What’s Really Wrong with America?

If we could open the door and see what’s really wrong with the world and particularly with America, what would it be? We could easily say its lawlessness or the lack of love and acceptance that’s created numerous divisions, which continue to splinter to even smaller groups. Or we could take a bolder approach and say its humanity’s rejection of their Savior, Jesus Christ, that’s causing the problem. All this is true but let me suggest that we use a scalpel instead of a sword to look at an even deeper truth that has adversely affected every single person upon the planet since the fall. This is something that the entire world is mostly blind to, unless they look very carefully at the Law of God. This transgression, that we will speak about shortly, is so powerfully sinister that it affects everyone from the cradle to the grave driving most right into the waiting hands of Satan to be controlled as his pawns. This transgression has taken a tremendous hold upon the Christian community where most don’t even see it as a real trespass. In our day this has caused the blameless Bride of Christ to look more like a blushing harlot. This will be a time of great embarrassment for many! I take no great pleasure in writing this article, but I feel compelled to follow the leading of Jesus Christ through the indwelling Spirit. Continue reading What’s Really Wrong with America?

Why Do We Follow Jesus Christ?

Not everyone follows or wants to follow God. Remember, dear friends, there was a rebellion in heaven by Satan and his fallen angels, who no longer wanted to follow God. This rebellion has continued for thousands of years and continues today on Planet Earth. Our all-powerful God could have stopped the rebellion then and He has the power and authority to stop it now. God chose not to! Simply and profoundly put, our Mighty God does not want slaves, He wants followers. As a follower of God, I may, like the great Apostles, choose to be a slave but it’s our choice. This is our choice driven by our great unyielding love for our Savior. So, why did Satan and his fallen angels decide to rebel against God, a God of love? Simply put, Satan did not want to just accept his position as “the anointed Cherub” in all his grandeur. (See Ezekiel 28:13-15). In his pride he wanted much more. The Bible says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! … For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God … I will be like the most High” (Isaiah 14:12-14). The true hallmarks of Satan are his nauseating pride and his outrageous lies. Let’s be very clear Satan is still in rebellion against God, even now upon Planet Earth, to usurp the worship of God! Continue reading Why Do We Follow Jesus Christ?

Coming Trials Will Test Your Faith

We all know, or should know, that it’s faith that unlocks the door to heaven and eternal life. Perhaps that’s the first thing we heard when we embraced the glorious message of Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation. The majority of those who say that they believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially those living in the West today, have not had their faith severely tested but their time is coming quickly. You might be thinking that the trials thus far this year have been quite enough to test or prove our faith, to make it stronger, and to rely solely upon the Lord. But I will tell you plainly, that the trials coming will either break you completely or they will strengthen your faith. We have not seen anything yet. The trials on the horizon will shock the entire world. Unfortunately, most have allowed their faith to grow weaker and weaker as they lean more on their own understanding or their unwavering reliance on the many props and counseling of the modern world. This weakened faith, my dear friends, will not stand during the coming trials to test our faith. On the other hand, we must allow the coming trials to strengthen our faith, just as the metal is strengthened by passing through the fire thus purging it of all its impurities. Continue reading Coming Trials Will Test Your Faith

The Unseen Enemy

They say, “seeing is believing.” Well, I am here to tell you, that some things unseen is more dangerous than anything you can see with your physical eyes. It’s more dangerous than the so-called deep state or the worst conspiracy theory. This unseen enemy can destroy your life in ways that are hard to imagine. He can do far worse than all the plagues falling upon unrepentant humanity for the consequences of their many sins. It’s far worse than the raging forest fires, the many earthquakes, the giant tsunamis, the explosive hurricanes, and even the virus taking so many lives. Journey with me to the deepest caverns of your hidden emotions, which can easily border on insanity or stark raving madness. These emotions, safely hid from sight, contain our greatest fears that grip our entire being. In every human, there is the horrific fear of failing, not being accepted, losing our livelihood, maintaining our ability to function, to keep a sound mind, or being destroyed. To go even deeper we see contradicting thoughts pulling us in one direction and then another expressing thoughts of fear that leads to outbursts of anger, hate, and even revenge. Going even deeper we discover, if we are honest, thoughts introduced by the enemy that’s driving everyone in the world a bit mad, as they entertain thoughts of unchecked lawlessness and pure evil spilling into the streets of America and behind every closed door. Continue reading The Unseen Enemy

The Prophecy: A Revelation for God’s Children

Revelation is Dynamic.  When the scales fall off our eyes then we are amazed at the dynamic nature of the book of Revelation, which thrills our hearts. It’s happened, it’s happening, and it will shortly come to pass or be fulfilled. Through these lenses, we see something quite amazing. As the prophecy is fulfilled, step by step, it colors in more of the drama between the powers of darkness and the children of light. It progressively unveils the raging battle between an all-powerful God and the dragon seeking to unseat His authority. So, let’s join the drama once again in the last of the last days when we observe the beast coming out of the sea (Read Revelation 13:1). Throughout history, we have observed great powers arising from the sea of humanity seeking to make a name for themselves by conquering and to conquer. Powerful leaders, in their respective countries, have readily sought alliances and treaties to overpower more and more of humanity to follow their dictates. As each proudly displays its religious horns, some also had the crown of great power. We observe throughout history each desperately trying to rule the world making everyone subject to their blasphemous authority. They proudly proclaim to know what’s best for humanity by putting forth their own doctrines and traditions above God’s absolute truth. Continue reading The Prophecy: A Revelation for God’s Children

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