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Is the RFID chip that may be required in Obama’s Health Care plan really the dreaded mark of the beast? Before we answer that question we need to have a clear understanding of the mark and what the number 666 means. This number becomes perfectly clear when we consider that the number six is the number for man. Man was created on the sixth day and he is only allowed to work six days a week. It’s also one number less than the number seven, which is the number for spiritual perfection. “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666” (Rev. 13:18).

The number of the beast is not simply the number six, but the number six three times: 6-6-6. This is insightful when we consider that the Bible regards the number three as a number for divine perfection. To triple any number (or saying) is to perfect it. In the case of man’s number six tripled is also an attempt to perfect it. On the other hand, the spiritual perfection of God, the number seven, is tripled in the holy trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit thus giving it also divine perfection. Typically other sayings in the Bible, such as Holy, Holy, Holy are tripled to indicate divine perfection. We can see also divine perfection in the universe that was created by a perfect God. There are three qualities of the universe: time, space, and matter. To exist all three are required. Each quality consists of three elements. Time is past, present, and future; space is height, width, and depth; and, matter is solid, liquid, and gas. Therefore, to give the number six to the beast and then triple it (6-6-6) is clearly an attempt at divine perfection.

In the same way when man follows the teachings of the world and takes the mark 666 it demonstrates his attempt at divine perfection. Is this mark a chip inserted just below the skin or is it a visible mark like a tattoo? Or is it simply a seal placed on fallen humanity’s foreheads by the Antichrist (or Beast) who is parroting God who has also placed a seal on the foreheads of His servants. (See Rev. 7:3) If we choose the later then it would indicate that the mark is invisible, but clearly has eternal ramifications. If you choose to accept the teaching of Antichrist and follow him in perfecting your character then you have clearly taken the mark. On the other hand, if you have been sealed by the living God then you follow Him and are being changed from one degree of glory to another. God is not kidding when He said that He has given you everything you need for life and godliness so that you can participate in the divine nature.

Yet fallen humanity will not accept that truth but is obsessed with perfecting man apart from trusting in God exclusively. The psychiatric industry, which stretches beyond cultural and religious barriers, is attempting to help man modify his behavior and reach perfection apart from trusting in God. Psychotropic drugs are prescribed by medical practitioners and psychologist to treat some sort of disease labeled by the psychiatric industry. There are over 300 different psychiatric disorders (or labels) listed in the DSM-IV, which is the psychiatrist bible. However, when one looks at these labels it becomes clear that they have crossed the line by not calling most of the labels sin, a condition that only God can cure. Only by the removal of sin can man become perfected in Christ. To leave man in his sins and on drugs will keep him in bondage to the old sin nature and a slave to Satan. To trust man to perfect man is nothing short of idolatry. To take the mark is to trust in Satan’s psychiatric programs to solve your problems and make you into the perfect human free from emotional and psychological problems. On the other hand to trust in God alone receives the seal of the Holy Spirit believing that He has given you everything you need for life and godliness so that you can participate in the divine nature. The choice is yours. Whose mark will you take – the mark of the beast or the seal of the living God? So what’s the outcome? View the eye opening video: Prophecy 2013

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