Oil Spill Catastrophe

Could this be a precursor of things to come? We live in a turbulent world where nothing happens by accident. As we fast approach the end of days, signs of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming are everywhere. It was not long ago that I wrote in my book, Final Warning, that the plagues and woes poured out by God on an evil world would go unrecognized by the pagan or explained away as human error or a freak accident of nature. But can we really close our eyes to the recent oil spill and the impending catastrophe? Do we honestly think that man in his own power can reverse the effects of the oil spill or stop the impending storms that may well drive the oil into the rivers and springs of water? Every day we are discovering that even more oil has poured into the Gulf – that measuring its extent may be well beyond our capacity.

As we enter one of the most aggressive hurricane seasons on record, I cannot even imagine what a hurricane would do with oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Dealing with oil on the beach is one thing, but what if we had to deal with it in our streets, in our businesses, in our homes? What if we had to rescue humans covered in oil? What if this is no longer isolated to just the Gulf Coast but found its way up the great rivers to our inner cities? Now imagine if you will, the dispersants mixed with oil which could possibly cause untold diseases and catastrophic health hazards of a biblical proportion. It staggers the imagination, or is it prophetic?

What if we are dealing with the wrath of God? The Bible clearly indicates that during the Great Tribulation that his angels, “will pour out his bowl (God’s wrath) on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died.” (Revelation 16:3) The shocking truth about this prophecy is that dead man’s blood is a brownish red color that is very similar to that of the oil spill. And we have all seen the devastation it has had on the wildlife. Our hearts have broken when we have seen birds and other wildlife struggle to free themselves from the encasement of oil.
God loves you. He loves His world, but he will not allow greed which is idolatry to capture the souls of men. He will not stand by idle as lawlessness ravages the helpless and drugs rob a man of his character. He will not turn a blind eye to the hate that pits one man against another. He will not rest as man destroys the world and himself in the process. God will continue to pour His wrath down on a wicked world until everyone who is called repents of their sin and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. God will not rest until all that is destined to be saved are saved.

No matter how hard we try to reverse the effects of these plagues they will only get worse until Christ returns at the end of the age to rapture His Church and send the evil doer to hell and eternal punishment. Christians must strengthen their faith and boldly witness to their neighbor while time is still left to do so. There will come a time when no man will receive your witness, but blame you for what is happening in the world. Christians can no longer remain silent!

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