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Come Out From Among Them

This will be the most difficult thing to do for most, who claim to be Christians, but once accomplished, it will be the most rewarding, with the greatest blessings. The world has been on a downward spiral since the last Great War. I have preached about it and taught about it for the past forty-five years. It was not caused by just one person, one political party, or one political leader. It started when people felt they no longer needed God to solve their mounting problems. They turned to science, psychology, the internet, and finally to Artificial Intelligence (or the Image of the Beast) to solve all their problems apart from an omniscient (all-knowing) God. As the world turned away from God they began to slip deeper and deeper into all manner of depravity. Changing political leaders, passing new laws, and even displaying the Ten Commandments in every classroom will not stop this descent. At this point, there is only one way to stop the descent, we must come out from among them as stated in the Bible, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Revelation 18:4-5).

So how do we accomplish this goal of coming out from among them? This will be a monumental task for most because we have developed habits that will be very difficult to break or stop. Although it’s difficult, it will not be impossible. Old habits need to be exchanged for new habits. The entire New Testament message dealt with this issue extensively by teaching new believers to put off the old life and to put on the new life in Christ, in essence, to exchange bad habits for good, holy, and righteous habits, in Christ. Satan’s control over the masses in the last days is to give humanity bad habits that will fill up all their time, every moment of every day. He begins by leading humanity to trust in his works rather than trusting in God alone for all of life. This has been a slow, but deliberate process by Satan, over the past seventy years, to move all of humanity to trust in his works to solve all their problems and to give them the so-called good life. Step by step they were led to trust in psychology to fix all the newly discovered mental illnesses through secular counseling, therapy, and medications. This in itself would drive more and more of the population to reject classic Christianity by trusting in the fallen world to solve their problems, in essence having one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom producing lukewarm Christianity.

Satan’s next step was to cause humanity to reject God as the Creator of their unique gender of being either male or female. This opened the floodgates of every known perversion. This was not the result of electing the wrong politicians or passing the wrong laws; it was the result of no longer trusting God to know what’s best for humanity by accepting our created gender at birth. This has had a domino effect by leading humanity to accept everything science has taught about the universe and our evolution from a tadpole instead of believing that we were uniquely created in the image of God. Of course, all of this was only the beginning of our downfall. Nothing will stop the descent except coming completely out from among them. As long as we follow lukewarm Christians in their descent then we will all face Armageddon together. Now, Pandora’s box has been opened by graduating humanity from the old family-centered black-and-white television shows to an array of online movies preaching Satan’s gospel to the masses, everything from the acceptance of all the known perversions to trusting in the fallen world to solve all of their problems. Now, humanity is facing its greatest threat by dividing all of humanity into warring factions based on what they believe is the truth.

Social media is paving the way for the Image of the Beast. This is Satan’s final deception to force all of humanity to worship the beast. Just like black and white Television, social media started as something for just family and friends to share their stories, family photos, and their unique adventures or family vacations. Well, it didn’t take too long for it to degenerate into something far more dangerous. It became a sounding board for every conceivable problem and so-called solution based on an array of different opinions. Many opinions were based on so-called scientific, psychological, political, and even Biblical facts often taken out of context. Everyone has a soap box, a following, and a different opinion leading humanity to the precipice of a civil war urged on by their favorite politician or religious leader. Humanity is exactly where Satan wants you to be ready to accept only the truth given to them by the image of the beast (Artificial Intelligence). Although in the beginning AI will be used to help separate the masses by force-feeding everyone with what they seemingly want through intelligent algorithms, it will eventually go well beyond what people want and think to give people only what Satan requires them to think and believe. The Bible says, “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed” (Revelation 13:15).

So, how do we come out from among them? The old habits that must be broken run deep into nearly every human on planet Earth. Humanity has become so accustomed to seeking advice from so-called professionals on social media and through internet searches, whereas most rarely trust in God alone to address their problems through the indwelling Spirit and His anointed Words in the Bible. Furthermore, for nearly seventy years now humanity has grown accustomed to trusting in their psychological counselor, their therapist, and drugs without even considering seeking God’s intervention through His anointed Biblical counselors and the study of the Bible to discover all the age-old methods that deal with every emotional and psychological problem. As a Biblical counselor for many years, I know and understand that this is a difficult step in coming out of the world and trusting in God alone, but it is essential to be finally set free from the drug addiction and the endless counseling that gives no real lasting help. As long as we still have one foot in the world trusting them to solve all our problems, then we will never be set free to experience this new life in Christ. We must come out from among them.

