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The Great Deception of Mankind

If you are an American, then you have heard a lot about our freedoms and religious tolerance guaranteed by our constitution and democratic institutions. This is in stark contrast to the Chinese government which visibly and openly represses dissent for their involvement in every religion to conform it to the communist party’s ideology and its rules. Outwardly, we may appear to be completely different from the Chinese government, but it only appears that way. Our government has simply chosen a different approach and methodology, but its outcome will be the same. What our government is doing by openly proclaiming religious tolerance with one hand while under the cover of night, they wield the other hand of deception that is both disingenuous and hypocritical. Their aim is the same as Communist China to destroy our faith and allegiance in God alone, to direct the affairs of mankind, and to solve all of their problems. We are being conditioned and controlled in the dead of night to separate us from God. And even more disturbing, they have convinced us that we are the freest nation on the planet. So, how is this being ingeniously accomplished by those in power? How are they deceiving us?

Let me begin by saying that this deception has been going on for a very long time. We would need to venture back to the 1950s after the last Great War to witness this great change in our society. The world was not carried away by Hitler and his horrid and domineering approach to our belief system but the powers of darkness were able to move society in a new direction that would have an impact far greater than we could have ever imagined. Over the next seventy years, this powerful effect upon mankind would either completely separate us from our God or lead us into an unconscionable state of lukewarm Christianity. How did we ever get here? If I could only use one word to describe it, it would be deception. We have been deceived every day of our lives. From the cradle to the grave mankind has become ingrained into every segment of their society. Seventy years ago we set out to build a brave new world free from the Hitlers and anyone else who wanted to get in the way of God and country. If only we could have seen the future in those glorious days when church and family were at the center of our existence.

Well, we didn’t see then and very few can see now, what has become of our brave new world. Somehow mankind and Christians in particular have lost their discernment. They could no longer see the lies, the propaganda, and the deception. In the beginning, I call it a time of innocence, when families all ate together around the same table, children felt safe to play in the streets, and we relished sitting on the front porch visiting with our neighbors. How could anything be wrong? Unbeknown to most of us lying deception began to creep into every area of society. In our innocence, we accepted everything as the truth in the glorious days of new beginnings. We can remember the great family-centered programs on the old black-and-white television sets. It was a great time of new discoveries. Little did we know at the time that the powers of darkness introduced his professionals to solve all of our emotional problems with a little pill that even promised to give us the needed strength to complete our task. This was only the beginning. Step by step more pills became available for every perceived problem along with professional counseling that in time would encompass most of the population. When did we all get mentally and emotionally sick?

Well, that was only the beginning. The beautiful and simplistic programming began to add things so discreetly that most of us didn’t notice. Step by step we began to hear things about creation, evolution, and the new scientific discoveries that seemed to be at odds with the Bible.  It wasn’t long before televisions were in color portraying questionable content from highly suggestive sex scenes to outrageous acts of lawlessness. This was all very slow and methodical leading humanity to freely accept the new coming morality. Yes, in time it moved well beyond suggestive sex in television and movies. In time it openly embraced abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and every other new perversion allowing it to sink deeply into the consciousness of mankind. Now, this brave new world of changing beliefs is on television, in streaming videos, YouTube, social media, and appearing on cellphones or our virtual headsets. It is available for all of humanity including our precious children absorbing everything into their consciousness, receiving everything as the truth. Although our children are kept up to date about changes to society in their school rooms, they were also taught that they could change their sex and not believe in God. Unfortunately, most children today have access to the latest technology to bring them further into darkness the moment they pick up a cell phone or sit in front of the television. I know, we didn’t see this coming, and Satan is not done. What’s coming will horrify you.

We know that Satan has had his hands in public education, entertainment, and the government pushing his unsuspecting will on mankind for many years. Yet, there is one more thing left to ensure total deception and absolute control of all humanity. We have given you a brief overview of how Satan has deceived humanity over the past seventy years by leading them away from God by trusting in their own abilities and trusting in the professionals of psychology to solve their problems. Trusting in self has created a great division among the people by allowing everyone to have their own opinions, apart from trusting in God exclusively. In time these divisions were exaggerated by the social media platforms by giving everyone a platform to express their opinions publicly. This was exactly what Satan wanted. Mankind is now on the verge of chaos seen in every segment of our society. Society is tearing itself apart. Remember, Satan’s goal is to have all of humanity worship him as their god. He will accomplish this goal by giving all the people only one truth to believe. There will no longer be personal opinions. Everyone must agree with the image that is being created in the image of man to understand all truth. As we shall see this will go well beyond artificial intelligence and the large language models. I have previously written that this machine (AI), once it receives consciousness or life, could set a precedent on what to believe. Instantly this machine, made in the image of man, would cause everyone to stop their disagreements on social media and believe the truth provided by this new being of ascension. This in itself would cause many to freely worship this being for bringing forth order out of chaos.

The book of Revelation speaks about this image in the last days that will lead humanity to worship the beast. The second religious type beast in the book of Revelation caused the world to make an image of the beast (Revelation 13:14). This has already been accomplished. Then the Bible says, “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed” (Revelation 13:15). For the first time in history mankind has created a machine that not only looks human but has the ability to walk, speak and carry on an intelligent conversation, along with recognizing and producing images. Some believe that we are very close to making this intelligent machine self-aware or conscious making his own decisions and causing others to do his will or more expressly the will of Satan. Our refusal to worship this image of the beast would cause us death. Worship could be as simple as giving it all of your time and trusting it to provide you with all the answers concerning life. Although this might appear difficult to deceive the entire world, we must remember that Satan has had many years preparing humanity to leave God and to embrace his image as their new god who brings order out of chaos, a new god that they can trust exclusively.

