Listening to the Voice of God

Listen to the Voice of God

Welcome to the new year 2022, it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. Therefore, it is essential to hear only what God has to say about what’s happening now and what is coming soon upon the world. So, we bend our ears to hear the voice of God. We listen intently to hear that still small voice that comes ever so quietly from the indwelling Spirit. Many things will dull our hearing. The mind and soul are filled every day with images on the cellphone or computer monitor to the writings or voices from others in the world. These voices and images keep the mind actively engaged in assimilating all the information and drawing on our own conclusions based primarily on our past experiences, real or unreal. Although this is a great gift from God to both dissimulate and assimilate all the information in the world, it can and often does dull our spiritual ears keeping us from hearing what the Spirit says to our heart and mind. Clearly what is needed is silence and solitude preceded by jettisoning all our preconceived ideas. We must always come to God empty-handed, which I might add, is a very difficult thing to do even for the most righteous.

We may close the door to our prayer closet or drive out in the country to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, we still need to silence the other voices. Many other voices also come from within that must be silenced, so that we can only hear God’s still small voice that comes from the indwelling Spirit (See 1 Kings 19:11-13). These other voices come from self, the old sin nature, and even Satan himself. Remember that the Bible says that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (See II Corinthians 11:14), so we need great discernment. All these voices must be silenced, and every vain imagination must be cast out. It’s also essential to silence all our technology and turn off our cellphones. It is important to spend all the necessary time to empty our minds and open our minds to allowing God to fill it with only His beautiful truth. Once you have successfully silenced the other voices that come from within, then you are ready to hear the still small voice of God. If we seek silence and solitude in the country away from the noise in the city, we may still encounter the dark and gloomy storm clouds becoming ever more prevalent today, however, coming into the presence of the Lamb of God will shine gloriously into our hearts preparing us to hear His beautiful words of life.

So, how do we know that what we receive is truly from God? There are two distinct ways. First, it will never violate Holy Scripture, this is important because it has caused much confusion in our day where people will say they received something from the Lord, and it will not be in the Bible. Take the time to look up what the Lord has given to you. God will lift the veil to see something in Scripture that we had never seen before but it will never be something new that is diametrically opposed to Holy Scripture. It will not be a new teaching, a new doctrine, or a new set of ideas, or a new vocabulary foreign to the Word of God. There will never be a new prophecy that has not been in the Holy Scripture all along. God may show us a deeper meaning and help us to apply it to our time, but it will not be a new prophecy. The prophecy is already there, once properly seen through the eyes of the Spirit it will always be relevant for every time or age until Christ returns in Glory for His beloved Church and to render judgment upon those who have rejected Him.

The second way we know that we have heard the Spirit through our spiritual ears, which again is God’s chosen method, is the effect that it has on our own spirit. There is nothing else like it, it’s almost beyond description. It’s like your spirit jumps up within you touching your volitional will. It literally and physically at times can cause you to jump up in response to following God’s will immediately, often-times with rejoicing, and even singing in the Spirit. There is no greater joy than to hear God’s voice, His still small voice, through the indwelling Spirit. Often this voice from God through the Spirit will simply lead you to a deeper walk with Him. You will discover quickly how much time you begin to find for silence and solitude. You will relish those times of deep meditation. You will be led to witness the simple Gospel to others bringing others into the Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you have a difficult time sharing or demonstrating God’s love to others, chances are, you are not hearing the voice of God. Furthermore, you may even be led to preach the truth from God’s Holy Bible through speaking, writing, or singing. You will do it all under the power of the Holy Spirit giving God all the glory for its miraculous reception by those in the world.

As we face the coming year in 2022, what does God’s Spirit say to the churches (See Revelation 2:29)? God still loves the Church, not the brick and mortar, but the true followers of Jesus Christ. He knows and understands your dilemma caused by your inability to meet together as you once did prior to the pandemic. He understands how most of your children and grandchildren have turned away from God and are chasing after the things in the world. He understands your grief that many who claim to know Christ as their Savior have also followed the ways of the world by spending most of their time with the newest technology. Sadly, they are always on social media and will be prime candidates for the coming Metaverse, explained in my new book coming soon. He also understands your deep sadness that so many are preaching a different Gospel and leading people to become captive to the powers of darkness. All that’s currently coming upon the world is not meant to cause you pain and suffering but it is the consequences of the world’s many sins. For the true followers of Christ, the indwelling Spirit will continue to comfort you and bring you peace that defies understanding. God still loves the Church and is pursuing it in love.

