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God’s Children Are Slipping into Darkness

God’s children are slipping into darkness. Every day the world seems like it’s growing crazier. The News Media, Social Media, and the tabloids are aflame with stories of people completely losing it in public, unfortunately, some of these are professed believers in Christ. Some people have garnered the name “Karen” for calling the police when they feel unduly threatened, pointing guns at other people, in a fit of rage screaming and throwing things in public. Every day, people are doing more things that shock our sensibilities. At times it feels like we live in some kind of twilight zone. We have also observed that many people today seem fascinated with the past of others through the publication of books and memoirs but on the other hand, they want to erase history by tearing down all statues and changing the names of some of our forts and institutions. Have COVID-19, the lockdown, face mask requirements, and politicians caused us all to go a bit insane? Has it caused God’s children to slip into darkness, or is it something much more sinister? For the sake of brevity, we will only look at a few of the most important things that cause God’s children to slip into darkness. These are things that keep me up at night as I weep greatly in the Spirit for God’s precious children.

The Bible is clear about what to expect as we near the end. Lying deception will lead the entire world into darkness, which will also cause many of God’s children to also slip into darkness. What brings tears to my eyes is that they don’t even know that they are being led astray through lying deception. If we look at the word “lying” it goes by many different names, such as exaggerating, fibbing, a little white lie, excluding or withholding information, doing it for the sake of others (the end justifies the means), deceit, and deception. No matter what you call it, it’s still a lie and God knows it. It also puts you on a very slippery slope where one lie, always leads to another, severing your relationship with a Holy God and putting you in league with the devil. Jesus said that the devil is the father of lies (See John 8:44). Remember, when Christ said that, He was talking to the religious people of His day. If we take a hard look at these religious leaders of Christ’s day, we will agree, that much of what they taught and stood for appeared to be righteous in the eyes of the people. On the other hand, Jesus saw much deeper into their lives seeing their hypocrisy and their masterful twisting of God’s truth. He saw how their lies were leading God’s people astray allowing them to slip into darkness.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the same thing today, not only in religion but also in politics. In both cases, they have given the people just enough truth to lead them astray and down a very slippery slope into darkness. It’s called lying deception! Here is the big problem with lying deception in our day, it takes our eyes off of God’s promises. If we lose sight of the promises, then we will never become what God wants us to be and we will not be able to stand firm during the tribulation. This puts the onus on us. If we hear a lie, then we must either rebuke it or turn away from it immediately. To share the lie on Social Media or with others in person makes you a partner in the lie allowing you to suffer the same consequences. We have all seen these lies on the internet, YouTube, and Social Media grow exponentially leading more of God’s precious children into Satan’s dark web of deceit. Let me be very clear that the powers of darkness always add some truth to their lies to make them more appealing and convincing. That’s why they’re so deceptive. Any lies no matter how small must lead us to reject the entire premise or statement. Remember, the lie takes your eyes off the promises, which will cause you to slip into darkness.

In another place, it says, “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight” (Proverbs 12:22). If telling a lie is an abomination to God, which it is, then calling Him a liar is also an abomination. Let that sink in! Everything written in His Word, that we call the Bible, is truth. If God promises to do something, then we must believe it. To doubt God’s Word is the same as calling Him a liar and puts us on a very slippery slope into darkness. Let’s look at three great promises, especially important for our day. The first promise is that Jesus Christ will return for His Church. This is our great hope. Christ promises to come back but only after the great apostasy or falling away and the revealing of the man of lawlessness (See II Thessalonians 2:3). This is important and rather interesting when most biblical scholars agree that the man of lawlessness will not come or be revealed until we are already in the midst of the Great Tribulation (See Revelation 13). Unfortunately, many will give up when things get really bad or when they don’t see Christ coming secretly to rapture the church before the Great Tribulation. Many will fall away and slip into darkness. Although most Christians are on solid ground when it comes to the obvious sins (for example: killing the unborn child and telling little boys that it’s ok to be a little girl or accepting that it’s ok to burn for the same-sex) they fall woefully short when it comes to believing all the promises. And to do so, causes you to slip into darkness.

Again, the major problem is the deceptive lies; lies that take your eyes off the promise! Allow me to digress a bit. When we answer God’s call by believing in the Gospel, we almost immediately feel great as the Spirit of the living God comes and dwells in our hearts. We sense an urgent need to stop doing the many things that we considered bad and then learn how to act by following the example we see in other Christians. However, it typically stops there for most, because they don’t believe the promises, then they start to slip, a little bit here and a little bit there. Those around you may give you great encouragement telling you to try a little harder by going to more church activities or visit the counselors who are trained to help, to keep you from slipping further into the darkness. Here’s the problem. They may have studied the promises and even memorized them, but they never really believed them and without true belief, they will slip back into the darkness with all the same old problems. These promises need more, they need faith and trust that God will deliver on His promises. As we look at the next two promises you judge for yourself if you really believe them.

