Stand Firm – Epilogue

If you had taken your time reading through this little book by looking up each passage of scripture and meditating on its meaning, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed, even if you are a mature Christian. But I hope that you have realized by now that it’s more than just a novel to entertain or a prophecy to speculate; in fact, it was written to be a resource for the end time saint. Often times Christians simply don’t know where to turn to in the Bible to address the many problems they face on a daily basis, especially when problems turn into great tribulations or persecutions.

Moreover, I hope that you have discovered by now that if you do not respond correctly (or should I say biblically) to the problems you face now and in the future, then you may find yourself quite alone trying to overcome them with the old nature, and to do so will only magnify your problems, making them quite unbearable if not devastating. For a Christian this should not be so. Let me encourage you one last time to let go of the old nature by dying to self and being filled with the Spirit of the living God. Face your problems with the tried and true methods I have painstakingly presented to you in this little book.

As you march out to war to engage the real enemy, ensure that you are fully clothed in the armor of God, standing firm in His strength. To this end you were called to join the children of light in the great struggle against the powers of darkness. You have laid a firm foundation and learned how to use the weapons of righteousness to vanquish your foe. As you move deep into enemy territory, you have learned well how to unsheathe the sword of the Spirit to break the chains of captivity and rescue those captured by the devil.

Finally, it is my hope and prayer that when you face suffering and persecution that you will do so in the great power of His righteousness that will shine forth from your mortal body as radiant as the noon day sun – a power so great that you will stand brilliantly in the day. I pray that you will overcome and stand as victor in the great company above enjoying the unfathomable presence of God Almighty. Amen.

Taken from the epilogue of my latest book: Stand Firm: Godly Counsel for the Last Days

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