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Accessing Power to Win the Battle

There is a battle raging in the world today that will ultimately destroy all flesh. The battle is so intense that many are driven to the threshold of insanity committing horrific acts of brutality that no longer shock us. The battle is so intense that it’s causing great divisions in humanity that go well beyond the natural boundaries of nationality, race, or political affiliation. The battle is within the hearts and minds of humanity. The battle is so intense that it’s causing untold psychological and emotional problems driving many to the counselor’s office, psychotropic drug addiction, or suicide. There will come a time when it’s no longer just the left against the right or one group against another. The battle is within the mind as people fight to maintain a sense of normalcy or even their existence as human beings. Although many will attempt to escape their reality, in the end, it will still bring total destruction to all of humanity. On the other hand, there will be a few who will not be overcome by this great battle for the mind. Some will learn how to access the great power to win the battle.

Satan stands at the door of hell unleashing his barrage of thoughts and imaginations to fill the minds of unsuspecting humanity. Yes, implanting thoughts and imaginations into the minds of humanity has been Satan’s battle plan from the beginning. Things have gotten so much easier for him and his host of wickedness in the modern day of technology. Now, he has the internet, news media, social media, and even the coming Metaverse to spread the many things he would like you to think about. They don’t even all need to be lies or half-truths, but they do need to pique your interest so that they can occupy your every thought or immigration. This is Satan’s battle plan. When we open the window to the world it won’t take long to see the many things occupying the minds of humanity. Many of these thoughts can immediately lead us down a very dark alley with recurring thoughts that could cause us to face our worst nightmares. Most thoughts, coming at us are meant only to keep us occupied, filling our minds with things that we keep thinking about all day and even throughout the night. These thoughts come in like a flood, from the ruthless political infighting to the latest technology or scientific breakthrough, and from observing the shocking lawlessness to thoughts of fulfilling your every carnal desire. Moreover, we are inundated with thoughts that turn into worry or fear about global warming, impending war, and the next virus.

Furthermore, we are constantly exposed to the worldwide acceptance of evolution, alternative lifestyles, and choosing one’s own gender. We are confronted with endless scientific discoveries or the worldwide acceptance of psychology that questions the authority and sufficiency of Holy Scripture. Humanity is consumed with these thoughts nearly every moment of every day. It is essential that we take an inventory of what we think about and how much time we spend on certain thoughts and imaginations. If you are honest, it will shock you or even haunt you, so we must learn the power to win the battle in our minds. There is some great advice in the Bible about casting out vain imaginations or anything else that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God (II Corinthians 20:4-5). There is great advice to monitor our every thought and if they don’t align with our Christian character then we must refuse to think about it (Philippians 4:8). The Bible is replete with information on how to overcome the old sin nature by immediately casting out evil thoughts or vain imaginations and replacing them with righteous and holy thoughts (Ephesians 4:22-27). The power to win this battle in our minds is available to every believer in Christ.

Furthermore, and more specific to our study today is what the Bible says next, “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ” (I Corinthians 2:16). We know from Scripture and from experience to claim that we have the mind of Christ seems like foolishness to the carnal man but to us, it is the power of God. To have the mind of Christ allows us, and even leads us, to think His thoughts after Him. This is the power that will win the battle in our minds. The devil has no control over the one who has the mind of Christ, for our mind is given great strength and power to resist. We can resist every so-called emotional and psychological problem. We can resist every temptation from the devil. We can resist in our mind all that the devil can throw at us. We have the mind of Christ.  I can tell you, with all assurance, that the thoughts of Christ are not following the thoughts of the world. The mind of Christ is not focused on who wins the next election or the many other news stories filling our minds every day. As we shall see, the mind of Christ is focused on His original mission, which has not changed in two thousand years.

