Satan's Secret Invasion

Satan’s Secret Invasion

We need to open our eyes wide so that we can see this satanic invasion.  As a child we feared a Russian invasion, as an adult there was talk about a possible alien invasion, and now we hear about a planned Muslim invasion. Yet, no one is talking about Satan’s secret invasion that’s been clandestinely building up his invasion forces to destroy humanity for the past one hundred years. Now everything is in place, the veil has been lifted, and the horror of the moment is being revealed to God’s servants as Satan and his demonic host is amassing an army unknown to modern man. As we uncover his diabolical plans and have our eyes opened wide to the massive destruction of humanity our heart may stop for a moment, while we attempt to grasp the gravity of our situation. As we draw closer to the end Satan’s works will become more widespread and obvious only to those who struggle against his demonic host. It’s rather sad to say that the greater part of humanity will remain blind until his destruction is complete, leaving only a faithful remnant to resist him while in captivity or with their last dying breath.

There are many things that cause this universal blindness. During our investigation you will be shocked. You may even call out to God and say, “Deliver me, oh Lord from such a peril.” To keep humanity blind Satan is a master at disguise sending out misinformation at the speed of light. It is common in military strategy to keep the opposing forces blind to your true intentions by sending out misinformation that keeps them busy looking in the wrong place. Satan is doing the same today. He does not want you to know of his true intentions, so he is keeping the entire world busy doing the mundane and chasing the proverbial rabbit. His first tactic is to keep you so involved in the things of the world that you simply no longer have time for God. In my day it used to be sports that kept most busy, but now its computers, cell phones, and the social networks that keep you surfing, texting, and scrolling. The mundane; I wished it stopped there, but Satan keeps the entire world chasing those proverbial rabbits. He keeps us looking for the next war, the next invasion, the next asteroid that may hit the earth, the next race riot, the next act of terrorism, the next senseless murder, the next corrupt politician caught, the next president, and the list goes on and on to infinity. As of late there has been a proliferation of so called news agencies putting forth fake news or misinformation. Many of the rogue news outlets (not just satire) stretch the truth, leave out creditable information, or simply report a lie. These stories are passed on to the social networks where they are believed as the gospel truth, which leads to a pandemic of reading and sharing. All is meant to keep your eyes off the satanic invasion and blind to his true intentions.

When you are following the mundane and the proverbial rabbit then as already mentioned you have no time for God and listening to His truth. When humanity no longer accepts God’s truth for all of life then he’s open to receive all of Satan’s lies that lead to a defeated life of drug dependence, demonic oppression, and in certain cases demonic possession. There is a high price for rejecting God’s truth and allowing the psychiatric industry to counsel your mental issues, both emotional and psychological. This industry has grown expediently over the past sixty years bringing a large portion of humanity in bondage to Satan and the wiles of the devil. Nearly at the same time the pharmaceutical industry started producing the drugs in an attempt to control and modify the behavior of those now given a new psychological illness. To see, really see the horrific damage these drugs have caused to humanity will make the strongest weep and morn for the afflicted. I have personally seen the effect of these drugs on humanity where their health rapidly declines, where their cognitive ability is greatly diminished, where their spirit is even more depressed, and in most cases their love for Jesus is no longer present. Many of them are no longer able to work, sleep most of the day, and rely on others to meet their needs. Can you not see that Satan is behind all this actively destroying humanity? Church leaders are no longer summoned to Minister God’s Word in times of tragedy, but psychologist are now requested by those in power to offer their psycho babble and prescription drugs to the emotionally distraught. God’s Word is rejected for the lies of Satan as more people are led into the captivity of drug addiction and a broken life. The Satanic invasion is now nearly in full swing destroying life by the millions. Nearly every family is affected losing their loved ones in this real war against humanity.

As we survey the battlefield of broken lives we see another part of the invasion force capturing those in leadership to approve and legalize every detestable form of immorality. Now that God’s Word and is beautiful Law has been removed then Satan can lead his henchmen to legalize abortion on demand killing millions of unborn children; where if we could hear their heart stopping cry it would immobilize the entire world. God is weeping. There is no stopping Satan’s incestuous drive to lead fallen humanity into every evil intention of the heart, producing sexual immorality, scores of homosexuals, the transgender, and pedophiles. As these people prey upon the rest of humanity they too are destroyed for their lack of understanding and the rejection of the truth. Satan’s secret invasion is no longer secret as these perverts come bursting out of their closets. Can you see yet, can you really see the destruction coming upon humanity while most are still caught up in the mundane and chasing the proverbial rabbit. What a tragedy.

As we get closer to the end we will see Satan’s final push to destroy all of humanity. In the final analysis this can only be done when every man, woman, and child denounces their faith and trust in Christ alone. Step by step Satan has been leading humanity to trust in world government to provide for all of their needs. God must be taken totally out of the equation. As the world marches toward socialism every person will be brought to the same level, by giving them their physical, mental, and social needs. For this to be accomplished many more things must take place, but they will not be found in the rouge news services or the approved national media. At this point it is absolutely essential that God’s children stay focused on Jesus Christ. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ the Author and Perfecter of your faith. Time is short and every minute must be spent on spiritual preparation. We all know about the wrath of God poured out in the last days on fallen humanity. There is not a Christian among us that does not know about the increase in earthquakes in various places, the wars and rumors of wars and the many other plagues listed in the book of Revelation. We know that these things are coming, but the Bible says keep your eyes on Jesus and run the race that has been set before you. This is the race of faith and trust in Christ as we follow Him in serving others, sharing our testimony, and allowing the Holy Spirit to produce in us every manner of spiritual fruit.

It is these latter things that my entire ministry is dedicated. Every week I produce a show on Tribulation Radio to help Christians stand firm. There is sound biblical teaching, prayers, and beautiful music all to the glory of God. Currently I am teaching an eight week series on the armor of God that helps us to stand against all the wiles of the devil. A very important part of being prepared spiritually for the “End Times’ is being dressed in and utilizing the whole armor of God for Satan will be extremely powerful and even more deceptive, because he knows that his time is short.

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