Just how involved is God in the affairs of men? The Deist who in large number settled the new world believed that God set everything in motion and then retired back to heaven allowing man to write his own destiny. Man was in charge
of his own future and free to operate without the involvement of God. In a very short time God was taken completely out of the equation by instituting the separation of Church and State allowing the State to chart her own path unencumbered by the Church’s authority and at liberty to make laws contrary to His divine principles. Although God in the beginning was acknowledged by giving an overt appearance that He was still in charge, there was a strong current of progressivism leading the masses away from trusting in God exclusively. In time this movement championed by the progressives would influence every new system developed by modern man from German Socialism in the late 1800’s to Russian Communism at the beginning of the next century. In every case up to the modern age it’s been billed as a victory for the people over its tyrannical leaders. The only thing that has held this country from these extremes is the wealthy capitalist fighting with their last breath to hold on to power and the support it’s received from the Christian community. After many years of leading the masses to trust in their government for schooling, heath care, welfare, and other social services I am afraid the days are numbered as we slip into socialism forcing capitalism to adhere to the new doctrine.

All of our support and fighting will not change the inevitable but we can stand firm and not be swept away by the tide of deception. Unfortunately many will join the ranks of the masses believing they have finally won a victory for the people. Many will march and chant freedom at last completely unaware that they have blindly placed their selves in bondage to the State and to the rulers of this age. Why have they become so blind? Simply put because they have gone for so many years depending on the State rather than God alone, while the church remained silent. They refuse to see the cycle of dependence passed on from one generation to another. They refuse to see that their dependence on the mental health professionals and psychotropic drugs is bondage to a system that can never bring real healing to their emotional and psychological problems. They refuse to see that with the new health care measure of the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) it will force doctors to reject patients who have Medicare because of the additional measures required. They refuse to see that their level of service will drastically reduce once a person reaches age 76 – unable to get the same care given to younger patients. Annual physicals for the elderly will be reduced to a questioner manly consisting of psychological questions such as: “are you depressed?”What in the beginning appeared to be victory for the people will in the end be its enslavement.

In retrospect this was a fundamental shift in doctrine from the old world that believed that God orchestrated the affairs of men through His Divine providence. By working hard and trusting in God alone to provide in the midst of life’s problems it strengthened one’s faith in the Almighty. He was taught that God used both tragedy and blessings to bring forth His will to prepare God’s people for their eternal destiny in heaven. For the Christian who died to self and kept in step with the indwelling Spirit he accepted God’s providence for his life which has had a profound effect upon his emotional and psychological disposition giving him a completely different frame of reference. On the other hand those who follow the belief that God is not near and man is left alone in the universe to solve his own problems will rest under the heavy weight of tragic circumstances unable to stand against the many storms of life. In time they will be forced to work out their own remedies without trusting in God. Remember Jesus’ rock shattering statement, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (See Luke 18:1-8) The rhetorical answer is no! The whole world will follow after their own methodologies establishing their own laws, principles, and cures apart from God’s miraculous involvement. The providence of God is no longer understood or taught in the modern church driving most to put their trust in the world’s governments.

Dear saint, when God turns your life upside down through manifold circumstances then we must put our trust in Him to work everything together for good to those who have been called according to His purpose (see Romans 8:28). It makes little difference to the Christian if God causes it or allows it. What’s important is that He will never leave us or forsake us but will go through it with us. We can say with the Apostle Paul “Finally, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus” (Galatians 6:17)  Clearly he rejoiced in his sufferings knowing that he was being made fit for the kingdom of heaven.  If we trust Christ by following His teachings alone and learning how to engage the enemy in spiritual warfare then we will enjoy the blessed benefits of growing stronger in Him thus receiving grace overflowing in the midst of our greatest trials. I have covered this extensively in my new book: “Stand Firm.” Furthermore, if we put our trust in God and His ways then we cannot miss the hand of God working in our life. What a joy to see God at work in our life. What a joy to trust in His providential care. What a joy and a delight to trust in His law written so beautifully upon our heart. Yes, God is involved in the affairs of men. Dear children, let’s spread the word before it’s too late.

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