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Your God is Too Small

As we survey the majesty of the heavens, with what we can see with our own eyes and the eyes of scientific achievement, we stand amazed at the largeness of our Creator who holds all things together. Although we cannot truly understand this truth with our finite minds, we do accept it on faith believing that someday we will fully understand. For now, all we can do is trust that our Father in heaven will give us what we need when we need it. We are fully aware of this great quest of the scientific community. We know they long for the answers to their many questions that we have already known and accepted through faith. As they spend billions of dollars to examine the universe, they will be left with more questions than answers because their finite minds cannot and will not be able to comprehend the majesty of the heavens with all its profound secrets that are way beyond their wildest imaginations. All of their brilliant calculations, even with the help of AI, will be unable to add up the magnitude of everything in the universe, seen and unseen, that’s divinely working together. They can produce amazing images from infrared that they claim can go almost back to the beginning of the universe picturing a vast number of star systems, but it still only represents one grain of sand in comparison to the whole universe.

How can they ever hope to understand the majesty of the beginning in its wholeness? Moreover, how can they understand what they cannot see, namely the invisible? All the most expensive and most powerful telescopes in the world cannot see the invisible that holds everything together and causes everything to work together for good. Our God is invisible (Colossians 1:15), and God and His Kingdom cannot be seen by man (I Timothy 6:16) unless God allows it. Some have even postulated the existence of a multiverse perhaps even before our universe existed. On the other hand, we as God’s beloved children accept on faith that God has always existed before time itself and the creation of our known universe. We accept on faith that there is a literal heaven and hell that cannot be observed by some powerful space telescope. We are not limited to one universe, but we have many universes or different realities for all of God’s marvelous creatures that one day will join us in heaven to sit around the throne of glory (Revelation 4:1-11). Our God is not too small, for we cannot in our finite minds ever fathom God’s total capacity or His profound existence in every dimension or universe. Our God is not too small.

As humanity draws closer to the end of our existence, then the rush is on to discover other things beyond their ability or capacity to fully understand. As the great space telescopes search the known universe, others are working feverishly here on earth searching for the unseen particle that holds everything together. Humanity is spending billions of dollars smashing atoms at nearly the speed of light looking for the so-called God particle that essentially holds everything together. They refer to this unseen particle as dark matter, which is a misnomer because, in reality, it’s not dark but invisible. Furthermore, there is another little project in the former gold mine in South Dakota. They have gone deep underground looking for this mysterious dark matter joining fallen humanity’s quest to unlock the secrets of the universe and our existence. What they are looking for they will never truly see, for it will not be seen with human eyes but with the eyes of faith. God is always showing us in little miracles that He is much closer than you think. God fills everything we can see and everything we can’t see. If God was not there, then everything seen, and unseen would cease to exist. God truly holds everything together (Colossians 1:17).

We don’t need to search the universe with our space telescopes or smash atoms together or dig deep into the ground to find God and the meaning of life. God is here, all around us, every moment of every day. No matter where we go, God is already there. God truly sees everything. He is a part of everything seen and unseen. This should be a tremendous wake-up call for everyone. We cannot hide from God by the dark of night or by the closing of a door to hide our sins. We cannot even hide our thoughts from God because God is already there knowing everything we will ever think before we even think it. Remember, it was the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who said that He is the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 22:13), the beginning, and the end. Jesus Christ encompasses all of time. If we as Christians really believed this truth, then we would be highly motivated to keep in step with the Spirit allowing Him to lead us and guide us from one little miracle to another. Things simply don’t happen by accident because we know that our God is always in control, working out everything to the very best for those who have been called (Romans 8:28).

God does not want us to spend all of our time and money searching for what is already predetermined to happen. There is nothing new under the sun. God wants us to enjoy every moment of the life that He has given us. We must learn to allow things to happen even if they go against our little schedules or limitations. We must learn to step out of our so-called comfort zones and allow God to bring forth one little miracle after another. Over the years, I have seen many miracles when I least expected them to happen, but I can tell you they always happened when I stopped my own quest and followed God close behind. I always call them little miracles because God is making the invisible visible. He gives us Spiritual eyes to really see what is happening at that very moment in our life and the lives of others. Humanity is missing so much because they refuse to use the eyes of faith given to every believer when they receive the indwelling Spirit to dwell with them every moment of every day. Wow! The miracle of life is not looking through a space telescope, smashing atoms, or digging in the mines of South Dakota. No, the miracle of life is residing within us to chart an amazing journey in this existence and beyond.

