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A Nation Rushes into Darkness

This has been a dark day. Some brave souls tried to throw off the yoke of tyranny and stand up to the corruption that has occupied this country for a very long time. They attempted to follow the mandate given to them by the original signers of the Constitution. They marched in the streets, waved their flags, and mounted the steps of the capital. Their voices rang out from sea to sea crying for freedom. However, with the malicious broadcasting from a corrupt media and the senseless killing of a beautiful female patriot it all ended quickly and in vain. No longer was the country just slipping into darkness, it was now going full steam ahead preparing to reverse all the measures put into place by the previous administration. Controlling both houses of Congress and the presidency will hasten their path to all the evil we had feared most. God help us!

The grossest of sexual immorality and abominations will be openly displayed in the streets of our great cities for even our children to see. Legalized drugs will turn most into zombies or lifeless drones ready to worship every new leader promising a bigger stimulus check. Socialized medicine and abortion on demand will be glorified by those in power that limits expanded healthcare to only the elite and legalization to destroy new life from the dregs of society. Churches will be filled with the syncretism of different faiths and the open embrace of unconverted perverts that flag in their zeal. As capitalism gives way to socialism, the drive to succeed will be exchanged for a bitter life of normalcy where the bright colors of change will turn into the same ole stale color of drabness seen in the increasing number of homeless occupying our inner cities.

So, what are we to do? As believers in Christ, we can no longer put our hope in the political establishment. We must put our hope in the power of the Gospel that can still change people from the inside out; that still has the power of transformation. Although our dark dreary colors of socialism will remain the same, the bright light of God’s glory will shine forth majestically from our faces for all to see. Our true churches will be the gathering of the Saints holding tightly to the unchanging Gospel. We will practice our belief in the sufficiency of Scripture. We will stand firm in our belief in the exclusiveness of Christianity. We will cherish all life and trust God to supply all of our needs. We will reject the slavery to drugs, learning rather to cultivate the Spiritual fruit of patience and long-suffering that leads to a robust freedom in Christ. As God’s faithful remnant we will walk in love for one another, with great joy in our hearts, and a peace that truly defies understanding. We will not lose our hope for our true citizenship is in heaven.

We will no longer put our hope in the political establishment. We will put our hope in Christ who still reigns in the hearts of His children. We will continue to make every effort to share the eternal Gospel, not to just a select group on social media, but to all in whom we come into contact. Our Gospel will not consist of political rhetoric but will only be filled with the truth that God is ready to forgive anyone who turns from their sins and follows Christ in truth and righteousness. Our Gospel will demonstrate how people called by God can live beautiful, transformed lives in every political government in the world. We will not only survive but we will stand against the coming beast with this very powerful Gospel proclaiming it from the rooftops if necessary. As the nation rushes into darkness, we will stand firm in the light of God’s glory.

Please Join Me in Prayer

Good morning Heavenly Father. Oh Lord, we are seeing all the earmarks of the coming persecution against your beloved children. Our eyes are being opened to see how a few bad people and few other zealous souls inspired by conspiracy theories on the fringes of the faith are being lumped together with all of your beloved children. Many millions of your true children who were marching against the tyranny of a corrupt government in a peaceful protest are now being linked together with what the news media is calling an insurrection. The corrupt news media went quickly from calling it a peaceful protest, to calling us all a mob, to now calling us all insurrectionist because of a few bad actors. We pray that this will not open a door to the coming persecution of all of your beloved children. We pray that respected voices in the Christian community will lift up their voices against a corrupt media who are fanning the flames of discontent and paving the way toward open persecution against your beloved children. Let us only suffer persecution for living a godly life. We pray this in the blessed Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (II Timothy 3:12).

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