Response to Mr. Netanyahu’s Foreign Policy Speech

After reading the full text of Netanyahu’s foreign policy speech I was greatly encouraged that a true foundation has been laid for a cessation of hostility and the possibility of peace if all parties concerned follow the conditions set forth. As a Christian who has prayed for years that the state of Israel would have a lasting peace, I ask myself why Christians from around the world are not united in an effort to help Israel achieve a lasting peace in their own homeland. Therefore, I personally call on all Christians in every land (including Palestine) to pray first to our Messiah, Jesus Christ, and also to put pressure on their respective leaders through peaceful demonstrations to support Israel in the peace plan outlined by Mr. Netanyahu.

It is time for all Arab countries including Palestine to recognize Israel’s right to exist in their own homeland – “they must recognize the right of the Jewish People to its own state in its historical homeland.” It’s time for Christian brothers and sisters in both Israel and Palestine to join hands together in a united effort to work for peace. Let them be the first in setting an example on how to live together side by side in peace. Let them both proclaim Yeshua as the true Prince of peace. Let the Palestinian Christians seek to encourage their Palestinian neighbors to stop fearing the State of Israel, but rather to lead them to lay down their weapons of war through a process of demilitarization.

I also call on both Palestinian and Israelite Christians to join hands together and help the Palestinian State to accept all Palestinian refugees back inside the borders of the their new State. Moreover, Christians should set an example of humanitarian aid and assistance to every Palestinian refugee; to help each refugee to find their place back into a productive society. Let Christians from around the world become a beacon of hope and true messengers of hope from their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

I must admit I don’t understand the thorny issue concerning “Israelite Settlements” in the West Bank. Did not each of the Israelite Settlements purchase the land from its owners? And if the answer is yes and if the settlement is inside the border of the new state of Palestine and if taxes are paid to the Palestinian authority then why is there a problem – treat them as immigrants. And if the answer is no, then a price must be agreed upon to pay the Palestinian authority for the land built upon, if they are willing to sell the land.

Finally, the true road map to peace has always been reconciliation. God wanted peace with fallen humanity so He sent His Son as the Prince of Peace. His job was not to condemn but to bring about peace between sinful man and a Holy God. Only by Christ shedding His blood on the cross could man receive forgiveness for his sins. And only through His resurrection from the dead could man be born again into a new transformed life and capable of having a relationship with God. Our peace was not negotiated by given up a piece of who we are; our peace was obtained by giving up everything for the promise of a better future. I will continue to pray that the Jewish People of the Nation of Israel find true lasting peace by accepting their true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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