The Silent Majority Needs to Stop Being Silent

The Silent Majority Needs to Stop Being Silent

For years we have heard about the silent majority and I have wondered as of late why must they remain silent. It’s reported that President Nixon first used the term back in the sixties. Then another popular term arose ten years later called the moral majority, which I might add, has also remained silent. On the other hand, it is the fringe groups of heathenisms that we hear the most about, leading many to think that they are the majority. Well, they are not! So, it’s past time! The silent majority needs to stop being silent. A very wise person once said, “It’s far easier to kill a terrorist than to slay an ideology …”. What we are fighting and need to raise our voice about is education, because an ideology is built and maintained with education. This has been proved time and again by teaching young children to hate the enemies of the host country, allowing the cycle of hatred to continue for years. What can we do to let our voices be heard above the crowd? More importantly, can our voices bring about change before it’s too late? With God’s guidance we will attempt to answer these two questions.

Liking, commenting, and sharing amongst ourselves simply won’t be enough to change anything. Moreover, if our only influence is on Facebook, we will never change the ideology in this country and the world. We must change public education and the entertainment industry. We must take back our children or all will be lost. God told His people the importance of raising our children correctly. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). The problem is we no longer raise our children in the way they should go. What we have done is to turn them over to the State allowing the State to raise them. When the State is not raising them then we have allowed them to sit in front of the TV set allowing the entertainment industry to continue raising them. There is no wonder that this country is in such a mess. They have indoctrinated our children from the cradle to adulthood while we sat idly by doing nothing to stop it. What this has created is a whole population of mindless automatons. Let me explain.

I have had face to face conversations with these people raised by the State. On the surface they appear very intelligent. They have memorized most of what they have learned and can quote it verbatim. However, I soon discovered they had no real depth or understanding on what they were quoting. They simply were parroting what their professors had said. In response, we must speak loudly and close our eyes and ears to their canned rhetoric and propaganda. Stop listening. Stop your ears. Why do you post or repeat their nonsense? Why do you read it? Have you tricked your mind into believing that you must understand the secret powers of darkness? Be careful otherwise you will be led astray by assimilating what you think makes sense. No wonder so many so-called Christians have such a mixed bag of theology. Believe me there is enough to keep you busy for two life time’s just understanding the depth of God’s truth with no mixture of error. There is enough to keep you busy applying that truth to your life so that you can be all that God wants you to be. Growing from one degree of glory to another will keep you busy for the rest of your life.

Let me ask you a question. How are your children and grandchildren doing? You noticed I did not ask you how’s their relationship with the church and its activities. I did not ask you how well they are doing with their secular studies. I did not ask you how they are doing with keeping their room clean and their obedience to you. No, what I am asking you is, how is their Spiritual growth coming along? This Spiritual growth MUST start at the earliest age possible. Yes, they too can learn how to speak to God and how to listen to His voice through the Spirit. They can learn early on what pleases God and how not to grieve the Holy Spirit. Their Spiritual upbringing will give them a completely different world view. It will teach them what God expects. It will teach them why obedience to His commands will keep them safe and allow them to live life to its fullest. They will soon discover that God has truly given them EVERYTHING they need for life and godliness.

Believe me they will never learn these things in the world. In fact, the world will teach them if they hear the voice of God they will need psychological counsel and drugs to cure their problem. The world fears what it does not understand. Instead of allowing a person to become a new creature truly transformed by the indwelling Spirit they will do everything in their power to stop the transformation. They will offer your children different alternatives. They will be taught that they can change their sex if they don’t like who they are, thus condoning the transgender lifestyle. They teach them that it is acceptable to have two daddies’ or two mommies’ thus condoning homosexuality. They teach them that their ultimate authority is the State and if they feel uncomfortable they can stop listening to their biological parents. They teach them that it’s ok to choose whatever religion that most interest them. They will even allow them to experiment by learning about the religion of Islam. In fact, they can become whatever they want as long as it conforms to the social norms. Friends, we must redeem our children and grandchildren before it’s too late. Believe me this will only get worse if we remain silent. It is time: the silent majority needs to stop being silent. I will take it a step further it’s time to boycott public education and everything coming out of Hollywood. God give us strength to stand firm.

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