The coming year will be worse than the previous year if fallen humanity doesn’t repent of their many sins. It has not escaped God’s notice that the world has not only turned its back on Him, but they have also thumbed their nose at Him. God has seen their many so-called recent discoveries that attempt to question His creation. God has seen their recent launch of the James Webb Space telescope to see the undiscovered universe and to learn how the universe was formed. God has noticed that out of 365 days in a year they chose to launch it on the recognized birth date of Jesus Christ. They have openly denied the creation of all that exists by the Word of Christ who spoke everything into existence (See John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:16). So, what is coming in 2022 will shock the unbelieving world beyond imagination. When Babylon turns its back on God then nothing is left to stand against the devil and his legion of demons. The powers of darkness begin to fill every soul with their evil designs casting one person against another with horrific verbal assault, leading to sheer madness, and unchecked anarchy. Being filled with every foul spirit many people look as though they have been possessed residing in a house of horrors. In the end, they will be reduced to a state of utter desolation. If we have eyes to see, we can already begin to see this in modern-day spiritual Babylon, America, the melting pot of every foul religion and demonic spirit from the fallen world.

As they rejoice in their democracy and sing Kumbaya they face the righteous judgment of God. Babylon will continue to burn greater than before as the many ships stand offshore in great fear of delivering their cargo (See Revelation 18:8-18). It is not clear at this point what will cause the burning. It could be increased forest fires, solar flares, or coronal mass ejections (CME) from the sun, or multiple thermonuclear warheads launched from another country. Whatever it is, it will appear that the entire land of spiritual Babylon is on fire. The merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her delicacies. For more than two decades nearly everything is produced and shipped from a foreign country, check your labels. Darkness will also cover the land as people attempt to escape the coming judgment (See Revelation 18:19-24). This is real darkness and spiritual darkness. If the power grid is destroyed by the fires, there surely would be a great darkness across the land. A few of us have lived through electrical blackouts where the whole city was dark with no lights. Beyond the sudden fear, a sense of isolation, there was an eerie feeling for in a moment in time it appeared that we had all been cast back to the dark ages. Nothing worked anymore as we quickly were faced with the possibility of losing all our food in the refrigerator. Although this was difficult then and will be a much larger problem in the future, it pales in comparison to the spiritual darkness that will invade the land.

When ships can no longer offload their cargo and the factories and workplaces grow silent causing the loss of employment like the Great Depression whatever little joy there was will be turned into great sadness. There is no more music or singing as they hide away in their shelters to suffer alone. The depth of their spiritual darkness is caused by the inhabitants of spiritual Babylon turning away from the God of light and love. They are sinking into the cesspool of corruption, sexual immorality, and idolatry allowing the powers of darkness to lead them to embrace every manner of perversion. Their spiritual darkness is heightened by their dependence on the world’s counselors and psychiatric drugs to deliver them from their mental illness. Although the original spiritual Babylon was Rome that experienced the same judgment from the hand of God, it has now moved West to the new world built on the same crumbling foundation of Ancient Rome. America, the new spiritual Babylon, has become the richest and most powerful nation in the world buying its delicacies from the rest of the world. Yet, no one is asking why? Why did this judgment come so harshly? I pray that God’s beloved children will be bold enough to answer that question by telling them it is the consequences of their sins. I pray that they will have enough confidence to share the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ preceded with their personal testimony. Stand firm dear children and know that God still loves His Church. He has not abandoned you.  Amen

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  1. Amen! This is by far packed with so much warning. May we draw near to our Lord. Warn as the Holy Spirit leads and stand. Many are easily offended when we share God’s truth. Keep standing remnant! Our redemption draws nigh. Lord thank you for the continuous warning! We praise you! Thank you Rev.Daniel Blair

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