Just as the thoughts of Christ came from His Father, God, during His ministry, they come now in the hearts and minds of His followers. The mind of Christ then and now is still focused on His original mission. To have the mind of Christ allows us to share His desires for building the Kingdom of God, which is seen so clearly in the Lord’s Prayer. The mission of Jesus Christ is so important that it’s at the core of our daily prayer. If we look at the Lord’s Prayer the whole mission is summarized in one sentence, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Thy kingdom come should speak volumes. The only way that God’s kingdom will ever come is by leading people, all people, to believe in the message of the Cross. This is not just a message of acceptance. It is a message of belief in all things taught through the Holy Spirit. It is a message of describing in detail how to pick up our cross, die to self, and follow Christ (Luke 9:23). There is great power in this simple message that opens the door to the Kingdom and eternal life (Romans 1:16). When we follow Christ on mission then we are fulfilling His command to do His will on earth as it is in heaven. The mind of Christ is unreservedly dedicated to the mission. When we follow Christ on His mission it is an amazing journey with one little miracle after another.

When we have the mind of Christ and follow Him on mission, then it’s much easier to step out on faith doing the impossible. I have witnessed this many times in my walk with Christ. Not only do we have the power to do the impossible, but we also have the wisdom and the ability to withdraw from an unproductive encounter that’s not mission centric. Having the mind of Christ on mission is a most beautiful thing because He always gives us the right words to say, to convict, to encourage, and to help others to solve their unrelenting problems. To have the mind of Christ encourages us through the indwelling Spirit to be in the right place at the right time, either by holding back for a moment or going somewhere quickly to meet an individual ready to hear the Gospel or to be helped in their spiritual growth. To have the mind of Christ never blindly rushes ahead; to do so, one could miss many beautiful opportunities. The timing of Christ working all things together for good on mission is an amazing thing always to be treasured in our hearts. What a wonder it is to witness Christ working through us on mission. Finally, the devil has no power to stand against this mission. To have the mind of Christ and follow Him on mission has great power to win the battle in our minds by staying focused on establishing His Kingdom here on earth. Amen

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The Final Prophecy

When the prophets stop prophesying it will be a dark day indeed. Although many will continue to prophesy from their own imaginations, it will not bring light to a dark world, it will only bring greater confusion. I have written about the coming Antichrist, the wiles of the devil, and the evolving Metaverse but nothing can really prepare humanity for the horrific days ahead. The prophecies in the book of Revelation have warned humanity for over two thousand years and it has only created greater confusion with one saying one thing and another saying something different. Yet, with spiritual eyesight, the book of Revelation is understood as a prophetic history methodically unfolding since the first century. The woes have unfolded, and all the trumpets have sounded from the beginning announcing the progression of each plague and woe poured out on unrepentant humanity. We have seen Antichrists arise in each age, some leading whole civilizations astray. We have witnessed the greatest wile of the devil, which has brought most of humanity into a lifetime of bondage to counseling and psychotropic drug addiction. This wile of the devil is also the first woe in the book of Revelation (Revelation 8:13-9:11), which I have explained in detail in my latest book, “God’s Loving Pursuit”.

The final prophecy has been written since the first century, where the Man of Lawlessness enters the temple of God proclaiming himself to be God (II Thessalonians 2:4). The old devil is laughing as he leads the entire world into bondage to emulate his behavior. Since the beginning, Satan has taught humanity that they don’t need God, that they alone can build a brave new world without God, and that they can solve all their emotional and psychological problems without God. With science, technology, and artificial intelligence the devil is proclaiming loudly that man can reach for the stars and become all that he envisions himself to be without God. Humanity is only a few steps away from total bondage to Satan and the powers of darkness.  This worldwide bondage to Satan is observable from the great falling away (II Thessalonians 2:3), which we are witnessing to an even greater extent in our day. Humanity as a whole is no longer trusting and depending on God for all of life. Some will give Him lip service occasionally, but they are growing further and further away from trusting God for everything, trusting Him for all of life. Humanity is one step closer to becoming their own god.

