored while endless arguments are waged over mere words (See II Timothy 2:14, 23). Their false humility and unspiritual minds puff them up capturing weak Christians and casting them into a bed of greater confusion. They go to great length to explain their slant on Christianity while overlooking the historic doctrines believed and practiced by devout Christians from ages past. Continue reading Stand Firm: Time Is Running Out

How Deep are Your Theological Roots?

How Deep are Your Theological RootsMany have a very shallow theology and to read something that is deep becomes very difficult and nearly impossible to understand. They have remained infants contented only with the milk of God’s Word never pressing on to be nourished by the meat. (See Hebrews 6:1-3)  Like the large oak trees in my back yard where the roots must go deep to withstand the sudden and powerful winds of Texas, Christians must also have deep theological roots if they are going to withstand strong winds of false doctrine. We must move on from the simple gospel, a gospel simple enough for a child to understand, to a solid theological belief system. To do so will cause your head to hurt and your spirit to cry out for understanding. To move on from the milk to solid food will be the most difficult thing you have done but so necessary in a world full of confusion caused by cunning men and deceitful liars. Continue reading How Deep are Your Theological Roots?

Whatever Happened to Sin?

Whatever Happened to SinThe world is in shock once again to the senseless, horrific deaths of little children at yet another school shooting. Just only to imagine the broken and lifeless bodies of those little children at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut make it difficult to write this article. As my heart aches and my spirit cries I feel compelled once again to write about the consequences of a society who has turned its back on God. For the past 24 hours law enforcement and our nation’s leaders have been frantically looking for a motive for another tragic mass murder. What triggered it? What caused a quiet young man considered by his peers to be brilliant do the unthinkable? Computers are checked, emails are scanned, and countless people interviewed to determine what drove this man to do the unconscionable. As the investigation enters its second day it’s now being leaked that the shooter may have suffered from an obsessive disorder. I must ask again whatever happened to sin? Continue reading Whatever Happened to Sin?