Stand Firm in 2012

What is the one thing we can do to stand firm in 2012? I am sure there are many different answers to that question. In fact, I have written an entire book on this very subject to be released sometime in … September of this year. But I am drawn back to the same question, what is the one thing or perhaps the most important thing we can do to stand firm in 2012? I can never remember a time in my life where Christians were so badly looked upon by the world in which we live. It was just the other day that I read where an individual on Facebook actually made the statement that the last person he would trust would be a Christian. But I am afraid he is not alone because we have seen this bigotry grow aggressively in the past decade.

Unfortunately, many Christians have been so assimilated into the social fabric of our world that it’s difficult to recognize them as being any different than the average person.  Or if they are recognized as a Christian they are found to be quite immoral, blatantly opinionated, and harshly judgmental.  As the world recoils in one natural disaster after another the prophetic message to a dying world is ridiculed or simply ignored. God’s message of love is completely lost among the pagan do-gooders or openly rejected as a clanging cymbal of empty rhetoric. Sadly many so called Christians are swept away by the same flood of dissipation as the pagan world and have lost their footing not allowing them to stand firm.

As we approach another year of uncertainty, a mounting national debt, a possible economic earthquake, lawlessness in our streets, and a real threat from foreign enemies one begins to wonder how he can stand firm. As the storm clouds arise and another pending catastrophe looms on the horizon one wonders deeply how he can stand firm in 2012 and beyond. As the world rushes to purchase more guns, store up food, and harden their heart to the less fortunate one may question their own ability to stand. As excessive passion is demonstrated to force a candidate to victory in order to save the world from its pending doom it boggles the mind and still leaves the question on how to stand firm unanswered.

So we must return to our original question; “What is the one thing you can do to stand firm in 2012?” As a born-again Christian you must allow transformation to take place in your life. You must be growing from one degree of glory to another. That is the only way you will ever be able to stand firm. For many it might mean returning to the basics, getting back to the first principles of your faith asking God to help you put off the old life and put on the new. It will be a complete re-orientation for some who have been caught up in the ways of the world or in their favorite theological doctrine. You have been made into a new creation and it’s time to start acting like it allowing God’s love to flow through you to others.

As the world grows more ruthless and self centered you will grow more loving and other centered. As the world grows deeper in debt you have learned to live debt free. As the world has grown more materialistic you have learned the bondage of material items releasing them to the four winds. As the world has grown more dependent on government you have learned the humility in accepting any kind of work. If the only job you can find is washing dishes then be the best dishwasher you can be allowing your face to radiate God’s love as bright as the noon day sun. To do so will not only help you to stand firm in 2012 and beyond, but it will also allow you to experience the real joy of being a Christian.

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