Satan's Way Leads to Destruction

Satan’s Way Leads to Destruction

The United States and the West are on a collision course with destiny, leading to their destruction from within, and leaving them as easy prey for the Kings of the East coming soon. They have been on this trajectory for over 50 years now proclaiming to the world their new freedoms and independence from God. They have openly rejected the God of their forefathers. They have aggressively followed Satan’s way of capturing all the children giving them daily courses in public education concerning their new freedoms apart from God. Removing classroom prayer and the Ten Commandments was elementary in comparison to the new freedoms that each child would be introduced to, step by step so as not to alarm their parents. The little children were so pliable to the new ways receiving them with gladness in their hearts, never once questioning the authority of their learned teachers. In time, this followed them to college and university to never question the integrity of their professors but to follow them in the new way of freedom from the old ways of slavery. So, they were taught. Little did the world know that this new way was orchestrated by Satan.

So, the United States and the West have had 50-plus years to fully integrate this new way into the hearts and minds of the larger part of humanity. It started with free sex, don’t tell your parents, then dealing with unwanted babies often to cover up their indiscretion. The new way has an answer, kill the baby before it’s born. What started in dark alleyways ended up in a growing number of professionally sanitized doctor’s offices sanctioned by the government. The drift from God’s plan to have sex only within marriage was no longer relevant as the number of abortion clinics grew exponentially. The belief that life started at the moment of conception was cast out because they embraced the new way, a way of freedom to disagree with their Creator. The new way immortalized self to do as they please with no restrictions or even guilt for their choices because their bodies were their own to do with as they please with no accountability. This kind of thinking apart from God’s way would introduce many different ways to destroy the body created in God’s image. This was the new way introduced by Satan to successfully capture fallen humanity and lead them to destruction.

Well, as time progressed the new way introduced by Satan would allow humanity to experience sex not only with the opposite sex but to experience intimacy with the same sex along with many other perversions. This caused an avalanche of people being told they could exercise their new freedom by actually changing their sex if they were not happy with it or somehow reduced their guilt by pretending to be the opposite sex when they weren’t. Although these same-sex couples did not have the problem with the discarding of unwanted babies it did create two other problems. First, it caused some unwanted diseases, and secondly, it helped with the depopulation of the planet. Nonetheless, this perversion grew exponentially fulfilling Satan’s desire to destroy humanity. In time, this freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies, contrary to the wishes of their Creator, gave them the liberty to add participants in their perverse lifestyle by enlisting fragile children in public education. Satan is actively and aggressively destroying America and the West from within. This has caused many to react in a very meaningless and destructive way causing Satan to laugh handily for joining him in his quest to destroy humanity from within their society. So, how are people joining Satan in his plot to destroy America and the West?

Well, the first thing we have done is to ignore the clear teachings of the Bible about family and particularly the raising up of our children. The moment we allowed the government to teach our children we lost. The Bible says that we should raise a child in the way he should go (see Proverbs 22:6). Quite simply, we have failed to do that. We have allowed Satan and his minions to raise our children, teaching them what is now acceptable even if it disagrees with their Creator. Here is the sad part, we as a nation have already lost a generation of our children where most have accepted the new way, freedom from the old ways of our forefathers. Their minds and hearts have already been changed to believe in their new freedoms to do as they please with their own bodies. How can I say, “most have accepted the new way?” They say, “the proof is in the pudding” or in our case the proof is in their actions. Their hearts and minds have already been changed if they protest in the streets demanding their right to kill their own babies. Their hearts and minds have been changed if they continue in their perverse lifestyles. Their hearts and minds have been changed when they seek to change their gender.

So, before you start rejoicing about this landmark decision to overturn Roe versus Wade realize that nothing has changed. Their hearts are still the same. Many top-name businesses are lining up to help their employees to fly free of charge to a State that will perform their abortion legally. Their hearts have not changed. People are filling the streets to protest this latest development from the Supreme Court. The hearts and minds have not changed. If anything, the division is growing even deeper between the left and the right. Jesus said, “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” (Mark 3:24). Satan knows this truth all too well. He has sought to divide this nation and the nations of the world for a very long time now. Satan wants this nation and the West to follow his way and fight back with the weapons of this world. You can hear him now, “Get in the streets! Fight back for what you believe in.” Or in time, “You can force everyone to stop seeking an abortion, stop burning for the same sex, and stop living a perverted lifestyle.” You can hear him now, “If it works in the Eastern countries, it will work here, fight back!” However, this is not God’s way.

So, what does Jesus Christ say? Stop your silly protesting that’s driving the division deeper and deeper. Seek to change their hearts and mind. Yes, you can! There is power in the Gospel to change hearts and minds. You might say it’s too late. No, it’s never too late. We may never see a revival as our forefathers did, but we can see hearts and minds changed one person at a time. I would start with your children. If they still go to public school, then remove them immediately. If they are already out of school, then your job will be more difficult, but not impossible. You must start with faith, leading them to believe in who they can become in Christ (see II Corinthians 5:17). Teach them that God has the answer for every problem known to mankind. Teach them that God has given His children everything they need for life and godliness (see II Peter 1:3). Teach them to trust in Christ alone and not the so-called professionals of this world. Teach them that every life is special from the moment of conception and to abort a baby is murder. Teach them that we will all stand before the judgment seat of God and be judged for what we have done in our bodies. Finally, teach them that the only way they can successfully grow up in Christ becoming all that God wants them to be is to come out from among them and be separate (see II Corinthians 6:17). Just remember to bring your children with you.

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