My Dream and Its Interpretation

My Dream and Its Interpretation

I have had only a few dreams that I know for certain that have come directly from the Lord. The following article is a dream and its interpretation that I received on January 29,2022. May you take great encouragement that God still speaks to us in our dreams (Acts 2:17).

My Dream

In the first scene, I was with a group of well-dressed intelligent people who had a lot to offer. They spoke well holding their audience spellbound. They appeared to be great entertainers. I was quite taken by their appearance and what they seemingly had to offer. They all demonstrated a great presence standing erect with a commanding posture.

In the next scene, I and one other were requesting their presence. They agreed to follow us. Then I was standing in the pulpit of what seemed like a church. These well-dressed people who now appeared to all have the same dark-colored suits on occupied the entire left side of the church. On the right side, there were normal, plain-looking people dressed all differently. They filled up the right side of the church.

In the next scene, standing in the pulpit before all the people I felt quite pleased as I opened the Bible in the pulpit. Once the Bible was opened and before I spoke, I bowed my head in deep prayer and meditation that lasted for a time. When I finally opened my eyes, I was shocked to see that the entire left side of the church was empty. The well-dressed people were gone only leaving the common people occupying the right side of the church. I was greatly perplexed.

In the next scene, I noticed my friend trying to question the well-dressed people in a different place as to why they abruptly left the church. I joined my friend so that I could continue the investigation into the matter. I spoke to the leader of the well-dressed group beseeching him to explain why he left the church. He turned to me with large demanding eyes and said, “I don’t believe in God.” I was immediately taken back finding it difficult to know how to respond. I noticed that my friend was as bewildered as I was, so I pondered the situation with great emotion.

In the final scene, I noticed that all the well-dressed people who were now wandering about in a different area had something attached to each of their garments. I drew closer to the leader of the group of well-dressed and distinguished-looking people, and I noticed that it was a large name badge attached to each person. It was the kind of name badge given to those attending a conference. As I began to wonder about the meaning of the badge and everything else that had happened, I awoke.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” (Acts 2:17).

The Interpretation

 The wise of this world who entered the church quickly fled when they were asked to join us in deep prayer and meditation, which soon will be understood (I John 2:19). Not mentioned in the dream, as not being seen as important at the time, was the few strange looking individuals or beings observing our every movement as we sought out the nicely dressed people to investigate why they had left the church abruptly. These strange looking people observing us seemed to be hanging on the hallway walls. Although at the time we did not take much notice of them, in further reflection and prayer we have determined that they were the powers of darkness tracking our every movement as we sought to investigate the people who left our assembly.

Upon further reflection and prayer, we have discerned that the well-dressed intelligent people were clothed with all the knowledge from the world. This worldly wisdom and knowledge were able to hold the entire world spellbound. From science to philosophy, they could garner a larger and larger following from the world. Furthermore, it was their desire to join with others in their religious practice and even attend church services superficially to garner a following to their beliefs. The true church and God’s faithful remnant on the right side of the church was not moved by the hypocrisy of the well dressed and the learned but remained in place during their deeper walk with God through prayer and meditation.

The meaning of the conference type badges attached to all the well dressed and intelligent people meant that their ranks were growing exponentially as they shared their lies with one another about God and His beautiful creation. Through the acceptance of their scientific theories about evolution, the psychology of man, and the creation of the world they could say plainly and authoritatively that they did not believe in God. As they grew in stature and clothed in worldly wisdom, the true children of God looked more insignificant and smaller in the eyes of the world.

Oh, son of man, the dream and its interpretation are true. Don’t let the world look down upon you in these later days but stand erect, stand firm, and strengthen your faith for many will fall away and the great persecution will soon begin (II Thessalonians 2:3). Take encouragement that I am with you until the end of the world, thus saith the LORD (Matthew 28:20). Amen

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6 thoughts on “My Dream and Its Interpretation”

  1. I am so blessed to see all the blessings and miracles from God. I truly am blessed to be able to have your invite to view your site. God bless you for all you do Rev. Daniel Blair.

  2. I’m so much grateful to understand the power of dreams. I can see from that dream, prayer is very important. It was through prayer that those well dressed and intelligent men left. I’m so much challenged in everything to welcome the presence of the Lord. The agents of the enemy will not withstand the presence of the King of kings and therefore they will just leave once the presence of the Lord is felt.

  3. More and more these past two years, I have seen the dividing of the goats and the sheep. For a long time, the goats have looked like sheep while grazing among them. But now that the sheep are deepening their walk with the Lord, and the goats are deepening in their New Age philosophies, it’s much easier to see who’s who. It will take a miracle of God for the gospel to reach the goats.

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