Have we become more globally connected and the reporting just gotten better or is there an increase in natural disasters afflicting our planet? If the answer is yes, then what should be our response? What stands out is the multitude of major earthquakes felt around the world and in some events only moments apart. Then there are the massive storms (superstorms) the kind headed for the East coast of America requiring a new alert language, “mass devastation,” “unsurvivable,” “catastrophic,” and a 24 hour warning system aimed at getting more people to take heed. I have lost count of the number of active volcanoes around the world that all seem to be preparing for one massive event. If that were not enough there are the immense flooding, droughts, forest fires, and unexplained shaking with loud noises heard around the globe. Yet with all this we still have unbelievers proclaiming all is the same, nothing has changed! Yet, I’m convinced that things have changed and they are only going to get worse. So what should be our response?

Humanity collectively has felt helpless to do anything about it. We can sound the warning most times, but not always. We have our first responders and many others who line up to provide help after the disaster. We can only dream of having a global weather net to control the weather and lessen the earthquakes, volcanoes, and superstorms but no such technology exists and mankind is really helpless to do anything about it. It appears that our world is coming apart and to use biblical language it is “wearing out” and about ready to be “rolled up like an old robe.” We know that the prophets have been speaking about the end of days now for over three millennium and almost everyone now agrees that day is fast approaching. So what should be our response?

The simple answer to this question is we must stand on the rock! It’s time we laid a firm foundation in Jesus Christ by knowing what we believe and believing what we know. As the foundations begin to crumble we must hang on to the truth that our gospel is without beginning or end; that it’s exclusive being only one way to heaven; that there is a literal hell and non-believers will be banished there by a merciful and just God; and to follow Christ we must pick up our cross, die to self, and live for Him. This is only the first step toward the solid rock as we learn to trust in God exclusively to make us into a new creation; by rejecting any systems of philosophy to modify our behavior or solve our multitude of emotional and psychological problems. We take our place upon the rock by learning from Jesus Christ all of His beautiful commands and putting them into practice as He continues the process of growing us from one degree of glory to another. We never lose hope that He will make us into the perfect image of His Son Jesus Christ.

Now when the great and mighty powers are unleashed upon the planet in the form of superstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, firestorms, and floods we take our stand firmly upon the solid rock. As the medal enters the furnace of affliction we must not falter through disbelief. We must not waiver in our commitment to Christ. We must not allow our foundation to crumble through the integration of worldliness. So with our face toward the wind we fear God and not anything else. We glorify God in all things and worship Him as the Creator of the universe. We may lose our home. We may lose our business. We may lose our loved ones. We may even lose our life, but our hope must remain strong as we think of all that awaits us in heaven above. Dear children, as the world falls apart we must grow stronger in Christ. And it’s through that great strength that we’re able to encourage others to stand firm.

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