The Third Woe Ends the War

The war for the souls of mankind has been raging for over two thousand years. In my last two articles, we looked at the first two woes, demonstrating that they both began in the first century, even though their greatest effect upon fallen humanity wasn’t realized until the sixth century. Moreover, these two woes have progressively gotten worse through the centuries until the present day. Today, we will look at the third woe that corresponds with the seventh trumpet giving us a glimpse at the end from the beginning; a time of great rejoicing in heaven because the war has finally been won. (Read Revelation 11:14-19). Hallelujah! It’s essential to understand that the book of Revelation is not a static prophecy nor is it a prophecy incapsulated for some future date. It is a very dynamic prophecy relevant for every age giving us direction, hope, and encouragement to stand firm in the midst of the war being waged for the souls of humanity. To fully understand the third woe, it will be necessary to review six chapters in the book of Revelation along with the important interludes, four separate acts, that we will discuss as they appear in the Revelation. Bear with me during this heart-stopping drama, for it’s well worth the journey. Continue reading The Third Woe Ends the War

The Second Woe – The Muslim Invasion

The Bible says, “One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter” (Revelation 9:12). In my last article, “The Silent Pandemic of Mental Illness,” we discussed the first Woe that had its conception in the First Century but was not fully realized until the Sixth Century with the opening of the first mental hospital in Iraq. Today we will discuss the second Woe that also had its beginning in the First Century with a number of heresies coming against the true teachings of our Lord. Like the first Woe, this heresy against the Church would not be fully realized or have its greatest effect upon fallen humanity until the Sixth Century. After the sounding of the sixth trumpet that corresponds with the second Woe, a voice came from the throne of God in heaven directing the angel to, “Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates” (See Revelation 9:13-14). These four bound angels represent four strong powers that would arise and project an even more damaging heresy upon the Christian and Jewish communities. In the sixth century, Christians and Jews at the time lived peacefully in the area of the Euphrates river, also known as the Fertile Crescent, until they were conquered by Muslim invaders. These new converts to Islam in time were prepared for future incursions into the known world to kill and destroy (See Revelation 9:15). Continue reading The Second Woe – The Muslim Invasion

The Silent Pandemic of Mental Illness – The First Woe

The last thing the world needs is another pandemic. Yet, this new pandemic of mental illness has been in the works for over two thousand years when the prophet announced the three woes coming soon upon the world (see Revelation 8:13). In its infancy, long before it was ever recognized as an epidemic, few people suffered from mental illness while even fewer souls were classified as being insane. By the sixth century, this all changed. The epidemic was growing exponentially in the East with the first mental hospital constructed in Baghdad, Iraq in 750 AD. By the nineteenth century, the epidemic moved to Europe and then to the United States. With the growing number of mental disorders being cataloged in the “Diagnostic Statistical Manual” the pharmaceutical industry started producing an array of mind-altering drugs to treat every symptom. As the epidemic grew, most people were reluctant to admit to having a mental disorder and they soon became the unseen majority, popping their pills and suffering in silence. This silence caused the closure of many mental hospitals and the rise of numerous counseling centers to handle the sheer number of patients. Mental illness is real, causing a great drain on the world’s economy and the productivity of its workforce. As the world suffers in silence it’s time for God’s prophets to proclaim loudly what’s causing this silent pandemic. Continue reading The Silent Pandemic of Mental Illness – The First Woe

The Big Picture Will Shock You

“We can’t see the forest for the trees;” this is an old saying that has lots of meaning in today’s world. People engaged in the day to day fight cannot see the big picture. People attempting to uncover every new conspiracy theory cannot see the big picture. People who are engrossed with their own problems, cannot see the big picture. The big picture will shock you and literally turn your world upside down. Only a true prophecy from the hand of God can allow you to see the big picture. In my last article “From the Hand of God” we talked about the whole world reaping the consequences of their unrepentant sins. Today, we will back away a bit allowing you to see the big picture of what’s really happening in the world. To do that, we first need a little history lesson to help this big picture come into focus. Once we see and understand the big picture then we will allow God to direct our path going forward. This will be God’s prophetic word to the Church, to His faithful remnant living in the Last Days. May we all have eyes to see. Continue reading The Big Picture Will Shock You

From the Hand of God

Thank you, Father, for this beautiful world designed and created for our happiness, our well-being, and for our protection. The temperature is perfect, not too cold and not too hot. As our planet races around the sun, our dome of protection keeps us safely shielded from the dangerous space objects, gravitation to keep us in place, and oxygen to keep us alive. What an awesome job from the hand of God. Thank you, Father, for our wonderfully made bodies to house our eternal souls and then not leaving us alone but giving us the great privilege to cohabit with your Spirit through faith. Thank you, Father, for other humans, all created in your image, to work and fellowship with us, each possessing the amazing capacity to share and receive agape love. Thank you, Father, for creating the opposite sex to discover the wonders of an intimate relationship and the tremendous joy of raising our offspring. Thank you, Father, for the absolute beauty of our earth where we can get lost in the gorgeous landscape, amazing mountains, and pristine rivers. Thank you, Father, for the magnificent wildlife for which you have given us dominion. Thank you, Father, for all that you have given us and especially the incredible fellowship that we have with you through the indwelling Spirit. Continue reading From the Hand of God

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