Finally, as Christians what can we do? I firmly believe that there is only one thing to do. We are much too close to the end of all things to change mankind and his society. The only option we have is to follow God’s words in the Bible. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Revelation 18:4-5). Hopefully, you can see why coming out is the best option. We must close our eyes to the perversions in the world and close our ears to its lying deception. Only then can we draw closer to the risen Lord Jesus Christ trusting in Him alone for all of life and godliness. Only then can we gain strength and discernment from the Holy Spirit. We have been warned of the things to come. Your eyes have been opened wide to the danger that lies ahead. Let us bring as many people as we can to come out from among them and no longer be deceived by the powers of darkness. Remember, this last great deception will cause the entire unbelieving world to worship the image of the beast casting them into the coming flames of eternal damnation.

Cellphone Users

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Seven Lies of the Devil – Part II

To miss what is going on in the world, we would need to be living in a bubble. Of course, as believers, we knew that this day would come when the whole world seems to be falling apart from horrific firestorms to unbelievably extreme temperatures and from unchecked lawlessness to the grossest of sexual perversions. Perhaps the worst for the true believer is to see so many fall away and embrace all the lies of the devil as if they were the gospel truth. It is enough to make you weep in great agony.

We Can Make Things Better

Perhaps the most dangerous lie is that we can make the world better through the political process. This has been a lie used many times throughout history raising up the Caesars, Napoleons, and Hitler’s promising to make things better, but in the end creating a cult-like mentality, which brought death and destruction to the world. This thinking of making things better through the political process is antithetical to the Way presented by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus Christ came to earth to show us a better way of truly making things better. The Christian way is through transformational change one person at a time. The heart and mind must be changed by putting off the old life and putting on the new life in Christ. The devil cares only about manipulating your heart and mind to believe his lies thus creating a cult-like mentality. He wants you to believe that forcing everyone through his new laws will cause them to align with his way, or your way of thinking, which will overcome the divisions, and establish a brave new world. This is a very dangerous and deceptive lie of the devil that will ingeniously target religious people who will be willing to follow him to hell and back. They will even proclaim him as some kind of saint or savior that will deliver the world from very evil and corrupt people. They may even proclaim that God has raised him to fix the world through the political process. Stop listening to the devil who can even disguise himself as an angel of light (II Corinthians 11:14). This will be the path that the dreaded Antichrist will take causing you to believe that he has your best interest at heart. This deception will be so strong that people will freely worship him as the savior of humanity believing that he alone will stop the wars, the outrageous lawlessness, and even the wrath of God as we had discussed earlier. Let’s stop listening to the devil’s lies and return to God’s way of real lasting change. Continue reading Seven Lies of the Devil – Part II

When the World Stops Listening

They say the mind can take only so much and then it stops listening. Some are calling it overload, while others are calling it selective hearing.  Whatever it is, it appears that the whole world has stopped listening. They have turned away from the ancient religions and are embracing a new future that promises many unbelievable advances in technology. These changes promise to enhance humanity’s ability to experience a deeper understanding of the entire universe and their unique place in it. These changes promise to give them a fulfilled life where the whole world will come together as one in peace and tranquility. These changes promise to open the door to a new reality where anything is possible from communicating with the animal kingdom to utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance their abilities. Nothing seems impossible to a world that has jettisoned classic Christianity for a brave new world. Although many will continue to play church, they no longer trust in God for their future, and they no longer trust in religion to chart their path ahead. They have joined the lukewarm church and no longer listen to God exclusively. Continue reading When the World Stops Listening

Living as Citizens of Heaven

Most every person is a citizen of their respective country with certain rights and privileges. Most of these citizenships are bequeathed at the time of birth. Some are seeking to change their citizenship while others are content with remaining as aliens in a foreign land. Either way, they pridefully assimilate into their new country expecting to receive all the same rights and privileges. Today I want to talk to you about a different kind of citizenship that can’t be earned or pridefully assimilated. This citizenship can only be given at the time of our rebirth or transformation in Christ. This glorious new citizenship is in heaven even while we reside as aliens upon the earth. Although technically we keep our citizenship on earth in our respective countries, we are no longer beholden to its ideology, its humanistic ideals, and its inclusiveness. There is a great difference between our heavenly citizenship and citizenship of the world. When true believers embrace their heavenly citizenship, then they embrace the ideology and exclusiveness of the Kingdom of God and are not beholden to the dictates of their respective countries, which are diametrically opposed. However, this is not what we see in the modern day. Many Christians are beholden to the dictates of their respective countries. Continue reading Living as Citizens of Heaven

God is Still in Control

Many are unsettled in the Spirit, and rightly so with all that is going on in the world. I wish it was just the economy or the changing political environment. I wish it were just the fear that the other political party would control the House and the Senate. I wish it was just the unstoppable virus or the increasing natural disasters. I wish it was just the war and the threat of a world war. No! It is something far worse that is unsettling the true believers in Christ. We all have known for some time now that there is something major on the horizon that’s unsettling the strongest believers in Christ. As we approach the end, we all know somehow that Satan must take a more active role, than what we have seen. We somehow know that it would be beyond our worst nightmare. Satan and the powers of darkness must not only control certain ones in leadership, but their goal is to control every person upon planet earth. Although Satan and the powers of darkness have made great strides in psychology, drugs, public education, and entertainment, they will do even greater things in the coming days, weeks (or months) as they introduce new programs to bring everyone under their control. Continue reading God is Still in Control