Secondly, to come out from the world, we must break free from the tether that’s constantly filling our minds with useless, meaningless, and contradictory information. Remember, the adage TMI (too much information). Satan’s goal is not only to fill our minds with useless information but to consume all of our precious time. Satan is already gauging your interest by giving you what they believe you want by tracking everything you do and everything you say on social media and the internet. Humanity has become addicted to this so-called useful information, becoming so entranced with it, that they feel compelled to share it with everyone. This often-useless information formulates their most unconventional opinions creating erratic behavior and frightful divisions. They become so intoxicated with receiving such information it’s commonplace to carry their cell phones (or laptops) everywhere they go as a ready resource for every problem by searching the internet, and scrolling social media to follow the latest opinions concerning things happening in the world or checking their News App to discover the latest opinions from the so-called experts. I could tell you to delete all of your Social Media accounts and your News Media Apps or I could tell you that you just need to be more discerning of all the information coming at you, but I would rather give you a summary statement about how to come out from among them. My summary statement says, “Stop listening to the world and start listening to God.”

When we stop listening to the world, then our perspective about everything will change. Our greatest desire will be to sit constantly at the feet of Jesus and only hear what He has to say about everything. When we sit awhile at the feet of Jesus, we will no longer have a desire to listen to all the opinions and comments from the so-called experts in the world. In time, we won’t even want to hear our own vain imaginations. We just want to hear the voice of God. It’s absolutely amazing when we empty our minds of all the foolishness and the programming in the world. In time our minds are able to focus on very old and beautiful memories that come back with such clarity. In Time, our minds are able to focus on the many beautiful truths in the Bible and how God has walked with us throughout the years, allowing us to rejoice in His many little miracles. Oh, what glory it is to be free from all the programming in the world that’s preparing our minds to be controlled by the Antichrist, his false prophet, and the Image of the Beast (Artificial Intelligence). Free at last! Finally, I pray that you heed the warning. If you refuse to come out from among them, then you will, step by step, be led into all manner of sins and suffer the consequences by receiving His plagues destined for the ungodly (Revelation 18:4-5). Please come out of the world before it’s too late. The longer you stay in the world, the more difficult it will become as Satan tightens his control on the masses.

Please Join Me In Prayer

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being our true teacher by giving us life-changing lessons to make us who we are today. We have learned what other great scholars have said about you and your wonderful teachings, over the course of many years. We have even looked at the original languages of the Bible and studied hard to understand its true meaning. We have also spent many years practicing our public speaking and the fine art of listening for becoming an effective counselor. However, all these, pale in comparison to sitting in the schoolroom of the indwelling Spirit allowing You to teach us every moment of every day. Therein, is our true boldness to speak clearly and effectively to others in your Name. We thank you, Lord, that this teaching through the indwelling Spirit is available to all your beloved children if they would only take time to listen, to really listen. We pray that your children would take the time from their busy schedules to spend the daily hours necessary in prayer and meditation to learn how to listen to you in the schoolhouse of prayer. We pray this in the blessed Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13).

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The Strength of Satan’s Hold

The strength of Satan’s hold on humanity, especially among young people is both terrifying and unimaginable. It is unimaginable because most cannot fathom it and it’s terrifying because it divides all of humanity. You might think that the most notable division is between the West and the East. Well, it goes much deeper than that, you truly have the Western world and the newly formed Eastern alliance, but the division we are looking for is those who follow Jesus Christ exclusively and those who are easily led astray by the political and religious powers of our day. Although these strong political powers are in league with religious groups to appear righteous, they primarily sway the masses through political persuasion. Their religious ploy is to make them appear righteous, which effectively covers up their extreme lawlessness in the eyes of their followers. Only Satan could wield such great power over the masses making them believe that they are following righteousness when all along they are following the powers of darkness and the soon-revealed Antichrist. This is the real division that is separating nations, churches, political parties, and families. This tragic separation will continue to the end bringing unbelievable heartache.

