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What’s Really Wrong with America?

If we could open the door and see what’s really wrong with the world and particularly with America, what would it be? We could easily say its lawlessness or the lack of love and acceptance that’s created numerous divisions, which continue to splinter to even smaller groups. Or we could take a bolder approach and say its humanity’s rejection of their Savior, Jesus Christ, that’s causing the problem. All this is true but let me suggest that we use a scalpel instead of a sword to look at an even deeper truth that has adversely affected every single person upon the planet since the fall. This is something that the entire world is mostly blind to, unless they look very carefully at the Law of God. This transgression, that we will speak about shortly, is so powerfully sinister that it affects everyone from the cradle to the grave driving most right into the waiting hands of Satan to be controlled as his pawns. This transgression has taken a tremendous hold upon the Christian community where most don’t even see it as a real trespass. In our day this has caused the blameless Bride of Christ to look more like a blushing harlot. This will be a time of great embarrassment for many! I take no great pleasure in writing this article, but I feel compelled to follow the leading of Jesus Christ through the indwelling Spirit. Continue reading What’s Really Wrong with America?