Only God Can Lift the Veil

Only God Can Lift the Veil

Only God can lift the veil on what’s really happening in the world. The President can’t do it. The News Services can’t do it. Preachers and prophets can’t do it, only God can lift the veil on what’s really happening in the world. We are not coming before you with what we think we know; we are only coming before you with clean hands and a pure heart. We are waiting patiently for God to speak and tell us what’s really happening in the world. Thus, says the LORD, “Why do you act as if something strange is coming upon you? Have I not told you beforehand that all this would come upon you during the Great Tribulation? Satan is now using it to his advantage to frighten you and bring you into further bondage.” Yes, the Lord did tell us, for the Bible says, “… and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places” (Matthew24:7b). We will discover together how Satan and the Antichrist will use these plagues to their advantage to frighten you and bring you into bondage. They will not allow this pandemic to go to waste. We must be careful and not chase after conspiracy theories, fake news, and false prophecies that will blind us to the truth. On the other hand, we must stay grounded in only what God has taught us through Holy Scripture. We must allow God to remove the veil.

For the first time in history, the world is being led to fight this pandemic in a completely different way than we have in the past. This is not the world’s first pandemic! We are now following the lead of Communist China, whose leaders are devout atheists, in that we are locking down entire countries, cities, closing borders, baring all non-essential travel, asking everyone to stay at home, and practice social distancing. This is costing the government trillions and trillions of dollars in additional debt to cause this to happen. On the surface, this looks like an effective way to fight a novel virus. This is especially true if people can spread the virus even before they show symptoms. We have some State governors saying this can last up to eight weeks or even longer until we get enough people immune by getting the disease and then recovering from it. Of course, this herd mentality of immunity doesn’t give the older generation much hope unless there is a vaccine, and soon. So, how will Satan use this to his advantage by keeping people in their homes and restricted for such a long time? How will this benefit him by having us all practicing social distancing? Let’s be very clear I am not saying we should not practice this, but I will be encouraging you as God’s beloved children to not fall into the devil’s trap.

As God lifts the veil, we can see two great dangers ahead driving us further into the hands of the Antichrist or the Beast of Revelation. The first great danger will arise from sending the entire population into an extended period of time with no fellowship, no one on one discipleship, no corporate worship, and the separation from aging parents or close relatives. This will result in most people experiencing enormous anxiety and loneliness making them prime candidates for the world’s counselors when the virus finally ends. We are social creatures and were never meant to live completely alone. Social Media like entertainment, may take the edge off and help fill up the time, but it will never replace or fill the emptiness in man’s heart and their need for each other. For God’s beloved children, it should not be so, we have the constant comfort and joy of the Holy Spirit. We have fellowship in the Spirit with other like-minded believers even if separated. When fallen humanity exits their homes, Satan and his counselors will be waiting for them to carry them further into bondage by giving them all the counsel and drugs they think they need. The second great danger is leaving people out of work, especially the hourly employee who cannot work from home but must now remain idle and unproductive for many hours. This will cause most to have stress and even depression. God created us to stay productive and we as His children have discovered that we are at our happiest when we do. Again, Satan will use this to his advantage by leading you to trust in him and his governments of the world to provide for your every need. After the virus, the world governments may claim that they don’t have a choice but to turn to some form of socialism in its recovery from a broken economy.

I hope that you see as the veil is lifted by God, the old devil will use this coronavirus to his advantage to control the world’s population and to transfer their trust completely to him and his government. Yes, the Lord will allow them to find a cure, this is not the end of the world. So, please dear children don’t fear to take the vaccine, rather fear taking the mark of the beast. No, the mark or the chip is not in the vaccine. How do I know that? I know it from God’s Holy Word that we have a choice to take the mark of the beast. We will know that it is the mark of the beast when we decide to follow him. There is nothing secretive about it. The Bible says, “And the third angel followed them, saying in a loud voice, if any man worship the beast and his image , and receive his mark in his forehead [mental assent], or in his hand [actively following], the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God…” (Revelation 14:9-10a). We know that when fallen humanity takes the mark, there is something in their mind that says, “this sounds wonderful, we will have no more worry.” They will probably have free health care which includes psychological counseling and their accompanying drugs, they will all have work without the pressure of earning enough money to support themselves.

Yes, when we finally come out of our homes and no longer in lock-down, we will be coming into a brand-new world designed by the enemy himself. (Please see my News Brief on this subject. “The World Will Never be the Same,” 3-16-2020) With the mark of the beast, they will be able to buy whatever they need and sell whatever they have. So, what is the mark? Let me say that the mark does not need to be visible. We know that Satan loves to imitate God through his own mocking version of the trinity (Satan, the Antichrist, and the second religious type Beast). I like to call it, the unholy trinity. Would he not also mimic the mark or the seal. The Bible says, that His beloved children have been sealed with the Holy Spirit (See Ephesians 1:13-14), and I can assure you that this mark or seal is invisible. In the same way, the Antichrist or the Beast of Revelation wants to mark you with an invisible mark by your acceptance of all that he has to offer. You will show your allegiance through worship and following his new rules and doctrines of the new world. As the veil is lifted true believers in Christ will NOT put their trust in the Antichrist or his government. What they will do, is repent of all their transgressions. What they will do is cry out in the loudest voice that what is coming upon the world is the wrath of God and say clearly that it is not some bioweapon or caused by some deep state. They will stand firm in the truth that God is in control and this too shall pass. Let us stand firm and not follow the world into the darkness. The veil has been lifted and God’s precious children will overcome.

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