Satan’s Other Mandate

Most Christians are familiar with Satan’s mandate to wage war against the children of God, but what is his other mandate? Indeed, we are aware that Satan is already waging a spiritual war with very real physical ramifications. With the … increase in mental stress and a myriad of unsolvable psychological problems, we have witnessed a rise in psychotropic drug addiction on the verge of crippling a nation and claiming countless lives. Think of the many that claim the name of Christ but remain in bondage to the new world religion in disguise. Their total dependence on the world’s counsel has left them stranded and afflicted by their psychological trauma. Add to this, the havoc caused in many Christian homes with an increased temptation to sexual infidelity, an alternative lifestyle, or failure to accept parental responsibility. As the war rages against the church it is difficult to see that Satan has yet another mandate against the greatest nation on earth. And clearly the Untied States of America is that nation.

This great nation in the last days is often referred to in the Bible as the great city. What makes this city or nation so great will help us to understand Satan’s other mandate. There are actually two things that make her great among the nations. First, she is extremely wealthy by the world’s standards. The rich and famous (kings and rulers) in other nations around the world may come close to the wealth and prosperity of America but most of their population continue to live in poverty and great distress. It is clear that other nations at least among its ruling class and their merchants have grown wealthy from the excessive luxuries of the United States by producing our coveted goods in their factories. Secondly, we are seen as the greatest nation on earth because of our great power. Not only do we have the greatest and most feared army in the world, but we also rule over the kings of the earth. Not only is our military stationed around the world for our national interest, but we are paying out billions of dollars in aid to countries where we may not have a military presence.

Why are we paying out all this aid to other countries in the world? Is it because we are a righteous nation, a bright and shining city on a hill that has a great desire to help others even as our national debt continues to skyrocket?  Or is it for some other more sinister reason? Let me ask you a question. Can you imagine our government giving out free money with no strings attached? No of course not! If we cannot control a nation militarily then we will do it with strings attached for what we deem as our national interest, but clearly another form of ruling others and dictating our foreign policy. Additionally, they happily receive our nation’s promiscuous life style, addiction to seductive entertainment coupled with a real hunger for wealth and prosperity.  Moreover, they readily accept a mandated tolerance so that they too can dabble in other world religions, psychology, and the introduction of psychotropic drugs.

But let’s return to our original question. What is Satan’s other mandate? Not only is he interested in causing Christians to stumble by defeating them spiritually, but he also wants to physically destroy her nation and all those who reside in her sphere of influence. As we shall see this attack is real and the outcome is horrendous. “The beast and the ten horns (other nations in league with him) you saw will hate the prostitute (the great city). They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire” (Rev. 17:16).  Satan’s other mandate is to destroy the United States of America. Clearly to destroy our economy will leave us naked. To be soft on Iran and her segregate nations could open the door to death and destruction on a biblical scale. We must ask ourselves why God is allowing this to happen, especially in lieu of the following verse (v.17) that indicates that He has allowed them to reign to accomplish His purpose. Have the sins of the United States gotten so bad that they have become a stench to His nostrils?

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