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Are You Being Controlled Psychologically

This is a most difficult question to answer because most will never know that they are being controlled psychologically. This control always begins with captivity and captivity begins with addiction. So, to understand this process that leads to being psychologically controlled, we must understand the methods used to lead you to the first steps of addiction. How are people addicted? Simply put it begins with your innermost desires. In the beginning, our Creator instilled a desire into our DNA that would not lead to captivity but would lead us to true freedom. On the other hand, Satan introduced new desires through his lying deception telling us that we could be like God knowing both good and evil. This evil became the dominant desire leading to the fall affecting all of humanity. This dominant desire remains today even among those who claim to know Christ as their savior, which is realized through the great falling away. Yes, Satan and his powers of darkness are tapping into these evil desires to lead all of humanity into captivity by ultimately rejecting God as their Creator. As we shall see these evil desires are deep within humanity, often suppressed or completely ignored because of some previous religious upbringing. What we shall see is technology can reach deep within humanity to access these innermost desires.

To understand captivity it is essential to understand our evil desires. Simply put, evil desires are what we most desire in life even if it goes against everything we believe in as believers in Christ. Yes, we all have desires that run deep within every human being. Satan and his powers of darkness know how to detect those innermost desires that no one truly knows but yourself. These are desires that you may not publicly admit. So, how does Satan accomplish this most difficult task? This is accomplished by discovering what you like most in life even if it’s known to be evil. This discovery is accomplished by using technology, which produces an algorithm by giving you only what you desire most in life. This algorithm can detect what you like most by tracking your likes, comments, sharing, and even pausing momentarily on top of a post or video. It can gauge the level of your interest in how long you view a short video or return to view it again, and again. Moreover, it can measure your emotional response, reaching even deeper to uncover your innermost desires, unseen by your closest friends. This is only the first step in determining your innermost desires. Once this has been achieved, then Satan is ready for the next step, addiction.

Addiction is a process that takes time. True addiction is giving yourself exactly what you want even if you or others must suffer in the process. We are all familiar with the addiction to alcohol or drugs, but most don’t realize that many other kinds of addiction will consume our time and lead us into every manner of evil behavior that will hurt ourselves and others. An addiction is something very difficult to stop even when you realize the harmful effects. This new technological addiction created by their algorithms is extremely dangerous because it taps into the psyche convincing them that they are not being controlled by the technology but are being manipulated and controlled by others who want to take away their unrealized addiction. As we go deeper into this manipulation and control psychologically it becomes increasingly apparent that this addiction does not affect the same areas as drugs and alcohol but allows the person to retain their cognitive ability to rationalize. Therefore, the psychological aspects of humanity must be reached to convince them that they have arrived at the truth by supplying their greatest perceived needs. What makes this new technology extremely dangerous is that it uses the same psychological pathways that have been used by every world religion. Remember, the quest for truth has been instilled into every human being from the moment of creation.

Here is the problem, once the individual has accepted the new technology as a legitimate pathway to their perceived truth, then they see the rest of humanity following a lie. This is not unlike the many religious wars in the past that destroyed others who rejected their perceived truth. Some see this new technology as a weapon, well, if it is a weapon, it is the same weapon used by Satan and his coming Antichrist to turn humanity away from their Creator by giving them a new truth from their own consciousness, which is a lie. What makes this horrifically dangerous is that every person outside this new technology will be considered a false prophet and an individual who wants to take away their greatest desires. The coming Antichrist will openly embrace this new technology. We have already seen the horror of this new technology, which has separated families, caused great divisions in society, and led the world away from the beautiful new life in Christ. This should make every true believer in Christ weep. We can attempt to block this new technology or convince those using it to stop scrolling but I am afraid that it will not stop it from invading the hearts and minds of humanity. We must seek God’s counsel on how to deliver humanity from their captivity to this new addiction that has turned them away from God and the promise of a beautiful new life in Christ.

We can show them their addiction. We can tell them how it is affecting their quality of life. We can tell them how it is affecting their immediate family and others they know, but their only deliverance must go well beyond these meaningful truths. We can even tell them that they are being controlled and manipulated to openly hate everyone who wants to stop their, mostly unrealized, addiction. Although these are all valid truths, there is only one option that will free them from their bondage of psychological control. We must return to the Gospel proclamation and demonstrate to them what they are missing by embracing this new evil technology. Yes, this will take a great deal of prayer and meditation to discern a path that will best help those who need to be freed from their bondage, bondage that will lead them further away from God and deeper into the camp of the enemy, Satan himself. To demonstrate the new life in Christ will drive you back to God’s truth in the Bible, which will have a profound effect on your own spiritual growth. It may open your eyes to the extreme darkness in the world. It will convince you that you cannot just pretend to walk in the new life in Christ but embrace it with your whole heart and all that is within you.