Let’s digress for a moment to understand humanity and our relationship with our Creator. Humanity was never created to go it alone but was created to have a beautiful relationship with their God. Because of their broken relationship with God back in the Garden of Eden, it took Jesus Christ coming in the flesh to completely restore that broken relationship. Salvation in Christ opened our eyes to understand this relationship more deeply, where the Spirit of the living God would come and take His rightful place upon the throne, in the throne room of our own hearts. The Bible says, “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” (I Corinthians 6:19) We are the temple of the Holy Ghost. This is God’s original plan to come and reside in us, His temple, fashioned by the hands of God (John 14:23). On the other hand, Satan’s goal is to have you follow him and his many Antichrists, that have come throughout the ages, by entering into the temple fashioned by the hands of God to take your seat on the throne, in the throne room of your own heart. The moment we enter the temple of our own heart and sit down on the throne, then we have pridefully become our own god.

We have pridefully become our own god, this should speak volumes to us. Pride is the problem and a sure sign that Satan and the powers of darkness are working ever so hard to bring us into the camp of the enemy and away from all that God wants to do for us. Ever since higher learning and science have put it into our minds that we can be all that we envision ourselves to be apart from God, then we have been speaking back to God with great pride saying, “Why have you made me this way” (Romans 9:20). Pridefully, humanity wants to remove God from the equation believing that we, on our own, can evolve into a higher life form apart from God. Fallen humanity pridefully believes that they can evolve quicker through the use of advanced drugs, DNA manipulation, and advanced robotics to become more. They pridefully believe that they can arrogantly speak back to God and blame Him for all of their problems. The pride of man is leading humanity further and further away from trusting in God alone to become more, to be completely transformed in Christ Jesus, and to have powers and abilities beyond their wildest imaginations. So, they blindly and pridefully continue following the powers of darkness into the temple of their own hearts to become their own god.

I encourage you to trust in God and learn about the path ahead that is obscured by political intrigue, wars, rumors of war, the discovery of another virus, the fear of increased global warming, and unchecked lawlessness. The devil wants to obscure the path ahead by leading us to focus on the plagues and woes falling on humanity, not so that we might be moved to repentance, but to languish about our own self-annihilation. He wants to bring self, back into the forefront blaming God for what He is doing to the world and humanity in particular. He wants humanity to get back in the driver’s seat to overcome global warming and increased lawlessness, not through repentance and dependence upon God, but through self’s ability to enact new policies. Satan wants humanity to focus on the political intrigue taking up arms to always fight the other side driving them deeper and deeper into darkness and away from trusting in God. The powers of darkness want to obscure the path ahead by having us focus on the latest virus and continually debate what is causing it instead of recognizing it as a plague from God meant to lead us to repentance. As the entire world sinks deeper into pain and depravity, they will look for an alternate reality, they will look for the great escape, which was Satan’s plan from the beginning.

Satan and his Antichrist will take this one step further to guarantee your allegiance to the powers of darkness. This allegiance is accomplished by leading the entire world into an alternate reality where their every thought and action will be carefully and critically analyzed. They will be able to do this by tracking your eye movements and facial expressions. This will also be accomplished by separating you completely from God, robbing you of your time, and filling your minds with information that will solidify your prideful ascension to the throne, in the throne room of your own heart. I have gone into great detail about this alternate reality in my new book, “God’s Loving Pursuit, As Humanity Escapes His Reality.” This is a Prophecy about the Metaverse. Dear children, if you are not familiar with the many warning signs in today’s world, then you will be easily brought into bondage by the powers of darkness. Please take advantage of my offer to purchase my latest book and receive my other two books for free. This is the final prophecy to warn God’s children about the path ahead that’s designed to destroy your faith and send you into bondage and eternal damnation. This is the final prophecy of things to come. This is your final warning. Soon and very soon, people will be running for the caves (an alternate reality) in the book of Revelation to escape the plagues and woes coming from the hand of God (Revelation 6:15-17).

