Open Letter to the United States Congress

You have the lowest approval rating ever. Is it not time to rise above the restraints that you have placed upon yourself and think about what is best for the country? To do so will not only help this country … but every other country that has looked to the United States of America as their shining example for individual rights and the pursuit of happiness. Because of your greed you have been caught in a vicious cycle that has brought this country to its knees economically. Before we fix the problem we need to understand what caused it in the first place.

Out of greed big business discovered that they could make a lot more money by closing their factories and plants here in the United States and to transfer them to developing countries with cheaper wages and a smaller tax burden; or to simply buy their goods and services from another country instead of purchasing them from the home country. To make matters worse we fell for the lie that says if we reduce the taxes on big business then it would cause big business in this country to hire more people and thus improve an already weakened economy.  For a short while it appeared to work, but big business only got bigger and the middle class shrunk even further, casting many more on the welfare rolls.

As the welfare rolls and unemployment grew even larger you soon realized that the entitlement programs were driving the country deeper into debt. Along with the cost of two great wars seemingly to protect our national interest things have not improved for the country’s economy, however, big business was still thriving with the production and sell of the instruments of war. Then if that were not enough you encouraged big business to sell houses to poor people who could ill afford the mortgage even during a good economy.  So first you allow the greedy capitalist to take away their jobs then you allow them to take away their home. But the socialist among you seek to save the day by their tried and true method of calming the masses by advancing their entitlement programs thus ensuring their re-election.

You soon realized that spending more money than what the country takes in through taxes that something must be done to fix the problem. The Republican (driven by the greedy capitalist) does not want to raise taxes on the wealthy which is big business. Whereas, the Democrats don’t want to cut the entitlement programs (driven by the socialist) so you are forced to borrow money from someone who is more than willing to loan it at least for awhile. You reason quite correctly if China is making so much money from producing the world goods then they would be more than happy to loan us money so that we can continue with our entitlement programs and keep from taxing big business that is responsible for making them so much money to build their own economy.

I pray that you are starting to see the big picture and the dilemma you find yourself in. All the manipulation in the world will not change the fact you have allowed the country to slip into a pending economic collapse. So what can you do? As a Christian minister you will be able to see clearly what you must do once you have repented of your personal greed and selfish pride. The first thing you must do is to require everyone in big business who purchases goods and services from another country to be taxed to the same level as if they were producing the goods and services in this country.  This will force big business to either build factories in this country and hire American workers or pay taxes relative to what they have stolen from the American people. If they choose the later then we become a welfare state instead of an industrialized nation.

Secondly, all entitlement programs must be completely reformed. For example Social Security should be paid out dollar for dollar; only what you have paid into your retirement account with interest earned should be paid out to the recipient. Medicare and Medicaid should only be for those who are elderly and incapable of taking care of their self or who have been completely left alone with no assistance. All others should be referred to the local Church or charities for assistance.  Welfare should be completely abolished and left to the Churches or charities to help the poor.  The third thing you do is get out of debt by paying back your debtors and that includes China. The fourth thing you do is re-assess your foreign policy and stop engaging in regime change and nation building.

Now I realize that this all sounds rather simplistic and I doubt very seriously that this plan of action will ever be attempted by the United States Congress. They will continue in their deadlock and sooner or later as prophesized this country will along with the rest of the world experience an economic collapse that will need a promised fix by the coming Antichrist. So, as Christians we must learn how to stand firm and not be easily shaken by what lies ahead. I have given godly counsel on how to stand firm in the last days in my new book to be released in 2012: “Stand Firm.”

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