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I See Destruction Everywhere

The vision is real. I see destruction everywhere. If you accept this vision as real, then what will you do to prepare? Everyone has their own interpretation of things to come. Most of those interpretations are based on social media, movies, videos, preaching, and prophets. Some interpretations are based upon their own personal research from just the writings in the Bible. Very few interpretations are based upon only what is received directly from the risen Christ in correlation with what is written in the Holy Bible. This has created a great deal of confusion in today’s world. Most believe that they will never see total destruction. They believe that they will be snatched away in some secret rapture before things get too bad. Others believe that they will need to put up with a few bad things in what’s called the birth pangs before they are snatched away even before the Antichrist is revealed. Everyone seems to have their own beliefs as the whole world is racing faster and faster towards total destruction. I am going to ask you to set your sacred beliefs to the side for just a moment and answer this one question, “Are you prepared to face the total destruction of everything?” If not, then the coming Antichrist will easily lead you to his altar, so he can receive your worship. The coming Antichrist is much closer than you think.

The Antichrist already knows exactly what you want. He knows your heart and your every desire. He has read your post on social media as you rant about one thing, and then another. He knows how deeply dissatisfied you are with so many different things in the world. He watches your struggles with others who don’t agree with the things that you desperately want. Although the Antichrist cannot see into your heart and read your thoughts, he is an expert in observation. He can listen to your voice, read your post, and even read your body language. Antichrist is fully aware of the growing divisions in the world. He sees the Kings of the East plotting against the West. He sees the one stricter sect of a religion struggling against another. He sees different political parties doing everything possible to overthrow the other party. He sees the hate and warmongering. He sees everything. The Antichrist will use all of this to his advantage. Antichrist wants the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ wants for this world. Although Antichrist is the exact opposite in every way, he will pretend to be the same. He will pretend to give you everything you ever wanted, but his endgame is total destruction. Christ came to give us life, Antichrist in the end will bring death to all, even to his most faithful followers.

Let’s back up a moment and discover together how the Antichrist will cause this to happen. The Antichrist will use the same method that he has always used from the beginning. He will raise up those who believe that they are more righteous in their opinions and beliefs to strike against others whom they see as more worldly or liberal in their thinking. Antichrist has always been the instigator behind every so-called holy war to root out the heretics. These so-called holy wars have been among the bloodiest in history even if they claim it was just political. Hitler was fighting his holy war believing that the Germans were the only pure race giving him justification to exterminate the rest. Many of the Popes in church history were fighting their holy wars to drive out the heretics or force them into submission by any means possible. This was one of the greatest persecutions against God’s people motivated by their belief in overcoming unrighteousness. History has witnessed many holy wars from the invasion of Jerusalem to cast out the pagan to the Muslim invaders striking back with impunity to destroy the infidel. In every case we see the arm of the Antichrist raising up those who believed that their so-called righteousness gave them justification and the liberty to destroy others. We are seeing the same thing today with President Putin telling his people that he is routing out the Nazis and standing against the West who lavishes in luxury and embraces every form of perversion. He will use this same justification to unite the Kings of the East to conquer and destroy the West.

At this very moment, we have our own holy war at home. I have never seen our country so divided. It seems like the whole country is at one another’s throats, bashing, ridiculing, and even threatening one another with harm. Their justification is that the other person is wrong in their beliefs and opinions. All of this is being stoked by the powers of darkness by utilizing the social media platforms, news outlets, and even the church. The anger level is increasing exponentially causing people to choose up sides and strike back with impunity. Unfortunately, most feel that they are at liberty to say and do whatever they please as long as they feel that right is on their side. There is no great surprise that this division is delineated by the right and the left. There is no great surprise that the level of hate is causing pandemonium in the streets, and outright wickedness on social media. Antichrist is fully aware of what’s happening in this country and will use it to his benefit to bring forth an unrighteous holy war, which will ultimately destroy both sides. Remember, this has been Satan’s plan from the beginning to destroy everything that God has created. He is rightly called the destroyer. Satan and his Antichrist care less which side is right and which side is wrong. He only cares about total destruction.

Antichrist’s goal is to make one side feel that they are righteous and must stand against the evil. They will be encouraged to do it within the system but if that doesn’t work, then eventually they will be permitted and justified to take more extreme measures. They will be permitted to force the other side to capitulate and follow the new laws or suffer the consequences. In the beginning, the Antichrist will pander to both sides making grandiose promises that seem nearly impossible or at least far-fetched. He will make great promises to both sides from promising to fix the environment to improving the economy for both sides. He will promise a brave new world as long as everyone follows the new laws of pretend righteousness. Abortions are permitted but don’t make a show of it for safe places will be provided. Every perversion will be outlawed but keep it to yourself and all will be fine. On the surface, everything will look wonderful, and the Antichrist will expect your undivided allegiance. As thousands are slaughtered in the beginning to force everyone into submission to the new laws, it will now appear like peace has come down from heaven while everyone is now pretending to be righteous and happy to serve their new leader.