We must allow God to take us by the hand and teach us how to look at the heart of others and not the face that they want us to see. God can allow us to look at their hearts, not to pry, but to give them life from the amazing light from within us to the glory of God. Simply put, others will not be interested in the message of the Cross if they can’t see the enormous change in our lives. If all they see is a judgmental spirit that always finds fault, then they will not be interested. If all they see is a robot doing the same thing over and over with no willingness to change then they will not be interested. However, the God who is in us through the Holy Spirit is always  ready to stop and spend all the time necessary to bring the spark of life to one of His children. We must also be ready to stop whatever we are doing if God is leading us in a different direction. If humanity wants to understand the meaning of life, then God is willing to stop and bring them by the hand into a most amazing existence to overcome the old sin nature and experience His love flowing through them to others. This is the true meaning of life. It will open up a whole new world giving us Spiritual eyes to see one little miracle after another. Rejoice in what you have seen with your physical eyes, but nothing can match what we can see with our Spiritual eyes unlocking the true secrets of the universe. If your God is not too small, then you will experience the wonder and majesty of His great power through faith. You will witness one little miracle after another. All glory to God!

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God is Still in Control

Many are unsettled in the Spirit, and rightly so with all that is going on in the world. I wish it was just the economy or the changing political environment. I wish it were just the fear that the other political party would control the House and the Senate. I wish it was just the unstoppable virus or the increasing natural disasters. I wish it was just the war and the threat of a world war. No! It is something far worse that is unsettling the true believers in Christ. We all have known for some time now that there is something major on the horizon that’s unsettling the strongest believers in Christ. As we approach the end, we all know somehow that Satan must take a more active role, than what we have seen. We somehow know that it would be beyond our worst nightmare. Satan and the powers of darkness must not only control certain ones in leadership, but their goal is to control every person upon planet earth. Although Satan and the powers of darkness have made great strides in psychology, drugs, public education, and entertainment, they will do even greater things in the coming days, weeks (or months) as they introduce new programs to bring everyone under their control.

Although I have always believed that one of the programs is the coming Metaverse to allow everyone to escape into a different reality, there is one more program, no pun intended, to bring Satan’s total control into reality. The world must be convinced that there is a new gospel to unite the entire world together contrary to their religious beliefs or traditions. This will be done by the powers of darkness masquerading as children of light. Some are saying that CERN will open a portal to a different dimension allowing aliens (or heavenly beings) to have contact with the world. However, the so-called portal, which may or may not exist, has already allowed Satan and the powers of darkness, since the beginning of time, to control all those who don’t follow the God of Creation. Even today the only thing to keep Satan and the powers of darkness in check are those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe that He is the divine Son of God. In the coming days, the powers of darkness will drop their disguise claiming to have arrived on earth to unite all of humanity, claiming to have the authority of all the gods known to man. This will capture every person sitting on the fence that doesn’t have a solid belief system in the only true God.

Shockingly, the powers of darkness, epitomized in the person of the Antichrist, will not be a repulsive or a scary figure, but he will be attractive and admired, to the extent that when he claims to be the Christ, and every other deity known to man, a great many people will be drawn to him. The Antichrist will pridefully boast of his ability to refashion and remake the world into a paradise with great promises. He will promise to stop all the wars, cure the viruses, and even reverse global warming allowing the planet to escape the scourge of unstable weather patterns. The Antichrist will be a friend to law and order, promising to uphold the law in every city and hamlet. Antichrist will pridefully accept the building of his statue to be eagerly worshipped by all. The Antichrist will empower the prophets of all the world religions to be his mouthpiece to support all of his new programs and policies. In his pride and arrogance, he will require (it will seem like a simple request) that every person demonstrate their allegiance to him for all that he has accomplished. The Antichrist may even accept their public prayers for him to accomplish great deeds for the people. The old myths that the gods have come down from heaven to make their abode with mortal men will appear to be true for most of fallen humanity. There will be great rejoicing that everything will be accomplished by the will of the gods and the Antichrist also known as the Beast of Revelation. There may even be great rejoicing that science and all its discoveries have fulfilled its destiny.

