Satan’s Surreptitious Drive to Globalization

Satan’s Surreptitious Drive to Globalization

Someone who has grown up in the West, and specifically in America, with certain inalienable rights along with the freedom to prosper financially with hard work and determination, is likely to find this article difficult to read. Any person who has fond memories of public education that always started with the pledge of allegiance to one nation under God and a prayer to the Christian God recognized by all, will find it difficult.  A person who grew up in quieter times with front porches, friendly neighbors, and big Sunday meals with the whole family around the same table is discovering that those days are now far behind us. Although we had our occasional hooligan, bomb shelters, and the civil rights movement, generally it was the best of times when the rest of the world seemed distant. Except for a few diplomats and some far-flung missionaries, most only saw foreign countries as a nice place to visit. Well, in the past sixty years everything has changed, not all at once, but one step at a time where most didn’t recognize it. Some, now, are beginning to wake up and wonder how did we get here? Have we entered a different reality that is literally pulling itself apart or is this Satan’s surreptitious drive to globalization?

Once awake many are seriously questioning the changes in public education. Everything has changed. Public education is teaching evolution as a scientific fact. They are teaching tolerance (acceptance) of alternate lifestyles and other religious faiths. Then there is no more use of gender pronouns, bathrooms are available to be entered by both sexes depending on choice rather than biology. Perhaps what’s most unnerving is how our country, and the West, have drifted into the grossest of immorality passing laws to justify the same, which is accepted by most. Not only have we opened our borders, but we have now invited the entire world to play by our rules, to invest in our shared future, and to embrace our liberal ideas. In the beginning, globalization seemed a natural opportunity to raise the global standard and lift many from a life of poverty. Although it created great wealth for a few who found cheap labor in the East and a burgeoning market in the West, it also brought tremendous wealth to countries that did not necessarily share our democratic values. To have a free democratic society is a novel thing and I believe it would be an honorable undertaking in the eyes of the Lord, our Creator. However, it is what our free democratic society has become, that must be repugnant in the eyes of the Lord.

Most of the Eastern countries continued in their authoritarian leadership while maintaining allegiance to their religious and cultural beliefs. So, this was a much bigger challenge to assimilate the East into the liberal ideology of the West, to accept all faiths and lifestyles as equal, or to at least become tolerant. This must be achieved in some small measure to be fully accepted as part of the global community. The rewards are stupendous beyond avarice for joining the world community. This is accomplished by introducing them to the latest technology, freedom of speech, right to protest, and our cherished democracy, but it will not necessarily succeed with the authoritarian leaders in the East. So, everything possible is done to reach all the citizens of the respective countries in the East being accomplished in part through the news media and social media. This should be no surprise because that’s exactly how citizens in the West are also being conditioned to accept liberal doctrine even if they are opposed to biblical doctrine. To spread this corrupt and immoral society throughout the world is bad enough but to proclaim that it is good and has not become polluted in every way is an affront to God. To pretend to be holy and righteous just because we tout a free democracy in comparison to the autocratic leaders in the East does not cover up our many outrageous sins and unimaginable corruption.

Satan will temporarily win the war on globalization. Russia and the Kings of the East will be stopped. It will not be done by NATO, military might, or even by our unbelievable sanctions. When people and nations get a true taste of freedom to do as they please, to embrace our modern technology, to believe as they want, and to earn more money than they thought possible, then they will fight with all they have, young and old alike. One has arisen to unite the entire Western world and Europe in its relentless march toward globalization attempting to bring another nation into its fold. A Jewish comedian, the elected president of Ukraine, has taken the world stage by storm. Rising from the ranks of social media in America, he has cemented the liberal and democratic values of the West against the imperialistic values of the East and specifically against its tyrannical leadership. President Volodymyr Zelensky has historically addressed the MPs at the British Parliament, both houses of the United States Congress, the Canadian Parliament, Germany’s Bundestag, and Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset. As the ancient prophecy begins to unfold it will become clear that this is much more than one little country trying to win its independence from Mother Russia. It’s much more for those who have eyes to see. Globalization will continue!

Before proceeding, let me be very clear that all human life is precious because we have all been made in the image of God. It breaks my heart to see anyone in pain or lose their life and it’s especially burdensome to hear of little children being hurt or dying. As we view the horrific pictures of death and destruction in Ukraine it moves most to demonstrate loudly and give what they have for the relief effort. Today, I want to look much deeper to discern what’s really happening on the world stage in relation to biblical prophecy. Satan the driving force behind globalization will win because he knows what the fallen world desires. They have become comfortable with their new technology. They have become happy with their new standards of living. They too have become captured by social media and the coming Metaverse. Satan will deter and stop the Kings of the East in their Westward march against democracy. He will turn them back so that the Beast can arise. After the Beast arises in the West and specifically in Babylon controlling all of fallen humanity under his tutelage, then the Kings of the East will unite as one and become the hand of God to render judgment upon the Harlot in the West, all those who have turned away from God (Revelation 16:12-16).

This did not happen overnight. With the help of Hollywood, the internet, and social media we have become the haunt for every demon. We have openly embraced every religion and every lifestyle. Worse yet, we have turned the God of creation into evolution or the seeds from a passing comet. We have rejected God’s law removing it from the schoolroom and the public square. Without God or His beautiful law, we as a people have become demoralized, depressed, and a danger to our fellow man. We have embraced every new technology allowing it to consume our time and drive us further and further away from real face-to-face relationships. When the Beast arises to take his throne from a supposed democratic election, he will demand more than your praise and adoration. He will want all of your time building his new world order ready to conquer everything and everyone who stands in his way. As the Kings of the East arise finally deciding publicly to work together, then nothing will be able to stop them because they have a new commission to destroy the West. Finally, as the last woes are unleashed against America, Babylon, and the West from the hand of God it will cause everyone to reap what they have sown (Revelation 18). Let us pray that God will help His beloved children, the faithful remnant, to stand firm during these perilous times (II Timothy 3:1-5). With Satan’s secret drive for globalization finally revealed, only those fully dependent on God’s strength will be able to remain faithful to Him

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4 thoughts on “Satan’s Surreptitious Drive to Globalization”

  1. Reverend Blair, thank you so much for this TIMELY, VERY MOVING WARNING! What a POWERFUL, SHOCKING EYE OPENER! May we ALL STAND FIRM to be STRONG IN THE LORD, WARNING others of what is SOON to come! May we REDEEM THE TIME, for the days are evil!

    1. Thank you Paula and Danny my true partners in the Ministry.I always feel blessed when I read your comments hoping that they will encourage others also to stand firm together as we face the coming days. God bless you both and may our God always be praised.

  2. Amen! Rev. I constantly question, “how did we allow all this chaos.” Lord, forgive us and help us to stand. The days are evil but will become even more. God bless you Rev!

    1. Thank you my dear sister Elda, for your comment. I ask the same question, my only thought is, it started in the schools teaching our children lies orchestrated by the devil. God bless you too.

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