Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring Dreams

It’s said that we all dream, perhaps every night. I like most have had crazy dreams that make little sense, chase dreams that leave you exhausted and fragmented dreams you can barely remember or understand. But then occasionally one immediately understands their dream and its intended meaning. I had such a dream years ago on the eve of a preaching event that taught me an invaluable lesson concerning God’s irrevocable call and man’s futile attempt in forcing people into His kingdom. On the other hand, what concerns us today are the reoccurring dreams that I have experienced, one since childhood. These dreams seem profoundly important if one could truly understand or interpret their prophetic message. I am convinced that God can and does communicate occasionally through dreams. This type of communication may not be as prevalent today as it was during Old Testament times but no less important to a modern world that’s gone mad. It’s on this later stage that I will share my dream with the hope that God’s children will awaken from their slumber and re-enter the harvest field for the days are short.

My dream since childhood:

As an observer in the dream I am translated to different locations at different times of the day and night with my full senses intact. The dream begins in a very quiet and tranquil valley with pretty blue skies with an occasional musical lullaby by a distant bird.

In the second scene the beautiful sky fled away by an approaching darkness that seemed to fill the whole sky. After moments of recollection I became suddenly aware that the darkness was caused by a great number of very dark colored airplanes all headed in the same direction. The planes seemed so close together in a tight formation that it appeared they could touch one another.

In the next scene I was overcome with a sense of freight as bombs began to fall on a distant village beyond the closest mountain range. I noticed the bright flashes of light ascending into the night sky as if caused by great explosions. I thought to myself how could this happen in my homeland, could anyone escape this burning inferno. I was astounded that the planes kept coming; I felt there must be millions, never ending wave of enemy aircraft.

In the next scene I was observing a larger city with a great number of tall buildings many of them already on fire and partially destroyed. I saw no sign of life just felt the death and destruction everywhere. Yet, the planes kept coming and the bombs continued to fall realized by the bright flashes of light in the distance. I saw no resistance and it deeply concerned me. I wondered from which direction did these planes come; how could there be so many? These scenes continued into the night and perhaps many days thereafter- as the days became night.

After years of reflections: the planes could not really be identified or even their respective size. Moreover, you felt that bombs of some sort were falling upon the cities to cause the great destruction but you never actually saw them. How big where they and what shape did they have? Furthermore, you never actually saw any dead bodies but at the time you were convinced that death and destruction was complete. So you ask, “What destroyed my homeland so thoroughly with no resistance?”

Commentary: It has been many years since I first had this dream but now in the fullness of time I believe that God has given me its proper interpretation for our age. In this present world we will have pain and suffering especially if we learn how to resist the coming darkness. Even if we are convinced that darkness will prevail prior to Christ’s Second Coming, we must still resist the darkness with every ounce of energy that the Lord gives us. Resistance is not futile. Because in so doing we will continue to rescue the perishing one soul at a time even in the midst of utter darkness. Take heart dear children if we suffer greatly or eventually killed for our faith we know that our Savior from heaven will translate us from this present evil world to His everlasting Kingdom in heaven.

My dream since adulthood:

Although this too was a reoccurring dream each dream was slightly different perhaps to add meaning to its proper interpretation. The one topic that has occupied the minds of man perhaps more than any other topic is what happens at death. Every world religion and philosophy has their own interpretation as well as those who have died and have been brought back to life. As a Christian for many years I have always accepted the truth as presented in the Bible concerning the afterlife with no reservations. I like everyone else have had no actual experience of what it would feel like entering into death until my latest reoccurring dream. Although the dream itself is short by our standards it had an eternal dimension allowing you to experience every millisecond as one passes from death into life. It always started at the point of death caused either by some tragic circumstance or a gentler passing. In either case there was absolutely no pain at the point of death. It was as if all of your pain centers were suddenly removed and you felt nothing. I felt this quite remarkable especially in the tragic death scenarios. All previous pain had vanished in a millisecond. You are aware that you have just passed from death to life where there is no more pain or suffering. Life had continued but on a different plain of existence where the only feeling you have now is one of contentment, restfulness, and joy. When I passed from death to life in my dream I am not sure if I was still in the body or out of the body, but I do know if the body still existed it was set free from the bondage of this world.

Commentary: Perhaps the Apostle Paul experienced a similar event when he was taken up to the third heaven. He wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, ‘When the perishable has been clothed with imperishable, and the mortal with the immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory.” ‘Where, O death is your victory? Where, O death is your sting?” (I Corinthians 15:54-55) Dear children, we must no longer fear death. In fact, this should give us great courage to stand firm against the coming darkness that’s destroying our homeland and eventually the entire world as we now know it.

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