Please join me in prayer …

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you, Father God, for speaking through all your true prophets and Apostles about the things to come. We cannot be like the pagan and change the inevitable, but we can follow our calling and change our hearts. It’s hard to imagine the protective covering around the earth, the heavens, being destroyed by fire and everything on the planet being melted away with fervent heat, no doubt from the sun. You have warned us not to bolster our pride thinking we have it in our power to change the things to come by decrying Global Warming, but you have told us so that we can change our hearts through the power of the Gospel. We pray that all your beloved children would spend every waking moment learning how to live godly lives by putting off the old life and putting on the new life in Christ. As the Day of the Lord draws closer every day, we pray that our lives would be transformed to become more like you our blessed Savior in Holy conversation, attitude, self-giving love, and righteous behavior. We pray this in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

“Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat” (II Peter 3:11-12)

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The Bible says, “… freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:7-8).

This website and its content is copyright of He Reigns Christian Ministries – © Rev. Daniel W. Blair 2022. All rights reserved.

Living as Citizens of Heaven

Most every person is a citizen of their respective country with certain rights and privileges. Most of these citizenships are bequeathed at the time of birth. Some are seeking to change their citizenship while others are content with remaining as aliens in a foreign land. Either way, they pridefully assimilate into their new country expecting to receive all the same rights and privileges. Today I want to talk to you about a different kind of citizenship that can’t be earned or pridefully assimilated. This citizenship can only be given at the time of our rebirth or transformation in Christ. This glorious new citizenship is in heaven even while we reside as aliens upon the earth. Although technically we keep our citizenship on earth in our respective countries, we are no longer beholden to its ideology, its humanistic ideals, and its inclusiveness. There is a great difference between our heavenly citizenship and citizenship of the world. When true believers embrace their heavenly citizenship, then they embrace the ideology and exclusiveness of the Kingdom of God and are not beholden to the dictates of their respective countries, which are diametrically opposed. However, this is not what we see in the modern day. Many Christians are beholden to the dictates of their respective countries. Continue reading Living as Citizens of Heaven

The Truth Will Set You Free

Tremendous forces are coming together in the political, religious, and business realms to develop a new philosophy that can be accepted by all in preparation for the Antichrist to take his seat in mystical Babylon to be worshipped by all. Know the truth and it will set you free. If we don’t embrace the truth alone, then we will be easily overcome by the tremendous forces descending upon the planet. These powerful forces, unrecognized as the powers of darkness, will lead the entire world into bondage. This bondage is accomplished by exchanging the truth for a lie. This lie is so deceptive most people will not even recognize it as a lie. The powers of darkness are manifesting this lie in every area of society. This is not for some future dispensation but has already begun. If we have eyes to see, then we will see this lie already manifested in the political, religious, and business realms. These powerful forces have been directing people from around the entire world for some time now by filling their minds with lies masquerading as a new truth or an amazing philosophy. This is a philosophy so profoundly intriguing that it awakens the old sin nature, which in time pridefully witnesses the reawakening of the importance of self, or self-importance. Continue reading The Truth Will Set You Free

I See Destruction Everywhere

The vision is real. I see destruction everywhere. If you accept this vision as real, then what will you do to prepare? Everyone has their own interpretation of things to come. Most of those interpretations are based on social media, movies, videos, preaching, and prophets. Some interpretations are based upon their own personal research from just the writings in the Bible. Very few interpretations are based upon only what is received directly from the risen Christ in correlation with what is written in the Holy Bible. This has created a great deal of confusion in today’s world. Most believe that they will never see total destruction. They believe that they will be snatched away in some secret rapture before things get too bad. Others believe that they will need to put up with a few bad things in what’s called the birth pangs before they are snatched away even before the Antichrist is revealed. Everyone seems to have their own beliefs as the whole world is racing faster and faster towards total destruction. I am going to ask you to set your sacred beliefs to the side for just a moment and answer this one question, “Are you prepared to face the total destruction of everything?” If not, then the coming Antichrist will easily lead you to his altar, so he can receive your worship. The coming Antichrist is much closer than you think. Continue reading I See Destruction Everywhere