Recommended Links

Over the years and recently I have come across many valuable websites that have impacted my life. So, please take a moment a browse through these recommended links

Standing against psychiatric abuse and the administering of psychiatric drugs have been a passion since the early days of my ministry. Please visit my other website:Recommended Links 1

What a blessing it is to have a spiritually gifted vocalist who sings regularly on all my Tribulation Radio Shows and has gone the extra mile in writing and singing theme songs for our ministry. Please visit Paula’s website:Recommended Links 2

It’s not often when you meet someone with such a giving and compassionate heart for the poor. Please take a moment to visit Teresa’s website and also consider giving to one of these precious children:Recommended Links 3

Yes, Christians can also be in business, which is a good thing for us, because Gina immediately garners your trust and ability to find exactly what you are looking for in a home. Please visit Gina’s website today:Recommended Links 4


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