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Fiery Trials in Our Day

Well we survived the eclipse, but are we sure that our websites will survive all the additional attacks by the onslaught of new hackers. As the Apostle Peter wrote about the many fiery trials that would inflict the Christians, the modern-day hackers may not have been in his mind. Yet, the hacker’s motives for harming the children of God by destroying their websites and the messages that they believe are from God would no doubt be the same. The devil and his minions have tried to silence God’s children from the beginning through many and various trials and persecutions. It’s no different in our day. The enemy simply does not want God’s message propagated in the world to save fallen humanity. We first experienced it in our churches, we now experience it on the world wide web.

After retiring from my pulpit ministry, I took up the pen and later the keyboard to allow God’s message to go well beyond the walls of the local church. Six years ago, I was but a novice when it came to computers and websites, but after 5.2 million visitors on my website that was all about to change. I started to feel the intense heat from those who didn’t want to hear the truth, that was clearly demonstrated by the many cyber-attacks daily attempting to bring my websites down. It was then I received a calling to help not only myself, but the Christian community to stand against this evil. To not allow it to cripple our online ministry. To start our own hosting company with extra security measures not typically offered at other hosting companies and the ones that do, their prices are beyond our budget.

After months of discussion and planning with my oldest son, who at one time owned his own ISP (Internet Service Provider), we decided to launch our own hosting company with additional security measures designed to stop the hackers in their tracks. After much prayer and discussion, we realized that stopping the hacker would not be enough for our fledgling churches and online ministries, we also needed to improve their search engine ranking with Google. This ranking should be important to our ministry because it will allow more people to find our websites, thus giving them an opportunity to hear your messages about your church, ministry or business. So, we have also put a lot of effort into performance utilizing webpage and image optimization for enhanced page load times. We also give you the best consultation for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. Furthermore, we have seen how important it is to have a website that is both creative and functional designing some of the best website templates available at a reduced fee.

It took a few bumps in the road to solidify our need for this new ministry. It was three years ago that I had my website hacked as a customer of one of the largest hosting companies in the world. This was my first wakeup call that my messages were not well received by the enemy and that even this large well-respected hosting company could not stop the attack. I was told that my site was on a server with hundreds of other sites and apparently one of those sites got hacked making it easier to hack other websites on the server. (This common problem for hosting companies is not possible on Christian Host because each site is isolated on the server making it impossible for the attack to spread.) So, the following three years I bounced from one hosting provider to another experiencing down times, damaged files, horrible support, and one time having my website completely hosed, not to mention the very poor performance of my website, which dropped my ranking with Google significantly. It was time to find our new calling.

This finally became a dream come true and a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Not only do I have the assurance that my websites our secure, I also have the assurance that I have the best performance and ranking possible to spread God’s message to a dying world. Let me say we all have a ministry in these last days to get the truth out to as many people as possible. If you have never considered starting a website allow us to give you that opportunity. In conclusion, let me share some statistics. I have discovered that social media alone will never accomplish the task of getting God’s message out to fallen humanity. Having over 5,000 followers on Facebook on my best days I might get 200 likes (usually a photo my wife), but with my website I easily get 1,600 unique visitors daily (or 49,600 unique visitors per month) and that number is growing. Friends, if you have a heart for the lost, or want to grow your Ministry or your business or just want a blog then allow us to help. I hope that you can see that for us this is both a business and a ministry to help God’s children. May God bless our efforts.


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Bring Trump Down to Your Own Peril

We would have to be blind not to see the liberal establishment aggressively trying to bring down President Donald Trump. This is much more than just fault finding and nipping at his heals. It is much more than just spreading lies through the dishonest media or marching in the streets. They have changed the narrative. By doing so they are once again making themselves look like the good guys in the eyes of the people. They do this by calling themselves the “resistance” as if they are resisting an evil power, but they forget to point out that they are the ones who have kept the black community in bondage to a life of drugs, gangs, and the crumbling inner city. They forget to mention that they are the ones who first sought to sterilize the negro or at least kill their unborn children by the millions to keep them in check and under control. They have changed the narrative by calling the conservative party the party of hate, yet they are the ones who have encouraged their people to resist law enforcement while they vandalize and destroy public property. They are the ones who have caught conservatives and beat them publicly. Unlike the previous administration while most conservatives remained relatively quiet the liberal establishment has attempted to block nearly everything our current President is attempting to accomplish by pointing out real and unreal negative points to all the people. Continue reading Bring Trump Down to Your Own Peril

This Calls for Patient Endurance (Video) – Part II

Some videos are meant to just be watched. This video is meant to be watched and saved, to be viewed again when all religious assimilation takes place and you are faced with standing firm or being led astray to eternal damnation. This video continues the series to pass on vital information now, as our legacy to the coming generation. Please share with others.

The Antichrist Revealed – Part I

There are many videos that claim to reveal the Antichrist, but few that take the time to unlock the characteristics of the Evil one who comes in the last days. Step by step this two-part series will solve this mystery of the Antichrist by demonstrating how each characteristic is shaping society, developing a new psyche for humanity, and clandestinely leading everyone to enslavement. A powerful series that every believer must see.

Church in the Last Days

As we fast approach the end of days my heart aches for the church. It deeply grieves me to see her stumble and fall prey to the world. Spiritual eyes reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet, in all of her various forms she is still the church of the living God established by His Son, nurtured by the Spirit, and ministered to by each of her members. It’s instructive to see that Jesus Christ first addresses the seven historical churches in the book of Revelation prior to the unveiling of the great struggle between the powers of evil and the risen Lord. These timeless messages are for all the churches in every age from the first century to the coming of Christ in glory to defeat Satan and his host of wickedness. As Christ walks among the churches He is holding her messengers in His right hand (See Revelation 1:20) and with all seeing eyes He is continually giving her comfort, commendation, exhortation, and rebuke. It was Christ who established His church and indicated that the gates of hell would not prevail against her. (See Matthew 16:18) Simply put, all the false doctrine, all the schisms, and all the host of wickedness will not destroy the church. Jesus Christ loves the church referred to often as His Body. Continue reading Church in the Last Days