Obama’s Political Acumen

Is Obama predestined for re-election? As the fat cats, the one percent, rally around the intended front runner Obama has already planned to use that to his political advantage. His spokesman, George Soros has already prophesied an economic collapse followed … by Europe that would strengthen the divide between rich and the poor creating anarchy in the streets of America. Make no mistake Obama will use this to his political gain. The Occupy Wall street movement will be re-energized and used to politicize the divide. And if that’s not enough I am sure that plans are already being made to usher in another major crisis that would affect the entire world. And who could be more qualified for the job than a president who delivered a major blow to Al-Qaida by relentlessly killing its leadership and demoralizing the enemy. It will be argued that he brought one war to a victorious close and on the verge of closing a second.

It’s clear that the Obama Administration wants to keep a large portion of the population dependent upon the Government and allow the rich to pay for it through excessive taxation.  If re-elected this could become a mandate to save the empire. Many call this progressive capitalism with a bent toward pure socialism, but the truth is it follows more closely the model of the ancient Roman Empire who kept its population in bread and entertainment (the Circuses) as a means of control. It is exactly at this point where I take issue as a Christian Minister of the Gospel. I listened to President Obama who spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and circulated on the internet for all interested parties to hear.  It was not long before it became clear that his proposal was to raise taxes on the wealthy and used the teachings of Jesus Christ to justify it.

President Obama made it very clear from his speech that no one but the rich could “shoulder the burden” and take on the “shared responsibility” which to him would make good economic sense for the wealthy to give up some of the tax breaks. He continued by saying, “But for me as a Christian, it also coincides with, Jesus’ teaching that, ‘for unto whom much is given, much should be required.’” Let me be clear I am not taking issue with taxing the wealthy, but I am taking issue with using the words of Jesus Christ to justify it. This quote taken completely out of context comes from Luke’s Gospel (12:48). To put it into its fuller context Jesus is talking about being ready when He returns by continuing to be a faithful and wise steward. The spiritual leaders in God’s Church were to take their responsibility seriously especially in lieu of the pending judgment. The more they received in the way of revelation truth or spiritual gifts the more they should share for the edification of all.  “For unto whom much is given, much should be required.” But again we see President Obama using this to his political advantage by driving a wedge between the 99 percent and the 1 percent.

As a Christian minister here is my biggest concern, that once again we see clearly our President at the National Prayer Breakfast deny the exclusiveness of Christianity. Once again, just like he did in Cairo we see God’s Holy Word in the Christian Bible put on the same level as the Koran and Jewish doctrine. So why is this a concern? As we fast approach the end of days the new tolerance for all world religions will be mandated by the new world order. Just like in the time of Ancient Rome it makes little difference which god you serve as long as you did not make one more superior than the rest. Obama is clearing a path to the new world order by instigating the Arab Spring with his speech in Cairo and now with his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. To stand firm in the coming days we must understand the truth of what lies ahead and not fall for the lie that all world religions are equal with classic Christianity. We must resist the temptation to become dependent upon the State but rather bravely proclaim our dependence on Jesus Christ alone.

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