Rebellion and the Lukewarm Church

This world is in its present trouble and distress because men and women have rebelled against God. They have blurred the lines of Christianity’s exclusiveness between other world religions and are reaping the fruits of their own evil deeds. God is pouring His punishment down upon them because the hour of His judgment has come. In this country rebellion against God has reached a level never seen before in Christian history. In the past twenty years I have personally witnessed an unholy exchange in America.

A large part of humanity has rejected God as their Divine Creator. Everywhere you look God’s sovereignty has been exchanged for the fatalism of Mother Nature. The dependence on God has been exchanged for self-help. The sufficiency of God has been exchanged for counseling from the professional psychologist, which is the new world religion in disguise. Faith in God as the Divine Healer has been exchanged for dependence on drugs and the medical practitioner, who sanctions the intervention of psychology. The absolute truth from God has been exchanged for tolerance – a clear agenda for the “Global City of man”. The only way to God has been exchanged for religious pluralism. Dying to self has been exchanged for increasing your self-esteem – a major doctrine of psychology. Obedience to God has been exchanged for lawlessness. A heterosexual relationship has been exchanged for same sex marriage. And God’s structure for the home has been exchanged for social intervention and its perverted teachings of psychology.

When the Church also follows this same path of unchecked rebellion against God she becomes the lukewarm church spoken of in the book of Revelation. Her witness to a dying world will all but cease. No more revivals, no more saw dust trails, and fewer crusades have weakened the church. Watered down preaching and the introduction of secular psychology has lessened the effectiveness of gospel preaching. And as the world slips deeper into the abyss of gross immorality with the church not far behind, the modern day prophets are proclaiming that all is well and the church can expect a secret rapture to deliver them from this evil world.

But what does God say? Will God really deliver the lukewarm church prior to the Great Tribulation or will He allow her to go through the Great Tribulation to strengthen her faith and cleanse her of all unrighteousness? “God uses trials and tribulations in the believer’s life to remove the barnacles of the old sin nature… He uses the powerful storms of life to strengthen your faith and dependence on Him. Only a lukewarm church that has been essentially free from persecution will fabricate the secret rapture to whisk them away in the nick of time to escape the Great Tribulation.” (Final Warning, Daniel W. Blair) Great trials and tribulations have always been the seeds of the church. Why would God expect anything less in the last days? When Christ returns in magnificent glory to punish those who are disturbing you and to rapture His Church at the end of the age, will you be ready?

So what must the church do? She must prepare for the Great Tribulation, but more than that she needs to repent of her unholy exchange. We must believe that God is in control of this world and nothing happens by accident. Mother Nature does not send the storms or the severe weather; God does it with the hope that men would repent and turn back to Him. The church must stop trusting in the world to counsel her people. Let the church return to God’s Word that has given her everything she needs for life and godliness. Let the church return back to trusting in God alone to bring complete healing to man – physical, mental, and spiritual healing. God saves the whole person. Finally, let the church return to the commandments of God and reject the perverted teachings that have been accepted by the modern world. And if she refuses, then true believers must come out of her and form their own fellowships trusting in God to give them godly leaders.

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