Lying, Desception, and Distraction in the Last Days

Lying, Deception, and Distraction in the Last Days

Almost everyone is doing it, that is lying and wearing their face of deceit, but for God’s beloved children it should not be so. It’s as though we have turned back the clock nearly two thousand years, when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ, “What is truth?” (See John 18:38) Once again, the world has sunk into the depth of immorality not only where they were blind to the truth, but also where few actually spoke the truth. Everything was lying deception and wearing the mask of deceit. Deceitfulness ruled the day. The world has gone full circle now, for we have returned once again to those last days, the days of lying deception. As it was before, it has become common place for both our political and religious leaders to speak outrageous lies and wear the mask of deceit. Once again, we discover it’s most difficult to tell when someone is actually telling the truth, even with the rise of the so called “Fact Check” websites. These websites have also been known to take things out of context or bend the truth for their audience. This lying deception has also entered the schools, the news media, and the government changing historical facts, causing us to repeat our same mistakes. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Satan is keeping everyone so busy that they don’t study the whole truth by researching history but spend the majority of their time following the deceptive lies of our age. They can quote the talking points of their professors or the memes from social media but don’t truly understand the history of civilization. They don’t have an in-depth understanding of political theory and ideologies of government, especially the impact of socialism and communism on Christianity. Yet, what we have seen is a dumbing down of education, the news media, and religion. The fallen world gives the population a series of talking points, repeated again and again, never going too deep in historical fact or making a comparative analysis of previous events. While we are chasing the same story being repeated over and over again, the world is being conditioned to think that there is nothing more important to report. All of this so-called news goes through a gatekeeper allowing it to advance the fallen world’s agenda. For example, repeating again and again, the stories of the many killings, highlighting those done by firearms, which advances their agenda on gun control. Another example is all the repeated hateful rhetoric hurled at the President who wants to advance the agenda of his Christian base, whose desire is to stand against the homosexual agenda and the killing of unborn children. And if anyone ever says that there is more to the story that’s not being reported, then they are labeled as a false prophet, an alarmist or even a conspiracy theorist. If we don’t hear the whole truth, then we will remain in bondage.

To understand the truth then we must come to Christ who is the truth. The Bible said, “that Jesus Christ is the truth” and that “truth will set us free” (See John 8:31-32). Simply put if we learn the truth then we will not be led into bondage by the lies and deception of our age but set free. When we come to Christ allowing Him to write His truth on our hearts through the indwelling Spirit then in time, we will develop a Biblical Worldview. To do that we need to understand the history of interpretation of the entire Bible, realizing that much of the accepted Bible interpretation in the modern age has come within the past few hundred years, especially concerning the Second Coming and the Great Tribulation. We need a doctrinal base or systematic theology to pull upon and a working knowledge of the whole Word of God to keep us on track and not be led astray. It will also be helpful to understand some of the original language of the source material used in the formation of our modern-day Bibles. The most important thing is learning how to listen to the indwelling Spirit that will confirm all of His truth in the Bible. The Holy Spirit will never contradict His Word, nor will He add to it or subtract from it. Yes, with God’s help we can know the whole truth and the truth will set us free.

When we develop a Biblical Worldview, by coming to the truth, then our eyes will truly be opened. We will see the fight over the border wall, and the shutting down of the government, along with many other things as simply a distraction. The constant infighting among our elected officials and their hurling of insults at one another is another distraction. To attack every word of our current President and run an endless investigation of his affairs and possible collusion with Russia is also a major distraction. They simply do not want you to hear the real truth, so they constantly bombard us with their lies, deception, and distractions. These lies, and distractions are not limited to just the news media but have entered into every other area accessed by fallen humanity. Every social media platform from Snap Chat, Facebook, and Twitter, to Instagram, are all distractions for fallen humanity with some having the greatest evil portrayed for all to see. When you add to it the worldwide web and YouTube then the entire world is being led around by their noses, by Satan, keeping them busy and uninformed. This later distraction has become so accepted that it is now in our public schools, being used as learning tools, shaping the next generation. As we develop our Biblical Worldview by coming to the truth, we will withdraw from every distraction caused by Satan.

With our eyes fully open then we can begin to see God’s plan for our lives. Imagine with me for a moment, if you will, a world without the internet, cell phones, social media platforms, and a news media that only gives the real news for that day without all the distractions. That is the world that Christ wants for you. As we enter into this world without lies, deception, and distractions then we allow God’s Word alone to have its full effect upon us as believers. We see our new life in Christ where the old life no longer has dominion over us. We understand the depth and latitude of our transformation in Christ. We are finally set free. With our eyes fully open we can see the beauty of the world around us apart from all the technology and the constant inward look of selfishness. We no longer feel the need for constant entertainment. We can truly appreciate silence and solitude. We long for those moments with God alone through both prayer and meditation. We can learn to appreciate our connection with other believers in Christ as God works through us to minister to them. We also appreciate their ministry to us through the utilization of Spiritual gifts. Oh, how we long for the new world in Christ.

As we enter into that world by choice then we as believers will have a tremendous effect upon the world. Although ultimately, we cannot change it, we can have an impact on it for good. We must let our voice be heard, even if they don’t have ears to hear. The border wall may keep out the drugs and illegal immigrants, but it will not stop the wrath of God. Until this nation stops killing millions of babies and the approving of homosexuality, then His wrath will continue to pour out on an unrighteous nation. Electric cars and recycling may slow the changing weather, but it will not stop the wrath of God. As long as we teach our children lies about our history by overlooking the human abuses in communist and socialist countries then the wrath of God will continue to pour out on an unrighteous nation. As long as we allow God’s beautiful children to learn their deceptive lies, then His wrath will continue to be poured out on an unrighteous nation. Let us as God’s holy children, come out from among them. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye  receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). So, let it be done. Amen

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