My Dream and Its Interpretation

I have had only a few dreams that I know for certain that have come directly from the Lord. The following article is a dream and its interpretation that I received on January 29,2022. May you take great encouragement that God still speaks to us in our dreams (Acts 2:17).

My Dream

In the first scene, I was with a group of well-dressed intelligent people who had a lot to offer. They spoke well holding their audience spellbound. They appeared to be great entertainers. I was quite taken by their appearance and what they seemingly had to offer. They all demonstrated a great presence standing erect with a commanding posture. Continue reading My Dream and Its Interpretation

The Two Witnesses in Revelation

Most Christians are familiar with the two witnesses in the book of Revelation, even though they may prove to be an enigma. To help us understand their witness we need to listen to the angel that opened their eyes to the problem that will face the Church in each age from the First Century until now. The angel accomplished this by having the two witnesses do a couple of amazing things before they were allowed to witness. They must measure the community of the faithful who correctly worship their God and then measure everyone else who is not worshipping God correctly but is following the world (Revelation 11:1-2). This would be a wake-up call to the true condition of the Church. Almost from the beginning, they had lost their way as the Church integrated the world’s philosophies and teachings with God’s beautiful truth. False doctrine had entered the Church. These two witnesses, representative of all God’s faithful witnesses in every age, will continue to witness His beautiful truths to fallen humanity. They would also go to the heart of the problem and witness directly to the powers of darkness who were causing God’s children to stumble. They would carry God’s prophetic message to the world’s leaders and the many false prophets in every age since the time of Christ. Continue reading The Two Witnesses in Revelation

Listen to the Voice of God

Welcome to the new year 2022, it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. Therefore, it is essential to hear only what God has to say about what’s happening now and what is coming soon upon the world. So, we bend our ears to hear the voice of God. We listen intently to hear that still small voice that comes ever so quietly from the indwelling Spirit. Many things will dull our hearing. The mind and soul are filled every day with images on the cellphone or computer monitor to the writings or voices from others in the world. These voices and images keep the mind actively engaged in assimilating all the information and drawing on our own conclusions based primarily on our past experiences, real or unreal. Although this is a great gift from God to both dissimulate and assimilate all the information in the world, it can and often does dull our spiritual ears keeping us from hearing what the Spirit says to our heart and mind. Clearly what is needed is silence and solitude preceded by jettisoning all our preconceived ideas. We must always come to God empty-handed, which I might add, is a very difficult thing to do even for the most righteous. Continue reading Listen to the Voice of God

The Last Christmas

We have been joyfully celebrating the first Christmas for over two thousand years, now we are entering the darkest night of humanity’s soul. What will the last Christmas look like? The final chapter of humanity’s existence upon planet earth as it races through the cosmos will be one to be remembered. The last Christmas will not be remembered like our past Christmases where Christ was at the center of everything we did and thought. All our plans were made accordingly. It will not be remembered for the beautifully decorated trees, the joyous singing of the Christmas carolers, and the bright happy faces of God’s precious children. It was the birthday of our King. It will not be remembered for the love floating through the brisk winter’s night bringing warmth and good tidings for everyone it touches. It will not be remembered for the bright lights and the heavenly sounds of Christmas touching the inner soul of all those anticipating this glorious event. Memories of Christmas past have been deeply etched into every believer’s heart. As humanity approaches its last days on earth, the fallen world will create new memories of the last Christmas that will truly darken our souls. Continue reading The Last Christmas

Helping Christians Stand Firm

Helping Christians to stand firm has been our commission from the Lord for many years now. However, it’s only been in the last few years that we have realized just how important it is for the survival of Christianity. Yes, classic Christianity is dying, and its followers are being easily captured by the powers of darkness to do their bidding. They are no longer standing firm in their faith but have now become a mouthpiece for Satan as he leads the entire world into greater confusion, precipitated by the powers of darkness leading everyone to express their own wavering opinion. Their beliefs change like the wind when they are confronted with a better-sounding argument or a real threat to their livelihood. Furthermore, many remain silent in the face of falsehood or hearsay indicating that they are not standing firm. To use an old adage, “if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for everything.” Sadly, we are now living in a world where most are falling for everything because they are not standing firm in the faith of our forefathers. What deeply saddens me is there is no rebuttal from the Church or God’s holy people when they hear their senseless rhetoric and wavering opinions contrary to sound doctrine. Continue reading Helping Christians Stand Firm

Helping Christians Stand Firm