Refugees, NWO, and Persecution

Refugees, NWO, and Persecution

I have made it clear from my previous writings that the New World Order is coming together and can be confirmed by the many events that have already taken place and those scheduled to take place in the near future. We are seeing prophecy revealed right before our eyes, if we have eyes to see. Today I want to discuss one of the fundamental rules that must take place in order to bring forth the New World Order. This rule is so important, without it, the New World Order could not be properly formed causing its people to become subservient to the world leadership and dependent upon all of its resources. Looking back over the years I can see that this rule has been put into place, step by step, by those in power, with its completion much sooner than you might think. So what is that fundamental rule? I will call it the rule of “Fear.” Somehow, someway it’s absolutely essential that all of humanity be brought into a state of fear. Only then can the New World Order become the true savior of the world by offering its protection for all of life. This initially started back in the 50’s with protecting our mind against the onslaught of mental and emotional anguish through its psychological intervention, counseling services, and eventually dependence on psychiatric drugs that give the veiled appearance of a better life, which always leads to an allegiance to those in power. Secondly, within the past six years we have seen the enactment of a national health care plan that gives medical coverage to every individual and also gives the veiled appearance that the poorest amongst us is receiving the same quality of care as the rich causing a new allegiance to those in power.  As we shall see this allegiance is important to the coming Antichrist who will be worshipped by the entire world except for true believers in Christ.

However, the most important element of this fundamental rule is to bring the entire world together by demonstrating how different people from different cultures can be assimilated into one nation though immigration and the acceptance of refugees from around the world. This my friend has been going on for over thirty five years through the United Nations and in league with different church organizations; to bring them in and assimilate them into the fabric of society. There has always been a certain level of fear bringing others into our nation which has created the great immigration debate. Now with the sheer number of refugees coming from the Middle East and specifically from Syria it has become nearly impossible to determine their individual beliefs and motives before allowing them entrance to the West, which has increased fear exponentially. If some of these refugees prove to be soldiers of the Islamic State (ISIS), by hiding amongst the refugees, then they would be fulfilling the Islamic doctrine of Hijra, that says, “It is the obligation of every Muslim to migrate and spread Islam throughout the world, whereas the radical interpretation of this doctrine is to conquer the new land for Allah seeking to establish Sharia law.”

I am convinced that when this happens the New World Order would use this to their advantage to raise the level of fear to such a degree that the masses would do anything to escape and seek protection from those in power. Such a fear has already enveloped the Middle East with the horrible atrocities caused by the Islamic State, cutting off the heads of both adults and little children; making women and young girls sex slaves where they are not treated any better than chattel, and telling Christians to either convert or be killed. Let me be very clear, to allow this virus to spread when we clearly have the power to stop it and then allowing refugees into the West without being properly vetted could be a sinister plan of those in power to raise the level of fear. When the people of the West fear for their life by experiencing the atrocities of the Middle East they will be ready to show their allegiance to those in power, which in time will lead everyone to worship the coming Antichrist. The Bible says, “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear” (Revelation 13:8-9). Step by step the entire world will be led to the altar of the beast to show their undying allegiance to him for protecting them from the trauma of emotional and psychological problems, to help them to overcome the increase in plagues and diseases through naturalized health care, to protect them from radical Islam, or even the possibility of protecting them from some unseen global disaster. The Antichrist, as leader of the New World Order must give the impression that he is a peace maker and savior for all of humanity.

Imagine with me for a moment what could happen, let me stress, things will not be as they appear. You will be ushered into their FEMA buses and driven to the Indoctrination Center for the safety of you and your family. Upon arrival at the Indoctrination Center you will be polity led to place where you can give your vital information and then assigned a room and told were you can eat and get needed medication. In the beginning it will all seem quite nice. Perhaps the following day it will be necessary to attend certain classes that will instruct you on the doctrines of the New World Order. After the class you will be required to sign something that says that you agree that there is not just one path to God and that no one religion has a corner on the truth. Furthermore, you will be asked to accept all people no matter what their gender, which would include transgender, their sexual lifestyle, and the marriage between same sex couples so that all will get along in the New World. The entire world including lukewarm Christians will have no problem accepting these views and giving glory to those in power for rescuing them. When the true believer in Christ says, I will not agree, nor will I sign anything, then things will begin to change drastically as you are ushered onto another bus headed for a different Interment Center for aggressive rehabilitation.

Although, this has only been an imaginative scenario, the point should be taken well, that things will not be as they appear and fleeing to the mountains with your family could prove to be a prudent option. As I stated before on the previous blog not everyone will choose to flee or fight back, but will choose to be taken into captivity that will require tremendous patience and the faith of the saints. (See Revelation 13:10) As the true believer in Christ is treated like a common criminal and threatened with continued incarceration, then you must stay your mind on Christ and your heavenly reward. Moreover, you will gain great inner strength through your continued testimony by saying, “I will not sign anything, for Jesus Christ is my Lord.” He has given me a certain set of laws that is above the laws of men that tells me that homosexuality and same sex marriage is wrong, and to change ones gender is truly an abomination. As they continue their indoctrination by telling you that we should all love one another and make room in our faith for others who live differently, then you must stand firm in your faith believing that Jesus Christ is right there with you going through the same suffering giving you the words to say in defense of the Gospel. This will cast out all fear. As they continue their indoctrination by treating you like a terrorist and a hater of humanity and telling you that all are on a different path, but all serve the same god, then again it is essential to continue sharing your testimony that gives you heavenly power to stand firm. You must remind your captors again that Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Friends, we must proclaim to them the full gospel that all who believe on the Name of the Son, Jesus Christ, will be made into a brand new creation were old things pass away, so therefore you have no need for their counsel or their psychiatric drugs. The more you share your testimony in true love for your captors the stronger you will become to withstand every manner of persecution thus casting out all fear.

Let me leave you with a quote from my second book: “Stand Firm”  “The remarkable thing about fearing God is that when you fear God you don’t fear anything else. On the other hand, if your do not fear God, you fear everything else. So as the storms of persecutions gather strength against you, stand firm by fearing God and trusting in His providence.” Friends, there are difficult days ahead for the true believer in Christ who will not be shaken from his or her faith but will stand the test of fire and be gloriously delivered by the coming of Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!

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