For Every Action There is a Reaction

It’s breaking my heart that God’s people are being manipulated. Satan has not only led God’s children into deception and error he is also now manipulating them to fight a war that they cannot win, which will drive fear into their hearts. I have always been amazed by the ebb and flow of history. For every action there is a reaction. There are countless examples in history from the abuses of the Catholic Church to the Reformation and from tyranny to democracy. For every action there was a reaction. We have also seen the ebb and flow from the gross immorality in the early days of our country to the great evangelistic movements to the global emphasis on missions. For every action there has always been a reaction. Continue reading For Every Action There is a Reaction

The Faithful Remnant Seek to Know Their God

The one thing missing among God’s people these days in the midst of their many trials and tribulations is the seeking of your people after their God. They seek a great many things, but they don’t prepare their hearts to seek after their God. This is tragic. They seek knowledge but miss knowing their God. They study all the manuscripts and understand a great many things about the history, the languages, and the culture of biblical times, but miss knowing their God. They banter back and forth in their study groups and have heated arguments about certain words and meanings but have missed knowing their God. They know all the church doctrines and have the ability to recite their systematic theology and can discuss the finer points of their religion but have missed knowing their God. We will discover together how the Faithful Remnant seek to know their God. Continue reading The Faithful Remnant Seek to Know Their God

We Are the Faithful Remnant

As we draw closer to the end no one will doubt the increase in wickedness and the power of Satan. They won’t doubt the destruction of humanity and our home, planet Earth. We would all have to be blind to miss what is happening all around us. However, what most will not easily admit is how difficult it is to stay pure in an impure world. They will not easily admit their tremendous struggle with the things they see and hear in the world. There is a growing group within all of Christianity that admits to this struggle and have banded together through small groups in churches, in business and on Social Media to support one another in prayer and mutual encouragement. By way of introduction, we are the faithful remnant. Some have referred to their selves as the remnant army, but whatever we call ourselves our goals are the same to stay holy in a wicked world that’s being slowly destroyed from within. Continue reading We Are the Faithful Remnant

The Prophecy

They say that a prophecy unsaid is like burning embers in the soul of man. If the spiritual vision was real and the mind was expanded to receive it then I must, I feel compelled, to proclaim it. Let this prophecy be spoken first to the Christian Church then in time all will hear. Some will accept it while many others will reject this truth and will continue on their merry way. Why does anyone reject a true prophet? Why would anyone reject, “The Prophecy.” Clearly, prophecies tend to dash people’s hope. Although I may proclaim loudly it doesn’t need to dash your hope, for most it will. Hope is a very powerful tool in the hands of those who wish to shape the destiny of a nation. It’s very powerful when people want something different than what they had before. Let’s keep that in mind while we listen to this prophecy. There is so very much to say it’s difficult to know where to start. So, I will start at the beginning. Continue reading The Prophecy

Posting the Indisputable Doctrines of The Faithful Remnant

When posting the indisputable doctrines of the faithful remnant it will cut clean across the fault lines of modern Christianity. As Martin Luther nailed the ninety-five theses to the door of the Catholic Church and later said “Here I stand, I can do no other,” we too must take our stand on the truth. As the world moves further away from the truth of God’s Word and seeks to live by its higher knowledge we have witnessed the moral decline of society. Unfortunately, many so-called Christians have joined with them creating open hostility against the faithful remnant, those who hold to these indisputable doctrines that are stated in this article. I have been personally attacked and threatened for the teachings that I so dearly hold onto with the same determination of those early Christians who took their stand against their persecutors. Please read carefully allowing God’s Holy Spirit to lead you to accept these truths and join the ranks of the faithful remnant. Then join me as we spread the truth to all those who have ears to hear. Here I stand, I can no other. Continue reading Posting the Indisputable Doctrines of The Faithful Remnant

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