Well, things will not be as they appear. As people are drunk on their new combined accomplishments of building a brave new world, they overlook the outrageous lawlessness of the powers of darkness and their Antichrist. They will overlook the fact that even with the many new laws now in place, in which they wholeheartedly rejoiced, have not changed the hearts of humanity. The ruthlessness, the savagery, and the worst of mankind have not really changed because their hearts are still the same. Yet, they all put on their happy hypocritical faces rejoicing that their planet is now a paradise to be cherished by all. They rejoice that they can still perform their perversions behind closed doors. They rejoice that they can still perform their illegal activities with the help of others in high places. The people are so elated with their new world and endless prosperity that they overlook that their every action and their every thought are being masterfully controlled and manipulated to serve the Antichrist and the powers of darkness either in the real world or in the Metaverse, which in the beginning seemed like the natural place to escape from reality. Things are not what they appear, being controlled by Satan, his Antichrist, and the False Prophet is not a picnic, yet they still rejoice.

The good news is that the One True God is still on His throne. God is still in control. The Spirit of God is still living in His faithful remnant that has come out from the world. They know that the fallen world following the Antichrist and the powers of darkness are on a short leash, that their days are numbered. Their days are numbered because the final Bowls of God’s wrath are still scheduled to be poured out on that Great City, Babylon, and its Western alliance. They know that the kings of the East will have their way opened to come against the Beast (or Antichrist) who sits upon his throne. The apocalypse will come, but God’s beloved children, His faithful remnant, will have already come out from among them to remain separate from the world. This truth has been written down and passed on for over two thousand years to prepare God’s children for this day. There are many speaking, one thing and then another, but only God’s chosen will know the truth. This truth will set them free. Although they may be still unsettled in the Spirit, they will take great encouragement that God is still on His throne directing His beloved children, the faithful remnant. They will no longer chase one theory, then another. No! They will stand firm rejoicing in the truth, that God is still in control. All glory to God

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Is Your Name Written in The Lamb’s Book of Life?

The Bible says speaking about the Beast, “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:7-8). If you are still here when Satan’s son arrives, who is also known as the Beast or son of perdition in the Bible, you will be controlled and forced to take the mark and worship the Beast, which you will comply with if your name is not written in the Lamb’s book of life. Your entire life as you now know it will be controlled. Step by step all your freedoms will vanish. You will be told what to do and what to think. There’s no escaping that fact. You can’t fight it. You can’t even run from it. If you try to fight or run, some will be caught, and others will be killed. The Bible says, “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity, He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints” (Revelation 13:10). Furthermore, if you are not in the Lamb’s Book of Life then you are under the Wrath of God subject to receive all His plagues and Woes to be poured out upon an unrepentant world. The saints who have had their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, those who are truly saved, are delivered from His wrath to come. Praise God. (See I Thessalonians 1:10.) So, we must ask the question, “Is your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life?” Are you truly saved? Continue reading Is Your Name Written in The Lamb’s Book of Life?

The Last Crusade – Islam or Christianity

The three great religions believe in the God of Abraham and His selection of the Jewish people to make His name known among the world. The divergence of their faiths depends exclusively upon the messenger, messengers, or lack of a messenger or more correctly stated the true Messiah. When Jesus Christ proclaimed Himself as the true messenger sent by God to be both Messiah and the Son of God, the Jews almost immediately rejected His claims and refused His message. However, His disciples were able to see, really see the compassionate, loving heart of God. For the first time they saw God as a Father of mercy who deeply cares for His children by promising them a new life through His beloved Son. No longer would humanity be held in the bondage of sin and continuous temptation of the Devil. What a tremendous joy to follow Christ and experience a peace that defies understanding. What a tremendous change from the Old Covenant where people were enslaved to the letter of the law compounded by the thousands of additional restrictions placed upon them by their religious leaders.

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