Pulling Back the Veil

If you could pull back the spiritual veil and see what Satan is doing in these last days would it be of interest to you? If you could see how he is sending out so much information on the internet, the news media, and YouTube to confuse Christians and set them up to be taken captive by the coming Antichrist would that be of interest to you? We live in an age that has been called the information age, because most of the world’s population has immediate access to nearly every subject known to man. So prolific is this information that it would be impossible to fully understand or to assimilate it with our finite minds. The world is on information overload, and there is nothing they can do about it. In the information age, many half truths are circulating over the internet and social networks.

Let’s assume for a moment that God has pulled back that spiritual veil and he has allowed you to see everything that Satan is doing by filling the airwaves and cyberspace with his half-truths and miss-information to lead God’s children into bondage, what would you do? Well, that is the very topic of this blog. In the last Great War both sides would send miss-information to the other side in the hopes that they would take the bait and move their troops into an area were the enemy was waiting to ambush them. I believe that Satan is doing the same thing in the last days. He is sending out miss-information with the hope that Christians will also take the bait and be defeated by the enemy. Some of the things I have seen people post on Facebook from the internet are absolutely mind boggling. I am afraid if Christians start believing some of these half-truths and miss-information then it will lead them to do something completely out of character for a Christian. To do so will lead them to be arrested as enemies of the State and treated like terrorists.

I would like to spare you of that, so I am pleading with you to spend all of your time learning the truth of who you are in-Christ. This will be your sure defense against the enemy and his half-truths. The Apostle Paul said that God will send a deluding influence so that people would believe the lie because they refused to love the truth. How strong is this deluding influence is beyond our comprehension, but I can say that many will fight you to retain what they perceive is the truth found on the internet. In these last days we need to be lovers of the truth not of half-truths and miss-information found on the internet. The truth will not spend all of its time trying to uncover some supposed plot by the enemy or unearth some secret organization to unite everyone together into the New World Order. These things will surely come, but we are called to occupy until He comes by spending all of our time in true inconvenient service one to another. Our true identity in Christ is service one to another and if Satan can mess with that, which he is doing on the internet, then Christians will be soundly defeated.

There are many things which our Lord told us to watch, such as earthquakes in various places, wars and rumors of wars, famines, and the increase in wickedness. We should also be aware of the great distress which is already upon us as detailed in the book of Revelation, but again this should not keep us from our task. Our goal has not changed in two thousand years and must not change just because we are now living in the age of the internet. The goal is the same: spreading the gospel of peace between God and man, engaging the real enemy, warning people to flee from the wrath to come by embracing Christ, and loving one another through inconvenient service. Finally, warn but don’t chase every rabbit on the internet looking for the truth, because it could lead to your demise. While I will admit there are some good Christian sites committed to just teaching the truth of God’s Word, to help you grow in Christ and fulfill your calling, they are few and far between.

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