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Today’s News Brief

Today’s News Brief with Rev. Daniel W. Blair

This news site for Christians will be updated throughout the day for your continued listening.  A variety of topics will be covered that adversely affect the community, such as, real prophecies, health warnings, natural disasters, and the government control of believers. Check back during the day for updates that will keep you informed. There will also be words and prayers for positive encouragement to stand firm.

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2012 End of the World

If you are drawn to this blog then apparently you are not unaware of the prediction that the world is supposed to end on 12-21-2012. After doing considerable research on this prediction I find that my own Biblical convictions concerning the end time have not changed. Having said that, I am still amazed at the coincidences that have surfaced during my research, not to mention the many other calamities slated to happen in the year 2012. So what is the Christian to think? Should we be concerned about this exact date setting for the end of the world? I would answer emphatically no! Based on God’s Holy Word to us, Christ said, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” (Mat. 24:36) But even this holy Word does not negate the fact that the whole world may be aware of the season, but still harden their heart toward the one true God who can save them from eternal damnation. Continue reading 2012 End of the World


Have we become more globally connected and the reporting just gotten better or is there an increase in natural disasters afflicting our planet? If the answer is yes, then what should be our response? What stands out is the multitude of major earthquakes felt around the world and in some events only moments apart. Then there are the massive storms (superstorms) the kind headed for the East coast of America requiring a new alert language, “mass devastation,” “unsurvivable,” “catastrophic,” and a 24 hour warning system aimed at getting more people to take heed. I have lost count of the number of active volcanoes around the world that all seem to be preparing for one massive event. If that were not enough there are the immense flooding, droughts, forest fires, and unexplained shaking with loud noises heard around the globe. Yet with all this we still have unbelievers proclaiming all is the same, nothing has changed! Yet, I’m convinced that things have changed and they are only going to get worse. So what should be our response? Continue reading Superstorm

The Day of Reckoning

The day of Reckoning is coming! Chaos in the Middle East, nations preparing for war, unrelenting natural disasters and plagues of a biblical proportion, and a decisive national election for the next leader of the free world. The Muslims are … Continue reading The Day of Reckoning