This is not the end of the story. As God’s true children suffer in silence for their refusal to pay tribute to the new master, they will soon enough witness God pouring out His wrath on fallen humanity. Fallen humanity will not escape as God raises up the Kings of the East to finish what they had begun. They will bring forth destruction upon the West causing destruction to also fall upon their own lands. I see destruction everywhere! God will truly pay them back for their self-righteousness and for their pretending to follow Him alone while they put all the trust in the Antichrist. On the other hand, God’s children have been prepared for years by exchanging the sword of Caesar for the Cross of Christ. In so doing they have become a bright light shining forth from the darkness. They stood firm against all the pretend righteousness by not striking back but continually showing their self-giving love to all. We as God’s beloved children are not called to pick up weapons and join some holy war to force righteousness upon the land. We are called to do what we have always been called to do. If we force the other side to do what they don’t want to do, then their hearts will not be changed. On the other hand, if we proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel to fallen humanity, then we will witness the real power to change hearts. Politics and laws will not bring change. God’s love flowing through His beloved children will bring forth real change in a world headed for total destruction. Prepare now to stand firm or be swept away by the coming flood of unrighteousness pretending to be righteous

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We Are on the Precipice of Change (Video)

In the next eight months, we may very well see the greatest change ever take place since the technological revolution in the new world. Two great political and social forces are struggling for dominance while most of the world’s population is pulled along giving them only fabricated lies and empty promises. The blind masses are completely oblivious as to what’s going on behind the scenes. After viewing this important video on my secure website, please share it with others.

This website and its content is copyright of He Reigns Christian Ministries – © Rev. Daniel W. Blair 2020. All rights reserved.

We Are on the Precipice of Change

In the next eight months, we may very well see the greatest change ever take place since the technological revolution in the new world. Two great political and social forces are struggling for dominance while most of the world’s population is pulled along giving them only fabricated lies and empty promises. The blind masses are completely oblivious as to what’s going on behind the scenes. The real struggle is happening behind the scenes in the spiritual realm between the powers of darkness and the children of light. It’s happening between the powers of heaven and hell. Perhaps one of the greatest struggles of all time. We need great patience for all of your beloved children to open their eyes fully and wait; wait to see the hand of God exposing the powers of evil attempting to enslave the entire human race. We don’t know if it will come from the left or the right, but we do know that your faithful remnant will see it and stand firm against the great deception that is already at work in the world, causing you to send forth a strong delusion. The reason we write, “from the left or the right,” is to force our eyes open, both physical and spiritual, to let God show us the truth of who is behind the greatest deception to fall upon the world. If we are locked into either side then we have accepted all their propaganda, overlooked many of the questionable behaviors and policies, and have not properly thought through where it could all lead if they gained total dominance. Continue reading We Are on the Precipice of Change

All Israel will be Saved

“For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written:” (Romans 11:25-26a). As it is written! God made an everlasting covenant with Israel choosing them from all the nations in the world to be His people. And to this day there has been a faithful remnant in every generation professing Yeshua as their Lord, being filled with the Holy Spirit and rejoicing in the benefits of a new life in Christ (Messiah). Yet there will come a time when all of Israel will be saved, not every single person, but the nation as a whole will be saved. What a glorious day that will be for all those living upon the earth. Continue reading All Israel will be Saved

Satan’s Tactic is Fear (Concerning the ISIS Caliphate)

Throughout human history evil men have demonstrated brutality to their fellow man beyond our most horrific imagination. Men, women, and children where decapitated, burned alive, sawed into, drowned, buried alive, herded into gas chambers, or shot and thrown into mass graves. Unless you were present the world’s population knew little about the actual events nor did they experience the trauma associated with its shocking carnage. Case in point; we knew little about the extent of Hitler’s mass extermination of the Jews until months before the war’s end. However, we now live in a new day where this brutality is observed almost in real time through Social Media, YouTube, and the 24 hour news channels. The graphic images are beyond appalling as we see little precious children being decapitated by the ISIS caliphate in Iraq. This coupled with their real threat to occupy the White House perhaps through our porous Southern borders it leads most to either an explosive rage or stark fear. Especially when you seriously consider how the Sunni Muslims are being drawn to this ISIS terrorist group like a magnet attracting more followers every day. Who can say how many are living in this country? Continue reading Satan’s Tactic is Fear (Concerning the ISIS Caliphate)