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Standing Firm against Psychiatry’s Unholy Assault

Psychiatry and psychology have consistently asserted that people should be “salvaged” from the chains of religious upbringing and moral restraint. However, studies show positive moral and emotional benefits for those with religious faith. Churches and parishioners taking back control of their religions from psychiatry and psychology will accomplish the return to a morally and spiritually strong society. This week’s Watchdog Radio show guest is Rev. Daniel Blair who discusses how to stand firm against such psychiatric and psychological influences.

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3 thoughts on “Standing Firm against Psychiatry’s Unholy Assault”

  1. I need help these meds are killing me yet when I trust God and stop taking them and anyone finds out it’s back to the mental hospital I go. I hate my family I hate my life 30 some years now of being made to believe I am this or that God knows and when I get high on Jesus and let my light shine for him Woe is me and i’m hated and persecuted sent off again yea so now i seclude myself at home and go nowhere cause the last time i was sent off they threatened to keep me forever and if I did not take their meds which indeed made me suicidle. I know not how to get off these meds. my body has become dependent and there’s no place to go that I can afford to help. looks like death is surrounding me. Helpless yet hopeful

  2. I am so torn about these medicines. The school wants my 9 year old daughter on ADD meds. We caved in & gave them to her. She likes the meds & says she can concentrate better. I feel horrible giving them to her. I also quit taking my meds they gave me when my brother died. I am so depressed & sad without them – but I am just going to trust in God. As far as my daughter I don’t know what to do!!!!!! Please help me pray about this!!!! I’m so torn!!!!

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