It will take some time, depending on your level of spiritual growth, but in time you will display a marked change in your outward behavior, learning to bite your tongue, quell your outward burst of anger, and demonstrate a loving heart contrary to what’s happening in the world. In time you will demonstrate a new use of your time, by utilizing it for the benefit of others through activities that have no use for any kind of technology. In time you will relish the great spiritual reward of visiting and helping others in their distress, without using any kind of technology. In time you will demonstrate the joy of eating together around the same table with no distractions from technology. Along the way, continue to pray that God opens a door of opportunity to share the good news of our transformation in Christ, the utter joy and peace that comes from walking with Christ every moment of every day. In time, share how technology robs us of our beautiful times with Christ. Let us pray that God will open their eyes to how Satan is using this godless technology to drive them further and further away from God and their beautiful new life in Christ that has no use for godless technology. I hope you can see that it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize that we are talking about all the social media platforms and particularly TikTok.

It breaks my heart to see so many of God’s children in captivity to this godless technology. It breaks my heart to see God’s children struggling to remain pure in an impure world. Everywhere you look you see the sadness in people’s hearts. You feel the anger boiling up to the surface looking for a way out. You witness the explosive behavior when people feel that their addiction is being interrupted. It’s tragic to see so many, especially the young, being held captive to this technology. It’s my heartfelt desire to help all of God’s children to become free from this very addictive technology, to continue their Spiritual growth in Christ, and to be prepared for all that is quickly coming upon the earth. Therefore, I am offering my new book, “Annals of Prophetic Writings” to not only articulate the prophetic events but to expose those events that are happening right now. Every chapter is filled with Godly counsel on how to maintain your Christian character in a world that’s gone mad. The plagues and woes in the book of Revelation are not discussed to frighten but to identify the signpost and react accordingly. Secure your book today and join a growing movement to stand against this addictive technology that is secretively preparing the world for the Antichrist.

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“Together we shall overcome.”

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The Two Witnesses in Revelation (Video)

Most Christians are familiar with the two witnesses in the book of Revelation, even though they may prove to be an enigma. To help us understand their witness we need to listen to the angel that opened their eyes to the problem that will face the Church in each age from the First Century until now. The angel accomplished this by having the two witnesses do a couple of amazing things before they were allowed to witness. After watching this powerful video on my secure website, please share it with others

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Sins Desire is to Rule Over You (Video)

So, whatever happened to sin? In my previous article, entitled “When Heaven Goes Silent,” we spoke about the whole world being led into captivity by the powers of darkness. Well, there is another captivity that’s as old as humanity’s fall from grace. This captivity was caused by opening the door to sin. In time, this powerful motivation to sin would rule over the entire human race from the cradle to the grave … We often think about the Last Days as fire and brimstone, and I too have been numbered among those end-time prophets. However, there is a much larger threat to humanity that we don’t often think about. This will cause everyone, even the strongest among us, to cringe at the mere thought of things to come. After watching this eye-opening video on my secure website, then please share it with others.

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When Heaven Goes Silent (Video)

There is infighting on the left, shallowness on the right, and lawlessness in the center, yet no one is crying out to hear a voice from heaven. Almost no one is speaking the deep truths of our Almighty God who reigns over all. Although we all acknowledge the lukewarm church and the great falling away, we are still amazed that for most, heaven appears to remain silent. Come with me and I will show you how to listen to the voice from heaven. After watching this video on my secure website, please share it with others … your slavery is in the balance.

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Are You Living the Fulfilled Life? (Video)

Unfortunately, most who call upon the Name of Jesus Christ are not living the fulfilled life. Most are controlled by their schedules, rushing from one event to another with little time to relax in between. Worry, anxiety, and stress have become so commonplace, that many don’t realize how much it is affecting their physical and mental health. They don’t realize that when people blow up in public that they have reached their breaking point. When this happens, they don’t understand that anxiety and stress have won the day and crushed another soul. These people are not living the fulfilled life in Christ. After watching this inspiring video on my secure website, please share it with others.

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