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From the Introduction

Other books may show you how to pray whereas this book will take you by the hand and lead you in prayer, to kneel down and touch the face of God. Every Christian, those of the faithful remnant, who have taken these prayers unto themselves and pray them to God, will make these prayers their own. Therefore, we can rightly say that these prayers are “for” the faithful remnant because your prayers from this little book once prayed will ascend up to Heaven. They will ascend as a great chorus beseeching the Lord of glory to apply these prayers to your life and the world around you. As the author of these prayers, I have simply been the scribe. I had the privilege to sit at the Master’s feet every morning while in the Spirit allowing Him to dictate the needs and the direction of the faithful remnant living during these perilous times. These prayers are built on one another, as you progress throughout the year you will discover that they are woven together like a divine tapestry, with one eye on world events and the other on the sacred texts of God’s Word. These prayers came from my prayer closet guided by select biblical text, all 127 commands found in the New Testament, and many of the “one-another” Statements. These are prayers to strengthen your walk of faith in a hostile world. As you pray through each of these prayers in the Spirit they will be etched into your memory that will keep you from falling into temptation and the snare of the devil. These prayers to the God of heaven through the indwelling Spirit will help you along life’s journey allowing Him to transform you into a beautiful new creation to the glory of God.

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Church in the Last Days

As we fast approach the end of days my heart aches for the church. It deeply grieves me to see her stumble and fall prey to the world. Spiritual eyes reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet, in all of her various forms she is still the church of the living God established by His Son, nurtured by the Spirit, and ministered to by each of her members. It’s instructive to see that Jesus Christ first addresses the seven historical churches in the book of Revelation prior to the unveiling of the great struggle between the powers of evil and the risen Lord. These timeless messages are for all the churches in every age from the first century to the coming of Christ in glory to defeat Satan and his host of wickedness. As Christ walks among the churches He is holding her messengers in His right hand (See Revelation 1:20) and with all seeing eyes He is continually giving her comfort, commendation, exhortation, and rebuke. It was Christ who established His church and indicated that the gates of hell would not prevail against her. (See Matthew 16:18) Simply put, all the false doctrine, all the schisms, and all the host of wickedness will not destroy the church. Jesus Christ loves the church referred to often as His Body. Continue reading Church in the Last Days