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The Depth of Evil is Exposed on the Left (Video)

It’s only been two years since many believers in Christ decided to support a new political leader, an outsider, who promised to disrupt the flow of history. For over sixty years it had pushed civilization to the left of center, first in our movies and entertainment then in our system of education to the masses. With our new leader, we embarked on a new journey to the far reaches of the right to overcome some of the greatest sins of our century. After watching this eye-opening and very important video on my secure website, please share with others.

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The Depth of Evil is Exposed on the Left

It’s only been two years since many believers in Christ decided to support a new political leader, an outsider, who promised to disrupt the flow of history. For over sixty years it had pushed civilization to the left of center, first in our movies and entertainment then in our system of education to the masses. With our new leader, we embarked on a new journey to the far reaches of the right to overcome some of the greatest sins of our century. With one conservative appointment after another followed by the boldest executive orders, something began to happen that shocked all of us. First, it came by way of the media ready and willing to report on the slightest discrepancy trying desperately to make the new movement look horrific in the sight of the crying masses. It wasn’t long before the expert organizers had their people marching in the streets, vandalizing public property, and demonizing innocent people that supported the new administration. But all this was just the beginning.

There were threats in a graphic of a starlet holding the severed head of President Donald Trump along with many other clear and veiled threats of assassination on the public airwaves, yet the left sees nothing wrong with this grotesque and violent behavior. Perhaps beating up supporters, egging them, ripping off their MAGA hats and a throwing beverage on them is only seen as innocent child’s play. Perhaps ejecting his supporters from restaurants, taunting them on the streets, and projecting foul and demeaning language on the public stage is also seen as just good political discourse. Their accusations are non-ending on the liberal media channels as they allow the other side to make threats of civil war if they don’t win back control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Yet, they quickly explain that bad behavior away too We are compelled to ask ourselves, why are they so angry? What could cause such bad behavior?

Could it really be the administration’s denial of global warming and its withdrawal from the climate accords? Even when he has signed an Executive Order to clean up the oceans, lakes and waterways. Could it be that the administration wants to enforce the law that deters illegal immigration? When he has shown that illegal aliens have caused a drain on our economy and is responsible for rape, murders, and violent gangs. Could it be that the administration wants to build a wall to stop the illegal flow of drugs into our country? Or could it be that the administration is stopping the transgender from entering the women’s restroom or stopping the homosexual community from taking the whole country hostage to perform its will? Could it be that they think the administration in the near future would stop abortion, the massive killing of unborn children? Could it be our right to bear arms and our rejection of their legislation that would eventually disarm the public? Even when we have demonstrated time and again it’s not the weapon that does the killing but the person pulling the trigger. Could it be that they simply don’t like President Trump and all the good things that he has accomplished? No, I believe it something much more sinister.

No, the problem is, we are attempting to change an entire nation that has been brainwashed by Hollywood and public education for over sixty years. What they really want is a New World Order to unite the entire world together making everyone an equal servant to those in power. It would be necessary to remove all borders and any hint of nationalism. What they really want is to destroy capitalism and institute a new form of socialism without the need for money. What they really want is to have complete control over the masses by causing them to depend totally upon the government for their well-being. What they really want is to mark or microchip the entire civilization to keep track of their every movement. What they really want is to destroy all forms of religion that points toward an all-powerful God. Once that has been accomplished then it would be easy to allow one person to take that position. The Bible says, “Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God” (II Thessalonians 2:4). What they really want is a brave new world, as they are being seduced by Satan himself, who they hope will raise up one to defeat Trump in 2020, performing great miracles to lead the entire world astray.

That is the problem pure and simple. You might ask where was the church during this silent takeover of our country? Why did we allow our children to be taught things in public education that stands against our Christian heritage? Perhaps the simplest answer is that the church has grown lukewarm over the past sixty years no longer trusting in God alone to provide for their every emotional and psychological need. This opened Pandora’s Box that allowed the world into the church. Then with the coming of the technological revolution, the old ways seemed slow and not so relevant to meet the struggles in the new world. With the coming of movies and the television, we found a new teacher to enlighten us and train our children in the ways they should go. With the coming of higher education and its accessibility to the masses, professors were free to teach things that no longer aligned with our Christian upbringing, such as, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the exclusiveness of Christianity. This led the church and the world to accept Psychology and Psychotherapy that paves the road to socialism, dependence upon the New World Order and enslavement to the powers of evil, the prince of darkness. We have entered a world of future shock led by the master deceiver himself, Satan.

Do you really think that these deceived liberal children are crying on their own? No, they have been told that their world is being destroyed by us and that they must fight back, or all will be lost. So their evil behavior is really not seen as that bad, because they are fighting against a much greater evil. This evil is magnified by the liberal media and the Hollywood elite. They do so by comparing President Trump to Adolph Hitler and referring to his supporters as Nazi collaborators and fascist. They are like spoiled children throwing a tantrum, who justify their bad behavior by calling us evil. This thinking is as old as the first Christian persecutions. It’s easier to hurt the other side if they are seen as evil and themselves as being good. In their eyes the coming civil war, if they lose both houses of Congress, is somehow justified. Oh Lord, we feel as though your beloved children are standing against Goliath who has been seduced by Satan and see us as the evil ones who have finally woke up and are fighting back.

We know somehow if we lose this fight through the ballot box and the proclamation of the Gospel then all will truly be lost as your judgment will continue to be poured out on an evil world. They can blame Mother Nature or Global Warming, but we know who is standing behind the Judgment. They can blame President Trump, the conservative movement, and even the Christian, but we know it is you who will bring forth your judgment upon a very evil world that has mandated public education but denies your existence and teaches evolution. We know you will continue to bring forth your judgment if we fail to stop their liberal agenda. Oh Lord, give your precious children strength to pray, to vote, to awaken the lukewarm church and proclaim the eternal Gospel. Give them strength, Oh Lord, to put on the whole armor of God and take their stand against the enemy. Please, dear children, share this article and keep up the good fight.

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This website and its content is copyright of He Reigns Christian Ministries – © Rev. Daniel W. Blair 2018. All rights reserved.

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