The Peacemaker Comes to Bring Peace to a Divided World

The Peacemaker Comes to Bring Peace to a Divided World

After looking at the division between the Republicans and Democrats during the State of the Union address by our President, Donald J. Trump, I am convinced that only a peacemaker can heal this division. Without unity it will be impossible to lead and without righteous leadership this country will continue its decline into the depth of immorality. A decline that will eventually destroy this country and the world. The good news, however, is the peacemaker comes to bring peace to a divided world. It will take a peacemaker. A different kind of peacemaker. One who can make peace between these two divergent groups claiming to represent everyone in this country. Two groups that are so angry and disrespectful to one another that they have lost their will to govern righteously.

Let me say right up front it’s not compromise. That will not bring true peace. Moreover, it will not be capitulation to the other side. For that too will not bring true peace. It will be something much deeper. Each side must begin with a sincere desire to know the truth and how that truth relates to the rule of law. To govern others, one must first know how to govern themselves. What rules do they live by? If it’s just a collection of do’s and don’ts passed on to them by their parents or public schooling, then it will probably be far from the truth. Thus, leading many into gross immorality. There is a higher law that not only governs the universe in which we live but also governs our individual and collective behavior. This is a profound truth that must be accepted if we really desire to govern others. Yet, it is sad to say that many of our leaders in the Senate and the House have never come to this truth nor do they understand the higher law needed to govern their own behavior, let alone governing an entire nation.

Before we understand this higher law, we must not allow anyone or anything to persuade us to deviate from it. Not for monetary, political or social gain. We cannot allow the needs of the few, especially those with a lot of money, to outweigh the needs of the many. Selfishness will almost always seek to diminish, relax or change this higher law for one’s own personal gain or the gain of his constituents. Even if a large group of people resist the higher law it does not change the law, nor should it be forced upon the consciousness of others seeking to follow the higher law. To understand this higher law, we must understand the Lawgiver. The one who set the universe into motion causing it to obey its natural laws. It is the same One who has instilled His law into the heart of man. A law to live by and a law to govern others by in the context of community. As long as man rejects this law and the Lawgiver then he will continue to live in turmoil. Turmoil in his own life and the life of his community. There will be no peace. Without peace the destructive force of division will continue to tear at the very fabric of man’s heart and at the heart of his community. It will be impossible to govern with this division.

So how do we find this higher law to govern ourselves and others in our community? We must come to the Lawgiver – the One True Peacemaker. If we come with repentant hearts admitting our sins that caused such turmoil and division in our hearts, then the One True God will write His law upon our hearts. A divine law not conjured up by man, but a law from the mind of God that causes everything to work together.  In the place of turmoil and division there will be peace with God our one true Savior once we have also accepted and believed the truth claims of the Gospel. Once we have established peace with God then it’s possible to have peace with one another. This peace will be strengthened by upholding the higher law of God. Where every decision concerning our own behavior and our governing in community will be weighed by the higher law of God. Every law enacted by man must adhere to the higher law of God. To do so would bring true peace to both houses of Congress.

If both sides of the aisle would receive this peace from the Peacemaker, then there would be a lot more agreements than disagreements. There would be a lot more honor and respect shown to our national leaders. I believe that there was a time when this nation sought these principles derived from a higher law – God’s law. But we have now lost our way and destruction is imminent if we don’t change course quickly. We can start by no longer calling bad good and good bad. We can start by examining the belief system of those who wish to hold office in the nation’s Capital. We can start by no longer allowing money to put people into office. The news media must no longer be allowed to take sides through negative reporting and their ridiculous polls. This will take some time, but we must do it while we still have a country. Believe me if we don’t all will be lost. God’s wrath is ready to be poured out on an unrighteous land if we don’t change soon.

Remember there is still a role for a peacemaker that could bring this country back again to recognizing and following God’s law. The Bible offers a special blessing and a designation to those who become true peacemaker in this fallen world. The Bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9). God bless America, help her, Oh LORD to be great again in your eyes. Please dear children remember this too, Jesus Christ said, “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” (Mark 3:24).

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