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“Thus saith the Lord.” Do you really want to hear what God has to say? It’s irrevocable. It’s like fire torching the soul. There is no negotiation. No interpretation needed. No personal opinion, just the pure powerful words of God. Why God chooses humble, flawed, human beings to proclaim His Word is a mystery, yet understood. The prophet must be nothing so that God can be everything. All pride and self assurance must be eradicated. God doesn’t need your help, just your willingness to be His mouthpiece. Whatever you think God should say to His people or to the world must be jettisoned as pitiful rubbish. If you know what you are going to say before you say it then you have tricked your mind into believing that you are ready, you’re not. He did not ask you to think it through or give literary flavor to His Words. He asked you to be nothing so that He can be everything through you. Once the vessel is made empty it’s finally ready for the Master’s use. When you pick up the prophets mantle then God will speak to His people in a day of great confusion, He will speak to a world in unrelenting turmoil, and everyone will know that an unpopular prophet has come among them.

Thus saith the Lord, God told me, God said this or that; everyone is speaking their own thoughts and God’s people are more confused than ever. Everyone who claims to speak for God out of their own vain interpretations is clearly a false prophet of the first order. The alarming increase in false prophets is one more indication that we are fast approaching the end of days where the final false prophet will lead the entire world to worship the Antichrist. The entire world! That word will have new meaning. It includes the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhist, the pagan, and Christians in name only. The more the world is led into greater confusion the easier it will become for the false prophet to lead them astray. The more the world is wrapped around current events the more they are taken captive by the dark forces manipulating them. This captivity deepens as they follow certain news celebrities, the experts, or self professed prophets who give a plausible explanation and our needed response to these climatic events. But what does God say? Who among us have turned off the radio, the TV, stopped surfing the internet, and exited the social networks long enough to hear what God is saying to His people?

Unfortunately we live in a day were most people are more interested in other people’s opinions rather than what God has to say. They will spend many hours aggressively arguing their slant on the truth, while all the time assimilating what others have said or discarding it when another opinion seems more plausible. As this cycle continues greater confusion takes root creating a mixed bag of theological beliefs with a certain air of spiritual pride blossoming for all to see. Then there are those who say I am not interested in your opinion only what my Bible has to say. Yet, often times even these folks read their Bibles with rose colored glasses reflecting current events upon Holy Scripture making them say whatever fits the climate. I am afraid Christians have been doing that since the First Century. Or they approach Scripture with their own system set in place by others who have forced God’s Word into their own eschatology mold. But what does God say? To hear God we must empty ourselves of that mixed bag of theological beliefs. To hear God we must empty ourselves of those eschatological molds established by others and approach the Bible on God’s terms. You will be amazed at the great treasure that awaits you if you are willing to approach God’s Word empty handed.

To pick up the prophets mantle we speak for God and not for man. The world will give you many problems in which to focus your attention, but they miss the real problem that is waging war against your soul. Dear children they have kept you so busy attempting to fix the wrong problems which are only a ploy of the enemy. The real problems are those things that cause you to trust in someone or something rather than God. You have trusted in the world’s counselors to solve your problems, yet God’s Word has given you everything you need for life and godliness. You have trusted in their psychotropic drugs to ease your pain, yet God’s counsel would bring complete healing. You have leaned on your own understanding of world events and have never sought God’s true interpretation of these events. You have trusted in your new leaders to bring peace and prosperity, yet it was God who gave you the gospel of peace and a willing heart to lift your brother out of poverty. Don’t fear the things that are about to come upon the world to try the wicked and strengthen your faith, rather fear God who has the power to throw you into hell for refusing Him. Stand firm in the faith of your fathers or you will fall for the deception coming clandestinely upon the world. I invite you to visit the category “Prophecy” where I have recorded a number of prophecies received in visions, dreams, and direct inspiration from the Holy Spirit. May God give us eyes to see the deception that is capturing many souls for the kingdom of darkness.

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