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Rumors, Panic, and 2012

When rumors begin to fly and panic strikes a nation how will you respond? Most of us are very familiar with the many prophecies concerning the end. Furthermore, every Christian knows in his heart that a nation will reap what … it has sown. Clearly trials and tribulations are coming to this nation and every other nation that has followed our example of robbing the poor, killing the helpless, and promoting a culture of immorality. Many are convinced that 2012 will experience natural disasters of a biblical proportion, widespread anarchy, and increased immorality. Many also believe that we could possibly see a global pandemic and a crushing economic collapse. But our question is “how should a born-again Christian respond”?

Let’s be honest, rumors can alarm and even frighten us if we perceive that death and destruction is imminent. At what point does a rumor become reality? Or at what point do we accept the rumor as reality?  These are very important questions because as we fast approach the end of days we will hear about many rumors from a possible pandemic to all out war with nuclear foe. We have already heard from the scientists that massive earthquakes along with many other disasters are long overdue. Hollywood has caught on and we have already seen a series of movies on that very subject. I forecast that 2012 will see even more of the same.  Now back to our question If we accept the rumor as reality then we are forced to act upon it through some form of preparation, if time permits, or even panic because events are completely out of our control, but for the Christian things should be different!

Why should they be different? To start with, Christians do not listen to rumors alone without putting them into the prophetic. Let me explain.  To put a future event into the prophetic we allow God to be in control. On the other hand when we listen to a rumor about a future event then it’s disconnected from a source. We may claim a scientific explanation as the source of the event but we are still no better off, because we are still controlled by fate.  We are unable to explain the purpose of the event and feel helpless to control it. To put the rumor into the prophetic then we know if the event happens as rumored then God is in control of the event. Let’s not get bogged down in trying to determine if God caused the event or simply allowed it to happen. Either way God is in control. Now for the Christian this should give us great comfort in any and all rumors that will come our way in 2012.

For many who simply listen to rumors about future events without putting them into the prophetic that is, not believing that God is really in control allows panic to set in which will control their actions. At this writing I have just read where some people in India listened to rumors amidst mild tremors that some people were being turned into stone, which caused a great panic. On the other hand, the Christian who is convinced that God is really in control has no reason to panic, but rather stays calm through prayer asking God for wisdom to understand the event he is facing. Moreover, he becomes the voice of calm encouraging those around him by proclaiming God’s love and providence in the midst of Great Trials and Tribulations. So dear friend, as we face 2012 together let us not follow the ways of the world by listening to their rumors and falling into panic, but let’s remain calm listening to God.

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