Prince of Peace – Revealing Antichrist

In a divided world where civil war, sectarian violence, terrorism, and street protests seem common place, how can the entire world be united to follow one person? Yet the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible teaches that the coming … Antichrist will have the entire world follow after him to such a degree that they actually worship him as the prince of peace. Imagine if you will what our world would look like with a cessation of all wars, all conflicts, and all violent protests. Imagine if you will a world where there is no terrorist threatening the destruction of innocent people. Imagine for a moment a world where hostility between religious factions would cease, all world religions would have mutual respect for one another. This would in itself be enough for the entire world to follow after any individual who could bring this about.

But let’s go a little deeper. How could this ever happen in our world? Many in our world today are convinced that religion is the problem and more specifically the difference in one’s religious or theological views. Hollywood has been making this point for years with nearly every movie to hit the box office. Take a closer look and you will see films portraying people from different religions working together for a common goal. You will see them demonstrating mutual respect and acceptance of one another’s religious views. The United States has seen their own President read from both the Koran and the Bible in a speech to the Muslim world. We have also seen the Roman Catholic Church create a dialogue with other world religions to garner mutual respect. But this is just the beginning because it only lays the ground work for removing the divisive force between religions and paves the way to a universal peace.

Before proceeding we must ask the question: “Why does it appear that Christianity in this country is so vehemently attacked while other religions seem to go relatively unscathed?”  I will answer that question with one word: “exclusiveness.” For two thousand years now the world has had a very big problem with the exclusiveness of Christianity. We must return to Ancient Rome to see how this all started. Rome was an empire that had embraced every known religion. Every time Rome conquered a country she would allow its gods to be brought into an equal footing with the rest. But Christianity arrived claiming to be the only true religion above all the rest and spoke of Jesus Christ as their only King which caused them a great deal of difficulty ensuing the great persecutions.

To this day many still believe that Christianity has tormented the world with its prophets of doom proclaiming Christ as the only way and its refusal as a certain path to the burning pits of hell. To preach the exclusiveness of Christianity is seen as divisive working against the possibility of world peace. As the world grows more tolerant of other world religions it has become less tolerant to Christians bent on winning the world for Christ. It is the belief of this author that the coming Antichrist or the one claiming to be the true prince of peace will outlaw any and all religions to proselyte. That is, to preach Christ to someone of another religious group would be punishable by death because it would be seen as an act of terrorism. This would be the first step in silencing the voice of Christianity and it would cause the entire world to rejoice and send gifts to one another (see Revelation 11:10). Many believe to silence Christianity would usher in a time of universal peace with mutual respect and acceptance of all world religions.

Clearly Antichrist will come claiming to be the true prince of peace and no doubt will win the noble peace prize. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

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