Occupy Wall Street – Gone Global

How did this ever get started? Is it truly just the frustration of the people against what they perceive to be a greedy establishment or is it something more? I would assume that most of the protesters and those who … support them are truly frustrated that they cannot achieve their dream of individual wealth and prosperity. In fact, if most were honest they would have to admit that they have followed the ways of the very establishment for which they now protest against. They have charged on credit the things they desire. They have coveted the material things that the world has to offer. They too are deeply in debt because they lived well beyond their means while relying on credit and the promise of a better future. So they protest against the fat cats, the bankers, and the rich while each of them would trade places with them in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. So they protest and garner the attention given to them by the media with a sincere hope that things will change in their own miserable unfulfilled lives.

But things will not change in the way that they envision, because they are simply pawns on a much larger stage. These protests and demonstrations will not be lost in vain but will be used by those in power to achieve their own ends at the protesters expense. You will be given the illusion that your protesting will bring about real change in the world, that there will be a new equality with no class distinctions. You will be given the illusion that if the fat cats, the bankers, and the rich are brought to their knees by bringing down the current system it will give you a better life free from heart ache and worry. But it’s all an illusion because one form of slavery will be exchanged for another. You may feel equal with the rest. You may feel a sense of peace and accomplishment but all is an illusion.

The stage is being set. Those who are in power will use this to their benefit by raising up a new system of economic reform to level the playing field.  This is nothing new in history. The fat cats, the bankers, and the rich have always been used as scape goats for the masses to vent their anger so that a new despot can enter in as the new savior for humanity. These protests are no longer just an American thing but it has now gone global which has been the plan from the beginning. No longer will just America need a savior, but the stage is being set for a new kind of savior for the entire world. One who can restore the global economy and give the illusion that the fat cats, the bankers, and the rich through regulations and taxation are brought to their knees with a new level playing field established.

Once the stage has been set then the Antichrist can make his grand entrance as the savior of humanity. Not only will he restore the economy, but he will give the allusion that you and the rest of the world are no longer in danger of the Muslim fanatic. All Muslims along with every other people group must sign a pledge of non-aggression and most importantly an agreement of religious tolerance. Christians in every country will no longer be allowed to preach the exclusiveness of Christianity, but must also sign this agreement of religious tolerance. Those countries who do not sign will be held outside of the new world order and completely isolated from the world’s economy and its resources. They will be hemmed in on every side until they accept the new global pact. The saying will be true: “Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?”  (Rev. 13:4)

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