Satan's Tactic is Fear

Satan’s Tactic is Fear (Concerning the ISIS Caliphate)

Throughout human history evil men have demonstrated brutality to their fellow man beyond our most horrific imagination. Men, women, and children where decapitated, burned alive, sawed into, drowned, buried alive, herded into gas chambers, or shot and thrown into mass graves. Unless you were present the world’s population knew little about the actual events nor did they experience the trauma associated with its shocking carnage. Case in point; we knew little about the extent of Hitler’s mass extermination of the Jews until months before the war’s end. However, we now live in a new day where this brutality is observed almost in real time through Social Media, YouTube, and the 24 hour news channels. The graphic images are beyond appalling as we see little precious children being decapitated by the ISIS caliphate in Iraq. This coupled with their real threat to occupy the White House perhaps through our porous Southern borders it leads most to either an explosive rage or stark fear. Especially when you seriously consider how the Sunni Muslims are being drawn to this ISIS terrorist group like a magnet attracting more followers every day. Who can say how many are living in this country?

Fear is a very powerful force. It can engender strong emotions. It takes absolute precedence over everything else sending chills to the core of our being – making strong men cry. It can develop a complexity of diverse and conflicting thoughts. The mind is taken hostage as it races from one topic to another seeking understanding and deliverance. Most dangerously it can have a strong influence on one’s volitional will even if it’s against one’s moral compass. It can and will cause weak kneed believers (without a solid theological belief system) to cower under the threat converting to a heathenistic belief system or taking the dreaded future mark which will show your allegiance to the New World Order and its belief system. On the other hand, it can and will drive some to fight back with a vengeance seeking to reinstitute the religious crusades for the 21st Century. The point of this article is to demonstrate how Satan will use this fear to his advantage to accomplish his goals of establishing a New World Order (NWO) where no religion is allowed to have a corner on the truth. Please remember, that Mr. Obama stated before his presidency that, “no religion has a corner on the truth.”

Also, out of Mr. Obama’s mouth he stated proudly that he will use every crisis situation to his advantage. Well, my dear friend this is a crisis situation where ISIS is threatening to introduce its self in our own backyard. This evil will spread; in my mind’s eye like a black flog overtaking everything in its path devouring both Christians and other religions. Once they overtake a city it will be nearly impossible to dislodge or destroy them without inflicting serious injury to its citizens, a lesson now being learned by Israel as they seek to destroy or disarm Hamas. So how will Satan use this to his advantage? If fear is great enough in this country or others around the world, no matter what’s causing it, they will need a savior. They will cry out for someone or something to protect them from the encroaching evil caused by groups like ISIS, or other terrorist organizations, or even a Nuclear Iran. If the fear is great enough then people will need a protector or savior. Perhaps that alone will not be enough to drive fear into the world population to beg for a savior. So they may need an epidemic like “Ebola” virus to drive people to their knees in desperation which is already happening in West Africa. That too may not be enough so the increase in devastation caused by natural disasters may be the very thing to push them over the top – crying out for a savior. Save us, save us, tell us what to do?

Satan will be glad to answer, because he already has answers to all of life’s problems (something he’s been propagating among the world’s population since the 50’s). Whoever is at the helm of world government will be taking his direction (directly or indirectly) from Satan as he builds the New World Order establishing a belief system that will encompass every religion, philosophy, and non-religion upon the planet. The entire world will be directed step by step over a period of many years henceforth to adopt this belief system trusting it alone to solve their most basic problems for the entire person – made up of both body and mind. They will emphasize that all of your emotional and psychological problems will be treated with tenderness and care while covering up the abuses of psychiatry and an epidemic of psychotropic drug addiction. They also say, “Keep your ancestral religion but also adopt this new belief system and we the world government (NWO) will protect you from all harm caused by the vicious dogs ISIS Caliphate and others.” Satan speaking through his world leader: “Unbeknown to you we have them on a short leash capable of destroying them in a moment of time or lengthening the leash to drive more fear into you.” Fear is a tactic used by Satan through his world leader to establish his kingdom here on earth. Mr. Obama I firmly rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to eliminate the ISIS caliphate that has put fear into the hearts of Christians. Dear friends, we must stand firm in these last days fearing only God who has the power to both kill you and cast you into everlasting hell. He who fears God will not fear anything else. Please don’t help Satan to spread this fear on the internet through Social Media or YouTube by sharing graphic images rather work daily to develop a solid theological belief system in order to stand firm.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

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