The next promise says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (II Corinthians 5:17). These are true words! No matter what we suffered in the past, no matter how many bad things we have done, no matter how much our past life haunts us, all that will pass away. God promises to make us into a brand-new person, a new creation. Now, let’s look at the next promise. This promise says, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Peter 1:3). We must trust God to give us everything needed for transformation, to become everything that He wants us to be. As we read and study His Word the indwelling Spirit is with us every step of the way showing us how to put off the old life and how to put on the new life in Christ. If we truly believe the promise, then every day we will look for this transformation to take place in our lives (See II Corinthians 3:18). The deceptive lie is that God cannot fulfill His promises in your lives, so you need help from the professionals of psychiatry. If you don’t believe the promises and aren’t growing in the Lord, chances are you are slipping back into darkness. If you read carefully II Peter 1:4, you will understand the great value of believing in and living out God’s precious promises. I am weeping for God’s children as we enter the Great Tribulation and the great apostasy, especially as I witness many of His children slipping into darkness.

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To the Christians Living in America

Thus, saith the Lord. You are seeing through a glass darkly; things are not what they appear. There are only two kinds of people in the world, those who have the light and those who are filled with darkness. Darkness has invaded your world and has filled people of every race, color, and creed. It has filled both the religious and the non-religious. It has even filled most of your political leaders, even those who claim to know me. Things are not what they appear. You have witnessed how the whole world has grown more dark giving heed to their many immoral thoughts leading them into every manner of wickedness. What many do, who claim to be righteous, they do behind closed doors or under the cover of night. Things are not what they appear. You, oh son, have witnessed the increase in lawlessness that is covering your land and consuming everything in its path. I call upon you to be a witness to those who claim to be righteous but are filled with darkness allowing their thoughts to control their unholy actions.

Call forth the remnant who have their minds and hearts stayed upon me; those who are not chasing the latest conspiracy theories, or the many false prophecies spawned by the evil one. Call them out from those who are consumed by darkness leading them in one direction and then another. Call them out from their general assemblies to meet alone with me in their prayer closets or in smaller fellowship groups who have rejected the darkness and are only embracing the light of my glory. Let them fellowship with those who have made a commitment to grow up spiritually from one degree of glory to another. Let them all aim for transformation in Christ by walking only in my statutes and commandments. As children of the light, they have already rejected all the teachings from the world on how to live a fulfilled life and even their advice on how to live a bountiful life in Christ. Darkness has invaded the churches of man because they have embraced all the godless teachings of the world. As children of light, they must come out from the darkness before it’s too late.

The powerful delusion sent by God has already fallen upon the world causing them to believe the lie because they have rejected the truth. The Great Apostasy has already begun filling the land with its many lies about the things to come. Remember, dear children the entire world will worship the dragon, Satan, who gives his power to the Beast or the Antichrist to rule over the hearts and minds of fallen humanity. Those in darkness will try and convince you that you have more time. They will tell you that it’s possible to overcome the darkness by electing the right leaders and reversing many of the immoral things that your country has embraced for many years. Remember, things are not what they appear for darkness has filled your land along with your leaders both political and religious. Come out from among them now or experience the full wrath being poured out on all unrighteousness. The time is short. The trumpets are sounding, and the bowls of God’s wrath are getting ready to be poured out. Come out from among them, dear children, for things, are not what they appear.

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Rev. Blair has recorded this Blog Article as a Tribulation Radio Show in HD Video with local vocalists, prayers, and much more to the glory of God. Please Click Here

This website and its content is copyright of He Reigns Christian Ministries – © Rev. Daniel W. Blair 2020. All rights reserved.

Finding Answers to Life’s Problems

As our country prepares to celebrate our Independence Day unfortunately many in the world don’t feel much like celebrating. A dark shadow has been cast over the world from an increase in rampant lawlessness to the destabilization of other nations. The stress level of the world’s population is off the scale due to fear of catastrophic natural disasters, impending pandemics, the possibility of world war, or a bloody persecution of Christians. The world is faced with a multitude of problems. In our struggle to walk as children of light in a dark world we have all lost many battles to the old nature and the enemy. Many Christians who are burdened with life’s problems find little accurate and authoritative counsel from others. For many they find little comfort or direction from the Bible which has resulted in a life of bondage to emotional and psychological problems forcing them to the world’s counselors to find a cure. Often times in desperation they have readily accepted the remedy of psychotropic (mind altering) drugs leading to life of addiction, other dependence, and spiritual depression. By God’s grace I want to spare you of that. Continue reading Finding Answers to Life’s Problems