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Daniels Blog – Celebrating 22 Years of Online Ministry

After many years in the pastoral ministry that required personal one on one discipleship, door to door evangelism, preaching, teaching, and counseling, it was a tremendous change to minister to a faceless audience in an online ministry, which took time to develop long-distance relationships. Back in 1998, the worldwide web was still in its infancy, and building a website was not the easiest task. I still have fond memories of my wife and I visiting an internet provider owned and operated by my oldest son, Jonathan. He had his full-time programmer1998 Website help me build my first website from scratch with no pre-made templates or WordPress. But how does one have a presence on the worldwide web? Google was a big help in those early days when they were still relatively new. We grew together on how to make one’s website easily searchable for as many people as possible, trying one promotional idea after another. In the beginning, our online ministry mainly consisted of writing blog articles, which was an easy task for I had spent many years writing out all of my weekly sermons as a fulltime pastor. Many of these old sermons found their way into my new website with an eagerness to reach the world for Christ.

Next came our online bookstore featuring all of my books, Final Warning, Stand Firm, Revelation Truth, and Guiding Principles for Biblical Counseling. Although I was selling books in the bookstores, and online through Google and Amazon, it was a thrill to offer my books directly to God’s children allowing me to write personal messages to those making purchases. Then, some brave people came up with an idea of recording their message and making it into a Podcast, and with the help of some other websites and organizations, this idea soon became a reality. My first venture was posting a weekly Podcast called “Final Warning” with Apple’s iTunes. In time we were able to play these Podcasts directly from our website using an mp3 format. These were exciting times, letting our voices be carried around the world proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. It was not long before the weekly Podcast was not so popular with the introduction of online videos through Google’s YouTube Videos. So, we started making videos for our new channel, Revelation Truth, from our current articles directed toward what we would later refer to as the faithful remnant. Of course, these videos could also, in time, be viewed directly from our website. This new ministry of making videos became very popular with our online followers.

While in the pastoral ministry, I always had the heart to help hurting people by way of Biblical counseling, which opened another new avenue of allowing people to write in through the website contact form to receive needed counseling. In time this new venture led us to start another website to help those who struggle daily with emotional and psychological problems, along with fierce attacks from the enemy. Many of these precious believers did not have a clear understanding of God’s promise to make them into a brand-new creation in Christ, where old things truly pass away. We prayed and counseled for all those who came our way. Let me encourage you to take a moment and visit our other website: “CAPA-Christians Against Psychiatric Abuse” at https://www.allcapa.org This ministry of personally praying and counseling our website visitors eventually led me to write out all of my daily prayers and post them on both websites, which I have done for the past three years. The Daily Devotion has been such a tremendous blessing to us as we lead God’s beloved children in prayer strengthening them to stand firm while they continue to grow up in Christ.

With the help of some very talented and gifted vocalists, we started another channel at YouTube called Tribulation Radio, where we added music, prayers, and commentaries to our messages developing wonderfully inspired videos to the glory of God, which also appear on our website. To give God’s children news from a godly perspective we currently podcast a News Brief and a relevant prayer as God directs. We also podcast reading of the entire book of Revelation in a beautiful theatrical presentation for our online visitors. Well, it was not long before we decided to stream our own internet Radio 24/7, which of course, we called, Tribulation Radio, direct from our website. TribulationTribulation Radio Radio is meant to encourage the faithful remnant living in the Last Days by allowing them to listen to encouraging Christian Music, and relevant messages to help them to stand firm in a turbulent world. Don’t miss our Old Time Gospel Hour and Music for Prayer and Meditation. Yes, these have been some very exciting times working with many different people from around the world making this truly a worldwide ministry. Come and discover all the things we offer to help God’s elect children become all that He wants them to be. This has been a wonderful journey with many beloved saints helping us make Daniels Blog what it is today. We have been “Proclaiming Revelation Truth Since 1998.” So, please help us to celebrate our 22 years of our online ministry, this month. God bless you all.

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I’m With You Always

It was Jesus Christ who said, “I am with alway, even unto the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20). Now, I do realize that some translations like the NIV indicate that Jesus said, He would only be with us until the end of the age, which could be at the end of the Jewish Age, or the age of the gentiles, but clearly that is not what was said. Contrary to the modern versions of the Bible the King James Version clearly says, that Jesus Christ will be with us until the end of the world. Every believer knows that Jesus Christ is with us through the Holy Spirit that resides in each one of us, giving us conviction, comfort, counsel, and direction.  So as we approach the end of days we should take great comfort in the fact that He will be with us until the end of the world. I daily, look forward to receiving His wonderful counsel in a day of great confusion when we are all, being pulled in different direction, many times by the enemy himself. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to guide us into a deeper understanding of His work in us. Every true believer in Christ knows with all assurance that we have received a gift of the Holy Spirit to reside in us throughout the remainder of our journey here on earth. He is not just a Holy Visitor but a Permanent Resident that will never leave us or forsake us. This Third Person of the Trinity is at all times connected to, in relationship with, and at One with both the Son and the Father. What an all powerful love, to be with us, to reside in us, throughout all of life, during the best of times and the worst of times. Continue reading I’m With You Always

Crisis Coming Hope Ascending

Crisis coming has been the regular diet for most Christians. I have personally never witnessed a time when the Christian community has been so caught up in the prophetic looking for every little sign and the demon behind every rock. Make no mistake, I too have written considerably about the things to come, warning God’s children, giving commentary on world events, and standing against the abuses of our age. On the other hand, I have also tried to balance it with godly counsel on how to stand firm and not lose hope. I have discovered that the Bible does the same, proclaiming the whole blessed truth giving much encouragement to God’s children who have in times past and in the present have had to deal with the most difficult of circumstances. There is nothing new under the sun. Just taking a cursory look in the past two thousand years of church history one does not miss the many times of persecution against God’s beloved children who stood their ground unwilling to waver from His magnificent truth. These true saints from the past and the present stood their ground not on all the signs that they had gathered or their knowledge of things to come, but on the pure teachings of God’s Word concerning the hope held out to every believer. Dear friend, do you have this kind of hope that will hold you secure during the coming crisis? Continue reading Crisis Coming Hope Ascending


Rev. Daniel W. Blair is a retired Southern Baptist Minister, who has studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, served as Pastor of churches in both California and Kentucky, led many revivals, and preached internationally. Reverend Blair is the radio host of Tribulation Radio. He writes for his two popular websites Revelation Truth and Christians Against Psychiatric Abuse. Pastor Blair has also written four books to help Christians stand firm in the last days. His passion for helping Christians to overcome their many problems has led him to write Stand Firm, Godly Counsel for the Last Days and Guiding Principles for Biblical Counseling. Rev. Daniel Blair also produces Christian Videos on his YouTube channel Revelation Truth.  His Tribulation Radio Shows also appear on his other YouTube Channel Tribulation Radio. Reverend Blair is committed to making himself available to other Pastors who are struggling in an impure world to proclaim the full gospel and help their flock stand firm. He and his wife, Robin, live in Round Rock, Texas. They have six children and fifteen grandchildren.


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