So, how strong is this hold on the masses? How easy it is to be swept up in choosing sides between what appears to be right and wrong. What if both sides are wrong and you are being deluded by a much greater power than you can imagine? The Antichrist wants you to choose a side, either side, makes no difference to him. As long as he can keep the world fighting against one another for their perspective right side, then he has won. He has won because once you make your choice it covers up the true path laid out before you. This true path looks beyond the struggles of the fallen world and sees a path that the whole world has rejected, a path of truth and righteousness, a path that leads to transformation in Christ. There is only one way to break this satanic hold, which seems simple enough but will take every ounce of faith that you can muster. It will take a lifelong commitment that reaches beyond this present reality. Simply put, we must come out from among them (Revelation 18:4-5). Stop choosing political sides. Stop following the crowd. Stop listening to all the propaganda generated by the powers of darkness creating more divisions, more so-called truths, and more unbelievable conspiracy theories.

This propaganda comes through many different sources from news broadcasts to political rallies, and from social media to searches on the internet. The latter two are controlled by Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, and the powers of darkness. Since the last Great War, the whole population has been programmed and brainwashed for the days in which we live. Until you fully come out from among them, then you will never admit that you have been controlled. Until you choose Christ and start on the path of transformation, then you will never admit that you have been controlled and manipulated. When you fully come out from among them, then you can see that no nation, no political party, and not even your choice of religion or church is completely righteous in the sight of God. We are living in the age of the lukewarm church (Revelation 3:14-22). We are living in an age where the whole world is being deceived (Revelation 18:23). The world is being judged and is currently reaping the consequences of its many sins against a righteous and holy God. Come out dear children while you still have time. When you do and become a part of the faithful remnant, then God’s Holy Wrath will not touch you (I Thessalonians 5:9). You may suffer but the joy of the Lord and His peace will abide in your hearts. The further you come out from the world, the closer you will come to the risen Lord; and your eyes will be opened to Satan’s hold on the world.

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Invasion of the Antichrist Spirit

No one can say exactly when this invasion took place, but we have seen the visible signs of it since they put the colored lights on the White House to hail same-sex marriages during the Obama administration. What we have seen since that day has been earth-shattering if we had eyes to see. Once we can clearly see the invasion of the Antichrist spirit, then the Antichrist and his minions will come more into focus. The Antichrist spirit is like a multi-headed beast (Revelation 13:1-2) reaching his tentacles into every area of society to overcome God’s children and to control fallen humanity. This is accomplished by raising up his dedicated minions to do his bidding even if they don’t realize that they are working for Satan and his Antichrist. His methodology from the beginning has been control, to control humanity even when they don’t realize that they are being controlled. See my last article “Are You Being Controlled Psychologically.”  We will briefly examine each of these minions, filled with the Antichrist spirit, to do his bidding. Although there will be a global reach, it will be centered in spiritual Babylon, the seat of his power. Continue reading Invasion of the Antichrist Spirit

Are You Being Controlled Psychologically

This is a most difficult question to answer because most will never know that they are being controlled psychologically. This control always begins with captivity and captivity begins with addiction. So, to understand this process that leads to being psychologically controlled, we must understand the methods used to lead you to the first steps of addiction. How are people addicted? Simply put it begins with your innermost desires. In the beginning, our Creator instilled a desire into our DNA that would not lead to captivity but would lead us to true freedom. On the other hand, Satan introduced new desires through his lying deception telling us that we could be like God knowing both good and evil. This evil became the dominant desire leading to the fall affecting all of humanity. This dominant desire remains today even among those who claim to know Christ as their savior, which is realized through the great falling away. Yes, Satan and his powers of darkness are tapping into these evil desires to lead all of humanity into captivity by ultimately rejecting God as their Creator. As we shall see these evil desires are deep within humanity, often suppressed or completely ignored because of some previous religious upbringing. What we shall see is technology can reach deep within humanity to access these innermost desires. Continue reading Are You Being Controlled Psychologically

The Two Witnesses in Revelation (Video)

Most Christians are familiar with the two witnesses in the book of Revelation, even though they may prove to be an enigma. To help us understand their witness we need to listen to the angel that opened their eyes to the problem that will face the Church in each age from the First Century until now. The angel accomplished this by having the two witnesses do a couple of amazing things before they were allowed to witness. After watching this powerful video on my secure website, please share it with others

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